GTA Online – Which missile has the best tracking?

GTA Online – Which missile has the best tracking?

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  1. The ruiner, deluxo and vigilinate are by far the best. All you've gotta do is fire up a mission and get close to npcs and see. The mk2 still misses when your quite close. They are a touch worse same as stromberg.

  2. Chernobog is a beast!

  3. Where’s the Deluxo? ?

  4. An idea for q good test would be showing which missiles continuously track their targets and which lose track at a close pass and the distance needed to lose tracking.

  5. Because cars are always doing tight turns, which is why the cars have better tracking than planes, which is mostly air born battles with not much to block the missiles from hitting its target. Not many players take their plane down in the city and constantly do tight turns for a dog fight. But cars do and why they have best missiles. Then there the Oppressor MK2………………

  6. You missed the deluxo

  7. Hey dude what’s the background music in the beginning of the video

  8. Deluxo's…..
    Don't need a video to know that…

  9. For anti oppresor mk 2 as soon as one destroys cargo or kills a player or griefs give us an aircraft with homing barrage that only does damage to oppressor mk2s

  10. You forgot about the deluxo

  11. Test the Yaht defenses

  12. Is it just me or there is no deluxo in this video ?

  13. Strange how the chernobog missiles turn well and are fast but sometimes won't turn around to hit the target if they miss. Would be so good if they did

  14. 1. Scramjet, vigilante, ruiner 2000, and Deluxo
    2. Oppressor mk2, stromberg
    3. Thruster, akula, savage, hunter, and basically every other aircraft with missiles

  15. We all know ( from gameplay lol) that the deluxo missiles DEVOUR the oppressor mk ll missiles. Just saying

  16. I reck people with the homming rocket launcher

  17. Deluxo and Ruiner have the best missiles

  18. with the homing launcher i can get any heli down akulas savages hunters buzzards and others

  19. Ruiner missiles are the best. I've had a few miraculous dodges vs MKII missiles in my Hunter (God knows I've had enough fired at me). I've never dodged a Ruiner missile in the Hunter. Though to be fair I just stay above it.

  20. Best tracking missiles? The ones that always magically hit you when you try escaping Fort Zancudo with a Lazer

  21. This was a random video

  22. Huh that's some pretty interesting testing actually, makes for a nice overall comparison between (almost) everything too! ??

  23. You should make a Origin of the chromemobile and how you met it

  24. The best way to test a missle is to shoot one at a jet flying in circles

  25. Just a thought, but I would greatly appreciate the name of each vehicle on like the bottom corner or something since I don't know every vehicle by heart

  26. Yhe but what if a rocket get salmonela whike in the air .
    Does that means its a duck

  27. With what they did to the poor Savage, making it so incredibly useless, even giving it broomstick missiles would not make it worth using because, well you could just use a broomstick. Rockstar needs to get their shit together. Who wants to wait 5 damn minutes at a specific spawnpoint for a missile magnet when they can always instantly mod in a broomstick.

  28. b11 have middle aggressive rockets haydra savage lazer are the worst best deluxo vigilante ruiner

  29. Where the deluxo at

  30. The Chernobog literally goes through buildings soooo….my vote is Chernobog

  31. Every missile in the video when the car teleports (CONFUSED SCREAMING)

  32. Video for all those people that cant aim and will most likely abuse the missiles lel

  33. I'm happy to see the normal Opressor Missiles r pretty good cause I have it but didn't unlock the missiles yet ?

  34. The deluxo is missing^^

  35. You forgot the dulexo and terrorbyte

  36. ?Remove?Depressor?MK2?

  37. How would one go about making these type of videos? In creator?

  38. Mk2 missiles are unreal

  39. What about the deluxo

  40. Where’s the deluxo

  41. When choosing best missle vehicle you also have to consider does slow turning speed really affect the effectivity – hydra and buzzard have one of better implementation of missles, tho they are not fast-turning, and for example Chernobog has best missles, but sadly you wont be using it when fighting peoples

  42. AA Trailer and Deluxo ?

  43. The Deluxo has the best and it is where?

  44. 7:59 YouTube Play button

  45. Almost as expected, but the Chernobog kinda surprised me. Too bad the Terrorbyte couldn't be tested, but I remember them being rather bad.

  46. Where’s the deluxo……

  47. There shouldn’t be a variation in missile tracking, all vehicles should have the exact same tracking stats otherwise it just end up in an unbalanced mess, like gta online currently is.

  48. I think Stromberg rockets have better tracking then MK2 rockets

  49. Where was the deluxo

  50. I don’t use the savages missles because I use the explosive cannon on it.

  51. I get it why they call it the oppressor now because it’s oppressing me from ever wanting to play gta again

  52. Why is your channel name different?

  53. What about the deluxo

  54. Hey any chance u can help me I can play on ps4 am a noob

  55. Ppl using that op flying motorcycle are nasty griefers that only destroy for hard working players

  56. Gaming I just recently discoverd that b11 has a limited amount of missles

  57. Merci pour les sous titres français

  58. The Deluxo has very good missiles

  59. laughs in exlosive sniper

  60. Deluxo : Im A jOkE tO U ?!

  61. Ruiner missiles are epic. They NEVER miss, only a physical obstacle will stop them. I deleted so many Oppressors with these things.

  62. Does anyone else remember when the homing launcher was overpowered?

  63. What is wrong with the 77 people who gave you a thumbs down? You set up the perfect test, that proved once and for all, which vehicles have the best missile tracking. What more do they want?

  64. Since NoobStick MK2 i have been doing solo lobbies.

  65. O R B I T A L C A N N O N

  66. The people that play on free aim, I feel your pain. I thought assisted aim was bad, but the wannabe tryhards in free aim are the most cancerous players I ever come across. Like holy crap, I just join a random free aim lobby to see if there were players needed help with there supplys. But then all of a sudden I get a boundy put on me and almost got mugged. I went to confront them but they went ghost org (not surprised) and came after me with flying broomsticks with motors (aka oppressor mk ll), now I know how free aim players have to go through.

  67. Pyrerealm this was absolutely awesome dude. I've been wracking my brain for some time now, trying to think of a way to compare this missiles in both a visual and statistical manner that would more or less clear up exactly what vehicles have what kinds of missiles, and how they handle.

    For such an irritating thing to test, this is an incredibly eloquent and effective solution. This might be one of my favorite videos of yours to date. Great work!

  68. The plane rockets said it’s to fast, Ight imma head out

  69. They should buff the chernobergh or however u write it…

  70. The Oppressor MK II ruined GTA Online. I have no idea what Rockstar was thinking when they gave it missiles like that.

  71. we need an ac 130 that can go autopilot and spin around an area

  72. do a tryhard war with tryhards vs gta player and army ranging from what it was like from 2013 -2019 and every year with the vichles and weapons from every major dlc passing

  73. Which is better?
    None!You are both equally useless?

  74. The oppressor mk2 missiles are not one of the best, as they don’t turn around and come back to the target if they missed unlike the deluxo/ruiner missiles wich do turn back around

  75. Will the juggernaut die to the fire truck from the doomsday dlc

  76. The flying car has the best rockets
    No lie

  77. There are different kind of missles normal missles and ruiner missles and the ruiner one’s are the best

  78. Anybody els looking for the deluxo?

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