Grant Feature – Shuttlesport North Central Badminton Academy

Grant Feature – Shuttlesport North Central Badminton Academy

Hello British Columbia I’m Eric Sinker, here
reporting for ViaSport. I’m here in Prince George at the Shuttle Sport North Central Badminton Academy where I was able to check out their new piece of equipment and also get some badminton lessons from Lisa Davison, the head coach. [Lisa] Our club is Shuttle Sport and our Central Badminton Academy, I started it in 2001 when we started off in Pacific Centre downtown. We’ve got ages 6 to 19 in the junior part of our club there’s also our adult club that participates here that I help out with, Prince George Racquet Club and adults can be
anywhere from our high level juniors from sixteen all the way up to masters ages. The impact for a new piece of equipment
for me in particular is getting that individual attention
that I need to be on the same side as the athlete and working with them and correcting as they go there’s less time picking up shuttles
and managing that piece of it. The kids when they find out they’re
going behind the night trader their faces light up, they love it. It’s it just keeps them engaged having fun
playing the sport but still learning. We are a small entity, small club finding access to other avenues of funding, we didn’t understand that as a small club at my role at Badminton BC as president I become more involved in sources of funding I was much more aware now what’s
available out there for government funding for sport
organizations like ViaSport and the lightbulbs all went on and I went I have never applied for a grants ever, so I went ok I’m going to bury down and do this one and and bury down and try it and I
literally, I’m sorry, I had tears when I got the news yeah I did! It was a super fantastic I immediately put on the announcement out to everybody that we had it and
it was pretty exciting. [Lisa] that was a fast version of footwork yeah Got that going pretty fast for you good just hold your right foot forward a bit longer A little higher contact point… yeah above your head athletes good, that’s a good one We had a lot of fun here today at the badminton club, playing some badminton and testing their new piece of equipment for more information on how to register
or get involved go to…for ViaSport I’m Eric sinker

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