Granblue Fantasy: Versus – Metera Character Trailer | PS4

Granblue Fantasy: Versus – Metera Character Trailer | PS4


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  1. My playstation is dead bros
    R.i.p 9/12/19

  2. Wow nice ??????????

  3. ANIMEEEEE This game reminds like gulity gear but I got bad feeling about this game

  4. Im sorry
    But my hype is all dedicated to The last of us 2

  5. They dont even have the mobile game in English how the f was this suppose to blow up everywhere

  6. great, shes annoying af and shes a zoning character? there goes my hype for that characters

  7. Last hour or so, live game streaming to YouTube isn't working, keep getting error code, "CE-40880-0", everything's spot on with my internet and YouTube so 100% a Playstation site issue. Get you act together PS, i can't stream at the moment!

  8. That definitely doesnt look like itll get annoying a t a l l

  9. Christ, could she have a cheesier moveset? She's either gonna be woefully underpowered to make up for the BS, or so OP that everyone will rage quit the moment they see her.

  10. Project Re:Link isn't it ready yet?

  11. Beautiful looking game

  12. S U G G E S T I V E T H E M E S

  13. Next are the solo Zeta and Vaseraga trailers. Hoping an actual release date as well.

  14. Ah, I see PlayStation is also a console of culture.

  15. zoning character, i can already a lot of nightmares in her face

  16. Never played a bow character in a fighting game before.

  17. Wasnt there going to be a grand blue rpg game.

  18. More erune armpits pliz

  19. Japanese mortal Kombat

  20. Ah, a man of culture.

  21. This fighting game looks interesting, it's not because of this gorgeous Metera!

  22. Waiting for PlayStation 5?

    Holiday 2020 ????

  23. The animation is a bit like dragon ball fighterz

  24. I think I found my main

  25. "infinite arrows"
    And so, a range spamming camper is born…

  26. Who will become the th0t slave, or maybe th0t slayer?

  27. Oh wow
    She’s cute

  28. I want gundam game like this.

  29. Man I cant wait for this game

  30. Censored for your protection.

  31. Fran : exist….
    Metera : i am fran just change a lil bit

  32. Where is grandblue fantasy re-link?

  33. Oh man shes screaming with thotness

  34. Does this have any thin to do with Blaz Blue?

  35. Love the art animation, exactly as DB Fighterz

  36. Do you know how painful it would be to walk around on spikes sticking out of your shoes

  37. I want to get into the series but I don't know where or how. The app doesn't show in my google play.

  38. and it's not an anime fighter without the seductive character

  39. Hmmmm interesting. I have the sudden urge to want to play this game one-handed when it releases

  40. is that a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 character

  41. Wow she looks really annoying, I gotta play her!

  42. Great a range spammer.

  43. day 1 main located

  44. hopefully she doesn't get censored

  45. Awesome, they added Hawkeye/Ranger Slayer to Granblue lol

  46. Is it just me or does that look super laggy?

  47. The Madonna of Granblue Fantasy Versus; She looks amazing.

  48. I want to preorder on PSN ….when can I !!!!!!!

  49. I love Arc System Works but idk about this game. I played the closed beta a few months back and I wasn't too impressed

  50. looks like a pain to play against

  51. It’s playstation, that means it’s censored ?

  52. I wonder when they will talk about the rpg there making haven’t seen a update about it

  53. Looks like a waifu plays like a Netherrealms top-tier LET'S GO BABY

  54. Choose your class:
    A. Warrior
    B. Fighter
    C. Wizard
    D. Ara-ara-cher

  55. She NEEDS to, no, MUST appear in the anime.

  56. I think she has a very specific idea of how he's going to make it up to her with that tongue lick…

  57. I already hate her

  58. AraAra….Big Tiddy Onee-sama!

  59. Y que pasó con el otro juego de granblue? Ese que estaba desarrollando platinum games.

  60. I’m a become a game developer what if we combine anime and realism together

  61. True Fact: She shared the Voice of Satsuki Kiryuin from Kill La Kill and Biar Colossus in Promare.

  62. Here we GOOOOOOOOOO.

    Also they cut out her kiss animation, THANKS SONY.

  63. My other favorite Granblue Erune girl!

  64. Wait isn’t her animation look similar to fighterZ
    I’m referring to the intro

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