Guess That Car Part (GAME)

Guess That Car Part (GAME)

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  1. I’m sure people might correct me but I’m pretty sure the mirror saying object in mirror are closer than they appear is only talking about the right mirror because the person driving farther away from that mirror so things are actually closer then what we see them from the distance

  2. Last gmmore of the decade

  3. I'm training to be an ASE automotive technician and this hurts to watch…

  4. Link waiting for Rhett to finish milking it on that last one… ?

  5. to this day I still drive a "97 Nissan Altima

  6. 13:51
    Yoursoloud needs to make a montage of all of the times Link has done that to move up his glasses. ?

  7. next video: can we invert a car

  8. My dying watching Link push his glasses up with his face. I replayed it like 10 times!!!

  9. Wait, so giving people food 3x a day is a step in helping them become self sufficient? Hmm.

  10. they're excited to finally use 1/100th of their engineering degrees

  11. It seems like he drives a Mercedes coupe maybe s class right?

  12. OMG I'm screaming at the screen what parts those are LMAO!!! Thank you for the videos and I will see you in 2020!

  13. 16:50 I really wanted him to say Headlight for some reason lmao

  14. link putting his glasses up looks like a cat call

  15. That carpart is the backend of the
    endash or indash

  16. First of all.. I'm offended because I just bought an Altima. ??? fml.

    Secondly, Rhett change your cabin filter. ?

  17. Link “ you had a car that did that, didn’t you? Or was that my mom” ?

  18. LOL Linc gets the super Hard ones : )

  19. its a cluster not a dashboard

  20. $5,000 next season??

  21. i got all these parts correct tee hee lol

  22. the "link to GMM episode" links to this episode not the actual GMM episdoe

  23. That's not a dash board it's an instrument cluster

  24. Remember this holiday season that the only thing that belongs in the landfill is your president.

  25. noooo link dont be gurning glasses guy XD you gotta use your fingers

  26. I am living your 16 year old dream link

  27. I’m really bummed there were no Christmas episodes this month, anyone else bummed?

  28. It's because the mirror is slightly convex

  29. that was a push … when your great its got to be tuff to maintain….this show is the honeymooners of the future…sad

  30. Last More for the Decade

  31. are we gonna have a good morning chia link?

  32. Marrying your cousin is legal in some states. Eww

  33. link is such a garth

  34. for the experiment

  35. Thought it was gonna be actual engine parts LMFAO ? should have known it would be basic stuff

  36. 12:25 – if it operates the sunroof, that's somewhat like a window.
    1/2 points to Link

  37. The "dashboard" is an instrument cluster, the dash is a solid piece of plastic below your windshield

  38. Rear view camera…..

  39. Here’s a game for ya … borrow your friends phone and change the language to Arabic … fun fun fun

  40. The last good mythical more of the decade

  41. I love how they purposefully troll Link now

  42. A gauge cluster is not the dashboard…

  43. They should've played my summer car! xD

  44. It's not a dashboard. It's an instrument cluster. lol

  45. Rhett Your Right ??

    R & L
    … I only realized it when Rhett noticed the R sticker which is probably for Right ? and he said "it's Mine"

  47. 1999 Nissan Maxima SE
    Color=Maroon ?

  48. “I’m looking into the ether.” I do that quite often, myself. ☝??

  49. "We were 50/50 owners of that car" lol ?

  50. Maybe I’ll get will it wine and will it cocktail next year

  51. It's a cluster or meter, not a dashboard

  52. At least not siblings…

  53. Not very inspiring

  54. 16:41 Rhett's hair curls are giving me Wolverine's hairdo vibes.

  55. Sorry it’s not a dash board it’s a instrument cluster come on guys wow. Lol

  56. Did… did she just call a gauge cluster a dashboard……..

  57. I watched this from inside a car ?

  58. Geo was Chevy and Toyota partnered right?

  59. How could you have a first cousin and not know it?

  60. To get rid of the smell, change your cabin air filter. Problem solved

  61. I do that with my eye glasses too ahahah

  62. Rhett, change your cabin air filter.
    Producers, that is an Instrument Cluster, not a dashboard.

  63. That absolutely is not a dash board…. That is a gauge cluster

  64. "I'ma car raseist" Rhett 2019 ?

  65. Hey, I own a Nissan Altima and i love it lol.
    But, I for sure did not want it at 16 ?

  66. O
    lap and pplmlol

  67. I work at a pizza joint, we mix 250# of dough every day.

  68. I caught a 40 pound catfish and I only weigh 120 pounds

  69. Does anyone else think Link looks like Garth from Wayne’s World? More obvious when he’s adjusting his glasses lmao

  70. This was by far one of the most GMMores. I love seeing them analyze stuff like they’re back in their engineering days. Link is such an analytical mad scientist. Hahahaha.

  71. Instrument panel? No, dash board! Lmao, how was there no reaction to this? 13:20 ish

  72. 13:27 It’s not called a dashboard. It’s a gauge cluster or instrument cluster. Nice try though.

  73. This was fun, it could be a main episode

  74. Wait why don’t they decorate the set for Christmas anymore

  75. Me lembrei de peça de carro. Aqui uns 7 acidentes só nos os filhos.

  76. E nenhum foi irresponsabilidade nossa. Todos os acidentes suspeitos.

  77. E quando eu estava grávida. Foi que tentaram mesmo. Umas 3 tentativas

  78. O meu irmao sabe o quê é isso.

  79. Vocês irão depositar quanto, pra trabalhar pra vocês?

  80. Instrument cluster……

  81. Rhett, your chia head looks like thanos

  82. @goodmythicalmore the link to the GMM episode in the description takes you back to this GMMore video

  83. 13:18 "The dashboard."

    No. That's the Instrument Cluster lol.

  84. I'm a mechanic this will be fun lmao

  85. 13:28 “the dashboard” lmao it’s A gauge cluster

  86. My 94 saturn had automatic seatbelts. Best car in my life.

  87. I think the car link was thinking of was a Ford escort

  88. My kind of game I knew them all lol

  89. It’s the instrument panel that has the measuring needles built into it I don’t know what it’s called tho

  90. okay but that’s how i move my glasses up and i feel attacked

  91. Cousin marriage is normal in some cultures. I was surprised

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