GTA 5 – Christmas In Los Santos and Funny Moments! (Live)

GTA 5 – Christmas In Los Santos and Funny Moments! (Live)

Don’t know what else to try Is my moon gravity off? feels like it yes it’s off I can tell let’s do it, let’s rock don’t know where to go! I don’t know where to go I can’t even see, too foggy I don’t know if that was me or the screen made eyes like I love doing police chases on here this is what you all enjoy god, can’t see! wheels missing get out the way son that’s what you get! who’s next? missed I did not even press it bloody hell I don’t know where to go! god almighty let’s get closer LET’S GET CLOSER! this way vehicles getting wrecked like something not right, like bumper cars try and get me now! went through orange light, suppose to stop I can’t see anything here we go! 3 2 1 boom! burn baby burn baby! oh crap! not pulling over for you bitch! there have that! OOHHH! god! oh my god you can’t escape bend over, oh god I’m on fire! OH MY GOD! this is what we call fun let’s burn this place right well this could be the finish the end this is how close you wanna be? so close did that hurt? In the heart sounds like a duck ohhh ohh come and get me! bitch, ohhh this is what fun we should have on gta not boring times, the bloody fun times this is what like right now ohh kiss the wall I’m born ready open fire god! my face is itching ohh yeah these police can not beat uncle T err, what else shall we try? I can’t even shoot in a straight line god almighty kiss the wall not punching! bloody nora right set fire bitch I have to get closer, let’s get closer! did the police just die? by his self wow that’s something I never seen before bloody god funny moments on gta come on then get out my face! it’s too much this is too much! oh in your leg go on! em, what else? where’s he gone, oh he’s deed I thought he was not deed right right I had enough dudes that’s it

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