Grand Theft Auto V – 10 Weird Facts

Grand Theft Auto V – 10 Weird Facts

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  1. I am watching this while taking a number 2

    pencil and doing a crossword
    ( see what I just did here )

  2. Ohnikel face reveal

  3. 3:01 is this a cs sound effect when hitting someone with right click knife attack??? anyone??


  5. I'm subscribing just because of all them sources, YouTube dedication

  6. Only isis would think a video game is an effective tool to teach people about battle. Imbeciles

  7. Why is TETRIS the highest selling game

  8. It's clashing of swords not what u said

  9. Honestly its pretty fucked up what rockstar did to the actor who played nikko, thats bullshit and he deserved more and im sure they know that just as much if not more than we or the actor knew. SHAME ON YOU ROCKSTAR

  10. just started watching this video and i'm already imagining osama bin laden playing gta v

  11. ISIS dont count as muslim anymore of what they did because i too am muslim

  12. I got an ad with Steven Ogg in it before this video started

  13. Do rainbow six facts

  14. Killing cops in GTA V? What? I don't remember that as part of the game. Did you guys… you mean the free car delivery service? Just shoot the window out? They're usually black and white cars. Ohhhhhh.

  15. fuck isis im a muslim and i hate it so much!!! >:(

  16. Nico belic is not eastern european, he is south european, serbian to be exact. Niko Belić 🙂

  17. " Nico beleec"…

  18. You sound depressed

  19. ISIS members are not Muslims.

  20. Dude
    Can i get a round-of-applause for the fact that you included a shit ton of sources?
    Hells yes
    You deserve a trophy.

  21. @ohnickel Remember me? I was around when you only had 1000 subs, you've grown so fast and you deserve it. You'll get to 1 million subs in no time, maybe even 2 million. Good luck!

  22. GTA V just needed 19 million more copies sold to pass Minecraft. Hope GTA VI passes Minecraft

  23. Minecraft is BULLSHIT

  24. Allahuekber means Allah is the greatest

  25. You pronunciation is very hard to understand

  26. It's 2017 and I don't think the bbc movie is out maybe they canceled it

  27. How did he kill a dispatcher When they are in a secure station If he wasnt there?

  28. Fact #3 has nothing to do with gtav

  29. *Watches whole video* *Comes to comment section* Background music name?

  30. Mr. Nickel
    the picture of ISIS it's not ISIS
    they are Iraqi soldiers holding ISIS flag after a battle

  31. I saw a npc in gta that had my same eye color I'm gonna sue rockstar now

  32. ya know, given the switch being their newest console and what was said about gta 5 trying to be on the wii u, i wouldnt be surprised if the next rockstar game was on the switch, which is definitely more powerful.

  33. ISIS using GTA…. Is that the reason for the suicide bombers all over the game. They get shot once and use the sticky bombs to blow up.

  34. fun fact at 3:04 all gta games has a helicopter at top left


  36. if so many people are angry of gta series because it's full of crime and violent so what mothers fucker people like the game if somebody is doing crime because of playing gta 5 it is his or her fault not the game so go and fuck yourself ..

  37. Not all of these are about GTA V

  38. remember when rockstar owned earth worm Jim was owned by rockstar

  39. bruh my characters face turned into a mans and I was like what the fuck ?

  40. why is your profile picture seitama

  41. Wassup my nickel

  42. Funny that “Rockstar“ is a banned word too

  43. 2:03 lol begin XDDDD

  44. hell no!! I would never recruit with ISIS! I'd rather lose all my 5million $ in gta online than going with these assholes

  45. Top 0: Trevor is based on Jack Torrance from Shining

  46. im watching this in 2017 and the film is still not out??

  47. im arabic and fuck ISIS

  48. ISIS are not real muslims, islam never kills or do bad things, i'm Christian, and i live in a country with Muslims, muslims there are very respectful and they hate killing, they also like peace and justice

  49. Why Nintendo? WHYYYY?!?!?!!?

  50. actually, it is not that surprising that gta is not available to nintendo devices because the way nintendo works nowadays is "more fun over stronger hardware", the switch just made it to full hd, while the other 2 companies are more powerful.

  51. "Players can't say Nintedo to each other" isn't it way more weird that players can't say "Rockstar" to each other?

  52. what happens if you say Nintendo in GTA online?

  53. Why the FUCK does ISIS do this!?!?

  54. Rip bill Paxton

  55. I thought this was about
    GTA v

  56. I don't know how kids get GTA5. When I was a kid my mom wouldn't even buy me the Sims 3 because of the T rating.

  57. My gripe with this video is that it's titled GTA V facts, but half is about GTA itself

  58. BBC = Big Black Cock ?

  59. if your in 2018 like this comment

  60. OMG the like button gave me "self awareness" I….i…why am i here? where am I!?

  61. the ghost was a fake

  62. Im not in a religion AND I LOVE ISIS


  63. The film never got released

  64. Ok so ISIS uses gta to recruit people. BECAUSE ITS EASY TO KILL! THEY USE IT TO MAKE THEMSELFS LOOK GOOD. but they in reality lose

  65. Jongens, als je GTA V wilt kopen ga naar de Intertoys

  66. Those 2 children are idiots who cant think for themselves and they blame gta

  67. Arabic im from eygpt

  68. im from the future that is 2017 and that shitty movie never came out

  69. "The sound of swords coming together" HA! GAY!

  70. How did they "accidentally program people be in reverse"????????
    This is a game… you can't "accidentally" remodel work that took years to make!!!!

    This is a crisis!!!

  71. early 2016, it is mid 2017 now

  72. 2017 and I'm watching your OverWatch videos and I had no idea you look like this you don't look ugly but

  73. It's actually sad that ISIS had to 'kill infidels through a game' because they lost in real life…

  74. beleek.
    fuckin beleek.
    its BELL IC.
    say it slowly kids
    B E L L I C

  75. am I the only one getting ocd from the way he pronounced niko bellic

  76. We are facts:watch dogs 2

  77. What is the background song

  78. Bro alkarbar mean s god is big

  79. 14 minutes, WASTED!

  80. in early 2016

    its 2017

  81. Mate, Niko has his own appearance in GTA V, there is a cutscene in the story mode where Trevor kills him.

  82. The way he said dazz dilenger

  83. You got my (like). Happy now? 😀

  84. looks like wii sports and tetris are more supreme

  85. 1 fact: Isis are not true muslims, even if they say allah is the greater doesn't mean anithing.

  86. Guys its been 2 years now the movie hasn't came out sorry

  87. I love Cypress Hill, but come on That ain't his likeness at all

  88. the fact that there may be an official isis mod is fucking hilarious to me tbh

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