GunSkins Pistol Skin Glock DIY Install Tutorial

GunSkins Pistol Skin Glock DIY Install Tutorial

So I’m Kevin with GunSkins. Today I’m going to be taking you through our
Pistol Skin install. First thing we want to do. We want to get the gun good and clean. So we’re going to take it outside. I’m going to hit it with some CRC non-chlorinated
brake cleaner. So for the Glock, we’re going to go ahead
and hit it with our CRC. Same deal. I’m going to soak it down real good. Once I get the gun wet I’m going to grab my
brush and I’m going to scrub the recessed areas. These little ribs along the slide. All along my front and back side. I just want to scrub around it. Break loose any residue or oil that’s on there. Same thing on the other side. Kind of scrub it. And then where that slide and the frame come
together, that oil wants to bleed there. You’ll want to scrub that good. I’m going to flip it. And hit it with a little bit more. And work on that grip area. So we want the skin to grab down inside those
contours. So we got to get it real clean for it to do
that. Once we get everything scrubbed well we’re going to go ahead and soak it down one last time. That’s kind of like a final rinse. And you can do this same thing. Cleaning the gun with like a Froglube Solvent
or any other Gun Scrubber type product. You just want to make sure you take your time. Scrub all the recessed areas and make sure
everything is rinsed and thoroughly cleaned in the end. And then we’re going to let it dry off and
we’re ready to put our wrap on. Alright. So we have our gun all cleaned up. We’re going to go ahead and give it once more
over with the rubbing alcohol just to make sure there’s no residue left behind before
we going with the install. Alright, so you’re going to see I’m going
to focus on these recessed areas. And I’m really just wiping it off once last
time. Work around the sight here. Kind of cut it in as tight as you can and get
it clean. And I’m using a lint-free cloth. We want to leave no dust or anything behind. Just to make sure that we get a clean finish. So I have my Pistol Skin out. I’m ready to get going on the install. Along with the kit, I have my install squeegee. I’m going to use that for just pressing the material along tight areas. I have my razor knife. That’s obviously for trimming and kind of
shaping things up around the edges. Then I have a piece a foam. What I like to use for is if I’m pressing
the material down into a deep recessed area or if I’m really trying to bring the grip
out when I’m putting heat to it, I’ll use that foam kind of as a buffer between my hand to push the material down into the grip as well as kind of take away some of that
edge from the heat that I’m putting to it. So you can see our kit. We have a piece for the slide and two pieces
for the frame. As well as some additional material that you
can use for different parts and pieces. To get going we’re going to go ahead and start
with the slide. Line up the material right along that ridge
where the frame and slide kind of come together. And I’m going to use my finger to press it
into place. You don’t like where it’s at? You can pick it up, reposition it. Same deal. Drop it on there. Use my finger to press it into place. And then from there I’m just going to roll
the material around towards that front sight and the back sight. Take my squeegee and press it in there. You don’t have a squeegee? You can use a piece of cardboard or whatever
you’ve got. Be creative. Once I get it up along the edge I’m going
to hit it with some heat. That’s going to let me just manipulate the
material around the sight. Use my squeegee. Press it. Do the same on the back. You can see as I’m pulling the material, I’m
pulling away from the tension. Kind of helps pull those wrinkles out when
you’re coming around something that pops up on the gun like the sights or any other contours
there. Just use your fingers to work it in. Once I get around to the other side here I’m
going to hit it with some heat. And use my squeegee to press it in. Use that to trim it off. Peel it away. So I have my slide piece set. From here what I’m going to do is take the
heat and I’m going to contour the material around the front and back sights. Then I’m going to let the material cool before I trim away any excess on the front and the back. That’s just going to allow the material to
get a cleaner cut. If you cut it when it’s warm, the material
tends to stretch and tear and it’s not going to give that finished look that we’re going
for. Just going to hit it with the heat and use
my squeegee to kind of tool up along the edges there. Work along the back. Do the same. I’m going to hit these ribs along the slide. So I’m going to trim along the edge of the
sight here. Just kind of work my way around it. And on the front I’m just going to find a
straight line. Work it around. Peel that away. Same thing on the sight. So I peeled that away. Just going to use the torch to tune it back
out. Same thing on the back. So I’m just trying to find the natural lines
when I’m trimming that to. When you press in there with the squeegee
it gives you a pretty detailed line to trace when you’re trimming away to give it a natural
look as you peel that vinyl away. Same thing along the back. I’m just going to find a straight line. Trace around. It’s important to have a sharp blade for these
straight lines. Alright, so I’m going to trim out this piece
around the ejection port. You really want to make sure you have a fresh,
sharp blade so you can get this to cut out nice and clean. And then I’m just going to. Angling the blade away from the gun a little
bit. You can see there are some little frayed edges
there. It’s not uncommon. If you just take the torch or your heat gun
and hit it and press on it. Those little edges will just fade away. Good to go. Alright so our slide piece is in. We’re going to move on to the left frame. Pick it up. And we’re just working that seam where the
slide and the frame come together. Set it where I want it. Press it into place with my fingers. I’m going to work my way down the grip. I’m just kind of temping it in and I’ll use
the heat to start setting it and conforming it around the contours. Just kind of use your hand and the heat to
just press it down along the trigger guard there. Similar to the slide piece, I’m going to use
the heat to kind of contour the material around. And then once we get it where we want it,
we’re going to let that material cool before we trim it off. So right here where the mag release is, it’s
a great place for the foam. Because there’s a lot of depth working down
into the trigger guard. So I’m going to hit it with heat and bring
that foam piece in and just press on it. And hold it. Let it cool. I’m going to let off it. Just kind of hugs all the little curves there. Alright. And I just trace along the edge of that trigger
