Granblue Fantasy: Versus – Lowain Character Trailer | PS4

Granblue Fantasy: Versus – Lowain Character Trailer | PS4


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  1. India❤❤????????

  2. the thing is… i don't like ANIME GAMEZ

  3. another anime trash for weebs with no taste

  4. Lol this looks fun

  5. More Granblue Fantasy Versus, Let Go !!!

  6. PS5 when is it comin out???????????

  7. This game looks slow and sluggish for an anime fighter. And that supermove at the end wasn't even a cinematic cutscene. Disappointing.

  8. The furries are gonna love this guy..

  9. Grand Blue Fantasy Project Re Link will be way better

  10. Awesome Granblue Fantasy Versus Lowain Character Trailer.

  11. Another monster hunter dlc?

  12. The Bromance is REAL!

  13. This is trash game ever ??

  14. All of these people complaining even though the game feels great.

  15. Lol the way they fell from the sky

  16. Annoying comic character
    Guess i have found my main

  17. How many chars in total?

  18. Is the game complete or nah?

  19. omegalul char he transforms into palu?

  20. I gotta say it, i don't know much about Final Fantasy, especially these characters..

  21. adorei o jogo do ps4

  22. I found Out There's one of the Bro who voiced by Junya Enoki (Fugo's VA).

  23. It's look fun atlest it's better than bbtag

  24. Sonic fox fav character.

  25. That huge guy with scythe looks badass

  26. Purdy cat boys ❤️

  27. What's with the American accent?

  28. Defenitly going to try out Lowain

  29. This game has everything smoll waifu, whip waifu, thicc waifu, and Amazon snu snu waifu

  30. They're sssooooo adorably cute

  31. They can call a giant waifu to assist them… They suddenly became more fun :v

  32. The weeaboo cringe is powerful in this game.

  33. I guess I found my punching bag for training mode. ?

  34. I'll keep dropping this request in the comments of these videos for a "Kimetsu no Yaiba VS game" done by ArcSystem Works or CyberConnect 2 UNTIL IT HAPPENS. (Lol, who am I kidding this will never work :D)

  35. Can I please preorder this on PSN already lol

  36. When we getting Merlin?

  37. How come they give Lowain's Trailer and not Vira's, just hope they show us Waifu Vira's trailer soon

  38. This character looks annoying, but meta.


  40. okay, this is amazing ?

  41. 1:05 Ok, that was unexpected…and I like it.

  42. Nice! A Final Fantasy crossover.


  44. They can summon a giant waifu…..SOLD!!!

  45. So… Granblue fantasy relink? Please?

  46. Awesome! The music would also fit well in a Streets of Rage boss fight =)

  47. It's no fair they bring one of the primal beast Yggdrasil to their aid while others doesnt have one. At least bring Vira with her Primal Beast too. Since we have Katalina already

  48. How about… Berserk anime with this graphics?

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