Gov’t Projecting Economic Fallout Due to COVID-19 – TVJ Midday News – March 5 2020

Gov’t Projecting Economic Fallout Due to COVID-19 – TVJ Midday News – March 5 2020

good afternoon and fashion brown with
the midday news the government is projecting a fallout in the economy from
the kovat 19 the virus has killed more than 3000 people globally the vast
majority in China where the virus originated no our reporter ocean masters
was at the meeting of the National Disaster Risk Management Council this
morning and no joins us live first of all uh Shane what’s the government’s
assessment of the impact of the corona virus on Jamaica well Russian the
government says while they are expecting a significant followed in the economy it
should be short-lived no Prime Minister Andrew Holness says the growth figures
for the country are also expected to go down in the meantime he noted that some
adjustments will be made in the body to tackle the threat of the Cova 90 this
will require obviously if it happens if it are if it comes to Jamaica some
adjustments in our budget we will have to make the fiscal allocations for it
the Ministry of Finance is aware and we are prepared to do so
should it happen what about tourism for example well that sector has already
begun to feel the impact as bookings aren’t done no we know that Italy has
been impacted by the corona virus well Tourism Minister Edmund Bartlett
says Jamaica has lost in that market he also gave some projections for the
tourism ministry so far we have projected that ceteris paribus yes we
should see a fall of somewhere around 3% to 4% of the growth that we projected so
we could close the year with a 1% to one and a half percent
growth over last you know the Health Minister which is front and center
leading the charge against Cove in 19 has come up with a methodology of the
worst case scenario that is if the virus which
Jamaica what would be the likely impact on citizens the modeling is suggesting
that if the virus comes to Jamaica and follows the normal pattern of spread as
we have had in terms of other SARS type or influenza type occurrences we could
see up to 1.1 to 1.7 million persons in the population being impacted by the
virus no I hasten to say that some people will
have it done it only means drinking some orange juice
but the virus doesn’t affect everybody the same way right this is like the
common cold but so from that you would have just under 2,000 hospitalization in
year one I’m talking and you would have over 360 to 400 high dependency or ICU
related admissions those our persons would require fairly substantial support
no meanwhile the Prime Minister’s issued this reassurance to the country I am NOT
saying here to Jamaica that we don’t have a serious situation that it doesn’t
require diligence and an elevated sense of caution but there is no need for
panic there is absolutely no need for panic because that panic leads sometimes
to actions which can have long-term effects certainly on our economy and how
Jamaica is viewed as a hospitable open friendly society all right thank you so
much Shane thanks and we have much more on this story in primetime news at 7 all
right thank you a report ocean masters they’re reporting on the National
Disaster Risk Management Council meeting this morning
meanwhile the global death toll from the corona virus no stands at
3190 while more than 93 thousand people have been infected in more than 80
countries in China 38 more people have died South Korea reported 516 new cases
on Wednesday bringing its total to five thousand three hundred and twenty eight
in India 15 Italian citizens have tested positive there have been more infections
in Australia Japan and New Zealand and in the United States death toll from
kovat 19 rose to 11 on Wednesday after California announced its first death
linked to the virus as new cases emerged around two New York City and Los Angeles
California declared a state of emergency and we go to other news now hopes of
finding oil and Jamaican Shores have been dashed at least for now that
revelation from Energy Minister Fievel Williams she was responding to questions
about oil exploration in Jamaica during yesterday’s meeting of the Standing
Finance Committee here is Janelle oversees the search for oil began
sometime in 2015 when the Jamaican government signed an MoU with
multinational oil and gas exploration company tulla oil PLC interestingly it
was that same year huge oil reserves were discovered Afghanistan tree has
joined the ranks of the world’s oil producers back home in Jamaica not so
much luck last year there was an announcement that they had completed the
3d seismic mapping and you know there could possibly be some deposits there of
oil right the company has said to us that in order to go further than which
3d seismic mapping to actually know the quantum what it is that’s there they
would need to drill the contract between the company and the government has
expired but the energy minister favore Williams says additional time has been
sought to commence drilling it’s a very expensive proposition it said they did
not want to do it alone they wanted some additional time beyond the contract
expiration to find find a partner because you know they asked us for
another six months or so to try to find a partner the minister expressed doubt
however that this would happen soon I do not believe that that exploration effort