guard. Same thing in the other direction. They come together there. So I’m going to take this piece and move it
around the front of the grip. So I can just cut that off. Let it hang. I’m going to use the heat. Kind of pull the material into place. If you get a wrinkle like that you can just
pull at an angle. Relieves the tension. Pretty much where we want it. I’m going to let that sit. While that’s cooling I’m going to work on
the backside here. So, I want to make sure we make it halfway
so you might have to pull and stretch it a little bit. The material. Then here, where we have this contour where
your grip is. We’re going to use heat. Kind of work it around. Tuck up in there. So as long as I know I’m over halfway, I can
trim this away. And that’s going to relieve some of the tension. And press it. And I can let that cool. Come back and trim off the excess. Back to the front. I just want to make sure I’m over halfway
where I trim this. Run the blade down it. Peel away the excess. Same thing along the bottom here. Just take my blade. Angle it along there. Trim off the excess. So on those edges like I talked about on the
slide. If it’s frayed a little bit you can use your
heat gun or the torch. Just kind of hit it. Press it back in. And it knocks the edges off. On this bottom piece, I’m going to use the
heat to kind of contour that around. Just kind of press it with my thumb as I’m
working it through. Pulling away from the tension to relieve those
wrinkles. I’m going to work it around to the far side
here where this natural ridge is to seam it off at. I’m going to let that cool and come back to
it and trim it off. So we’re on the backside of the grip here
again. It’s cooled now so I can trim off this excess. And I’m going to bring that down. And I just want to make sure I maintain over
halfway with this piece. The next piece is going to overlap it. Peel that away. You can see there is a little fray there. Just kind of heat it. Press it in. Back up to the front. You can see how bouncing back and forth allow
those pieces to cool. I’m just going to trim in a straight line
along this rail. Peel off the excess. Take my heat. You can see it’s a little frayed there. Hit it with the heat. Press on it with your thumb. Takes that off. So under here you’ve got this little rail
piece. I want to take my knife. Slide it along it. Do the same on the other side. Alright, so I’ve trimmed this little rail
piece. I’m going to use my knife. I’m going to pull it up. Pull it tight and into place and use my squeegee
to set it. You can see those edges are slightly frayed
so if I take my heat, put it to it, run my squeegee to it. It’s going to knock those edges off. And set that material in place. So this little rail piece here, I’m going
to heat it up and I’m going to press down in there to contour it. You just want to hold it for a sec. Let it cool. That just helps the adhesive to grab the surface of the gun there on those deeper recessed areas. And that’s good to go. Okay. So I’m going to work this material down around
the trigger guard. And then let that cool. While that’s cooling I’ll go ahead and trim
out my slide takedown piece here. Use the foam. Perfect. Alright, so I’ve got a fresh blade in. I’m going to go ahead and trim around this
trigger guard. By just angling it away. Kind of working it around. I’m going to tip it up. Just follow that natural curve to end it out. Peel that extra material out. Use the heat. Set that in. And I’m going to trim out around my slide
catch and my mag release. Alright, so we’re ready to move on to the
right side frame. Same thing. Work it along that seam where they come together. Press it in with your fingers. And then work down. You can see there is a little fold in the
material from where we had it packaged. You see as we press that out, it’s just going
to blend right out. It’s not going to hurt anything. Hit it with a little heat. And it’s gone. I’ll stretch that material to make sure I
cover halfway. So let that cool. Come back up here and I’ll run my blade along
the edge of this trigger guard again. Make sure I’m over halfway. And I’ll let that cool before I trim it away. So to relieve this tension so I can keep wrapping
around there I’m going to find my center line just come a little bit past it and then trim
in a straight line. Take that material. Pull it away. So if you’re familiar with our product you’ll
know like with the camo patterns we talk about a meandering line. With the Victory pattern, or like our Thin
Blue Line. Things like that that have congruent straight
lines or wavy flags coming through it. We go with a straight line toward the mid-point. And you can see how that brings the pattern
together. Finishes it off. Where if we meandered it you’d have overlapping
stars, er stripes coming through parts. Same thing on the front. I’m going to come just over my center point. Take my knife. Straight cut. Peel away the extra material. And down on the bottom. Trace it out. So we have some additional material in the kit. I like to use it for the underside of the
trigger guard there. I’m just going to peel that off. Place it up under there. Press it into place. And work it around to the front. Use the heat to set it and then I’m going
to let it cool and trim that away. So here instead of trimming a straight line
or a meandering what I’m going to try to follow the pattern. So I have this star that comes up in here. And I know I’m covering more than I need to with the vinyl here so I’m going to trim it away along this star to help blend it out
where this and that other piece come together. So we have our Pistol Skin installed. I’m ready to move on to the post heat phase
of the process. And what this is, this is really taking heat
and just working the entire thing. I’m going to use a heat gun for that as apposed
to the torch. And a good way to look at that is a heat gun is more like a shotgun blast. It covers more of the area with an even surface heat as apposed to like a specific area with the torch. And now I’m going to take the foam and the
squeegee and I’m going to press the material into place to reveal the contours and just
set it for good. Alright, so I’m getting it hot and going to
just start press in with the foam. So we’re all done with our post heat. At this point you just want to make sure everything’s
functional. Rack it back. Make sure everything’s moving the way it should. Nothing’s hanging up. Pull back. Disassemble it. Make sure everything comes apart the way it
should. You can check along the slide. Make sure you don’t have any edges that are
going to hang up or where your slide catch lands in there. Make sure that’s trimmed out well. And you’re good to go. So we’re complete with our Pistol Skin project. Thanks for joining us.

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