GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (26th December 2019) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #18

GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (26th December 2019) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #18

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this
video I’ll be going over the various vehicle discounts that are now active in GTA Online
as of Thursday 26th December 2019. All of these are gonna be available for 1 week until
Thursday 2nd January. So first of all the Invade and Persuade Tank
was released yesterday. It’s in the Military vehicles class and can be purchased from the
Warstock site just under 2.3 million dollars if you didn’t get it for free by signing into
GTA Online on Christmas Day. It’s stored within the inventory section of the interaction menu,
but you can drive it into Los Santos Customs and add some basic liveries and different
weapons. In addition, the JB 700W was released today alongside the removal of snow in game.
It’s in the Sports Classics class and can be purchased from the Warstock site for just
under 1.5 million dollars. Neither of these vehicles are usable in races so lap time and
top speed testing will come eventually, but not immediately as they simply can’t be tested
properly right now. The JB 700W does seem to be pretty much identical, at least in terms
of upgrades, as the regular JB 700. It just has the addition of machine guns on the front
and spikes or oil on the rear. So now we have the regular non-weaponised JB 700 with guns
that can’t be removed, and the weaponsided JB 700W that actually looks more clean if
you don’t add the guns to the front. Nice to finally see a weaponised version of this
classic Bond vehicle though. The podium vehicle this week is the Clique,
which can be won by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Casino. It’s in the Muscle cars class
and normally sets you back just over 900,000 dollars. It’s right at the very top of the
Muscle class alongside the Yosemite so if you don’t have it already this is a good chance
to get it. The Premium Race this week is Muscle In, which
is an old style lap race for the Muscle cars class As I just mentioned the Clique or Yosemite
are going to be your best bets here, but you could also use the Pisswasser Dominator or
Sabre Turbo Custom to be competitive in this one. Also, the Regular Time Trial this week
is Grove Street, with the RC Time Trial being Power Station. In terms of regular vehicle discounts, we’ve
actually got the same deals as last week, such as 30% off the Deluxo and 40% off the
Tezeract plus a number of weaponised vehicles. I’ll leave a link to last week’s video in
the description if you want to check them all out in a lot more detail. I’ll be back with another video just like
this next Thursday, the 2nd January, where the new vehicle will either be the Sultan
Classic Sports car, the Imorgon Sports Car, or the Zhaba Off Road Vehicle, and we’ll go
through everything that has changed (after I’ve done the testing videos of course). Feel
free to subscribe and turn on notifications so you don’t miss it. Thanks a lot for watching
everyone, and I’ll see you next time.

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    Has visible guns
    has been in the game since the start

    Costs $350k

    Weaponised JB700
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    What the actual fuck?

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  65. The Clique is not this week's podium car. It was only on the podium for Christmas day.

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