will go any further that’s amazing because you’ve reported that the 3d
seismic was positive they viewed our beat underwater potential locations for
large deposits of oil or and/or gas weren’t you in negotiations with epsilon
and wouldn’t they being deeper pocketed than Toto be able to take this up the
contract with was not signed they were at the point of pulling out
because it took so long alright to get to design in this contract so of course
we saw the urgency in the situation ensured that whatever process is needed
to be completed Repsol the house was told had a change of heart and didn’t
sign the contract and we take a break on midday news but stay with us more
stories right after these messages welcome back continuing the news now at
least two entertainment zones are scheduled to come on stream by the end
of this fiscal year Entertainment Minister Olivia Grange
says the government is in the process of finalizing the acquisition of the
properties 45 billion has been allocated for the projects we have identified
properties in Negril in st. Anne in San Tomas
in fact we are exploring the possibility of having an entertainment zone facility
that will also facilitate beach parties and activities that would attract
visitors as well Minister Grange who was speaking at the
Standing Finance Committee of Parliament yesterday said the first entertainment
is owned for two rocky in Kingston is almost complete the work is being done
in tandem with the Jamaican national heritage trust and the UDC
and so phase one is almost complete 4/4 rocky for trucking yes and and so on
we uncovered a number of important artifacts that will further enhance Port
Royal a call for the cruise ships parish manager for Centre James the public
health the Lennox Wallis is responding to concerns about a mold which has been
affecting employees at the Montego Bay Inland Revenue regional office until
their staff members were seen leaving the building due to the smell of noxious
fumes which they claimed were making them sick in an interview with TV G news
mr. Wallace said plans are on the way to resolve the matter public a team would
have carried out an inspection and would have found evidence of more growth on
the first and second floor of the facility fifty percent of the 200 staff
were affected we made some recommendations some of which would have
been carried out immediately to ensure that the
facility who remain open until the other recommendations were being carried out
and still in st. James the police are trying to find the motive for the murder
of an American tourist whose body was found in a room at Hotel Gloriana in
Montego Bay this morning the deceased has since been identified as Theodore
walling of a Michigan address in the United States about 9:45 a housekeeper
went to clean mr. wallings room when she discovered his body lying in a pool of
blood on the bed mr. walling had what appeared to be stab wounds to the upper
part of his body a suspect is in custody in connection with Sunday’s double
killing in Greenacres Spanish stone sand catherine he was detained yesterday
morning in elephant park in the parish the police reported that 49 year old
Sharon Mae brown and a 64 year old Travis Jewett both from Santa Teresa
Road in Greenacres were attacked sometime after 9 o’clock
Sunday night investigators say mr. green was escorting Miss Brown home when a man
approached them mr. green was shot while Ms Brown was chased and stabbed several
times the Portmore Municipal Corporation is hoping to move taxes now terminating
at the Portmore mall to a piece of land almost behind the shopping area this
following complaints of traffic congestions and in disciplined behavior
by taxi operators at the port Marmol mayor of Port Marley on Thomas explains
that the Transport Authority issues Road licenses which are low taxi operators to
terminate at the mall but he says there’s no space to facilitate the
practice the management of the port more more are saying that they cannot
accommodate at a time in our our anybody to terminate within the mall because
there is no speeds because when you look at they the motorists who drive to the
mall to conduct business there is no space there fine a taxi to terminate so
it leaves no other place more than to terminate on the road he laments that
the practice is causing serious traffic pile-up in near the port more mall
especially at peak we are looking at terminate in the urn
when you are exiting you’re going to exit by megawatt so that road will be
super we want to have it to be a one-way so you will you will enter like oh you
enter no and then you go into this van and then when you are leaving the stand
then you you exit the mayor also stressed that once the taxi stand is in
effect taxi operators won’t be allowed to use the mall as a term hello we are
going to make certain that as soon as we finish it will be a zero tolerance and
any taxable who continue to park on the front after more there’s alley by that
is there that the Ju TC buses will terminate pickup on let off and then
continue but all the taxi operators we are asking you to terminate around bird
shop and that’s the midday news and Vashon Braun join us at 7:00 for prime
time news package on behalf of the new sports and production teams have a

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