GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (5th December 2019) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #15

GTA Online Best Vehicle Discounts (5th December 2019) – GTA 5 Weekly Car Sales Guide #15

Hello everyone I’m Broughy1322 and in this
video I’ll be going over the various vehicle discounts that are now active in GTA Online
as of Thursday 5th December 2019. All of these are gonna be available for an unknown number
of weeks as things can get slightly topsy turvy with a new DLC on the horizon. The podium vehicle this week is the Flash
GT, which can be won by spinning the Lucky Wheel in the Casino. It’s in the Sports class,
normally costs around 1.7 million dollars, and feels like it was an inevitable inclusion
to the podium vehicle list given how often it’s on discount to buy. It’s one of the quickest
cars in the game in an off-road situation but it has been slightly usurped by the recent
Issi Sport. For regular races it isn’t going to compete with the top sports cars. The Premium Race this week is Congenstion
Charge, which is an old style point to point race for the Supers class. The Deveste Eight
is probably your best bet for this one, mixing high top speed with decent cornering ability
in what will be largely a slipstream fest of a race. Also, the Regular Time Trial this
week is the new Galileo Park, with the RC Time Trial being Vespucci Beach. In terms of regular vehicle discounts, we’ve
got a pretty standard selection and you should probably keep your money with a new DLC coming
very soon, unless you see something that you’ve been waiting for for a while. There’s 25%
off the Thrax plus 35% off the S80RR, RE-7B, Rocket Voltic, and Elegy Retro Custom (which
is created in Bennys by driving in a regular Elegy RH8 and upgrading it, even though it’s
actually slower than the RH8). There’s also 40% off the ETR1, GP1, GB200, Omnis and Hotring
Sabre. The Omnis is the clear option to choose here, with it being a wonderful rally car
that’s beautiful to drive and now only costing a bargain 420,000 dollars. I’m of course in
no way biased. Did I ever tell you how much I like the Omnis? I don’t think I did. None
of the other cars are really worth it even at these prices if you’re thinking about races
or speed in general, with much quicker options available in each class. You can of course
find out the lap times and top speeds of all of the vehicles that I’ve mentioned here by
checking out the playlist links in the description and the pinned comment. In terms of discounts specifically for Twitch
Prime members who’ve linked their Rockstar Social Club accounts, it’s probably the best
week we’ve ever seen. There’s 80% off the Itali GTO, which is the king of the Sports
class for races in the majority of situations since the Casino DLC handling flag changes.
You can grab it for just under 400,000 dollars now instead of its usual most expensive regular
sports car price of just under 2 million. If you don’t already have one, now is the
time. There’s also 80% off the Schlagen GT which, while not on the pace of the top sports
cars, is still a very quick car and one of the very few cars from the Arena War DLC that
actually has a nice driving experience. An excellent buy for 260k. You’ll also get an
extra 10% off the regular discounts I mentioned earlier, making the amazing Omnis just 350,000
dollars. You can’t not get it at that price! Also if you do have Twitch Prime and you haven’t
already make sure you’re giving your free subscription to a Twitch streamer each month
as well. It doesn’t have to be me, but make sure you’re giving it to someone as you’re
basically supporting them with a $2.50 donation without any extra cost to you. I’ll be back with more next week where I’ll
most likely be covering the latest DLC, testing new cars and seeing what has changed, as well
as seeing what we still have to come. Feel free to subscribe and turn on notifications
so you don’t miss it. Thanks a lot for watching everyone, and I’ll see you next time.

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