Guess That Celebrity Mouth (GAME)

Guess That Celebrity Mouth (GAME)

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  1. eww it's so gross when people get lip injections…

  2. I'm worried I'm gonna watch every episode and have nothing when it's gone.

  3. At 3:09 I guessed Barack Obama and when 3:13 came around Rhett said the same thing ??

  4. Lol current Kylie is different now

  5. Lol current Kylie is different now

  6. He called Nicki Minaj cute…… ???

  7. Is it sad that I guessed all of them except for 2 and I’m only 13?

  8. who else thinks the thumbnail is Britney spears?

  9. That is angelina jolie on the cover right?

  10. I’m actually getting upset as I’m trying to help Rhett through the phone while he makes the worst guesses known to man lol ?

  11. Does Stevie have a Instagram if so what is it

  12. 4:09
    Aw and lol cCcUtTe

  13. Nicki Minaj have iconic mouth that i guess it quickly and the lipstick is a hint

  14. I thought it was link too.

  15. Broooo I deadass guessed Tom cruise without hearing the opyions

  16. Did anyone else really think that was Links mouth? ? I thought he was right ??

  17. There’s was an add on the start of this vid and this girl missed a valentines dinner to play her game ;-;

  18. Somebody needs to explain to the crew what a celebrity is.

  19. I guessed Reba on my own

  20. How did I get most these right?!?!???

  21. I guessed Tom cruise really fast because I remembered he has a centered tooth

  22. These were so easy to me lmao

  23. Rhett: it’s not the Statue of Liberty
    Ten seconds later
    Rhett: it’s the Statue of Liberty
    Hsdjjdjdjskjajs that’s something I would expect from Link not RHETT

  24. i have the same chicken/turkey

  25. I totally thought it was Barack Obama!

  26. I said Obama before Rett did

  27. To be fair, I thought the first one was Link as soon as it came up, too.

  28. I knew the first one was Tom Cruise because of the tooth in the middle kind of. ?

  29. What does it say about someone if they were really good at this game? Asking for a friend.

  30. Was anyone else waiting for the Selena Gomez lips from the thumbnail?

  31. Hey Rhett stop raging about your chair

  32. Dude I was so oddly good at this game… Wtf…

  33. i said obama too ?

  34. YO. I heckin guessed Tom Cruise before they showed the options. I am shooketh

  35. I just watched a video of Rhett getting reaaaaaaaaaaaaaaly pissed about his chair being links.

  36. i actually thought the first one was link too

  37. That first pic that was Tom cruise I thought It was link

  38. I guessed all, except.. I actually thought that first one was Link's mouth also! lmao!!!


  40. “Look at that! She’s so cuUte!”

  41. Oh my god when those statue lips came up all I could see was the shadows as blocks of color and I thought it was a freaking abstract.

  42. I thought it was Obama too!

  43. How does Link know all these mouths? ???

  44. So they just know that Rhett will say Statue of Liberty

  45. All of these look like Selena gomez lips

  46. sHe lEfT hEr tOp LiP iN nAsHviLLe

  47. Is that a Chicken

  48. Rhett and I both said barrack Obama at the same time

  49. 0:27 Do you see it

  50. I want to see them guess the name of a random person. Like this sort of setup or they see a video of the person and guess there name based off of what they look/act like. It could be multiple choice too. Like hey. This lady likes chicken and stuff. Oh she looks like a Wendy.

  51. 3:53 aye I know them lips from them pink Friday days ???

  52. I lost it when Rhett said Michael cera????

  53. its the Statue of Liberty ?

  54. The thumbnail is Angelina Jolie

  55. “I can tell when I see the rest of his face” -Link

    Well, yeah that’s the point ?

  56. Should of done Clint Howard

  57. I’m eerily good at this game

  58. Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino! #4 is Dwayne Johnson # 5 is a Horse Mouth #6 is American Girl Doll Lips

  59. Ahoyhoy There, Fellow YouTuberino , Link is a MouthMetician!

  60. 3:17 I actually thought of Obama there ngl??

  61. I'm actually guessing mostly the right Answers before they even show the options

  62. Link is soooo funny

  63. Lol soul patch their lol LeBron

  64. 5:02 I literally thought, Queen Elizabeth

  65. "she bout to whispa?"

  66. I got both Kyle Jenner and Niki Minaj right away lol

  67. Who else guessed everything or almost everything correctly before seeing the options?

  68. She left her top lip in Nashville.
    IM DYING ???

  69. The one at 7:17 look like one of the people from whoville

  70. The mouth swapped Rhett looked like younger Jeremy Clarkson

  71. Rhett's torturing his rubber chicken!

  72. Ce eavaf acwer h cg ha l a w?go can?tarwtu

  73. And my names summer not Nellie

  74. Who was waiting for the Kyle Jenner one? ?

  75. I thought that was Links mouth at first too haha

  76. Weird how noone talks about link when he crushes rhett at a game..

  77. Am i the only one who guessed them all before the options

  78. I got 12! i guessed three of them before the options 🙂

  79. The day Link ousted himself as a creeper~

  80. how did they not immediately know it was reba???

  81. everyone is saying “who else guessed obama” but i immediately thought it was dwayne the rock johnson

  82. 8:51 sounds autotuned

  83. I swear the thumbnail said "WASH YOUR MOUTH"

  84. I got so many of these without the options

  85. Come on Reba was so easy I got it in seconds way before the option came up

  86. I thought that LeBron was Tupac!

  87. It's pretty much like the Android game which finds any famous person you imagine – search "Fun game Maya" in playstore

  88. this game was so easy! im surprised they were so bad…

  89. Why do I know these…?

  90. Aye yo NASHVILLE CHECK!!! ?????

  91. Lebron James Lebron James Lebron James

  92. so many women celebs

  93. She abOut to WhiStle?

  94. I can tell when I see the rest of his face: duh

  95. soooo where's the grill you won???

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