Gymnastics with Terry Crews | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 9 | Laugh Out Loud Network

Gymnastics with Terry Crews | Kevin Hart: What The Fit Episode 9 | Laugh Out Loud Network

-First and foremost,
to my people watching another amazing episode
of “What The Fit”, as usual, I’m not by myself, picking up friends, Terry Crews is a friend. -Waddup, man? -( upbeat music ) -Terry: You, you wanna
take me for a workout? -Kevin: All right,
listen, listen…
-This is what I do. Now, Kev, you got
to understand. I am the workout king. -Kevin: When I look
at your body, Terry, I see my body. That’s crazy because we– we’re close to the same size, and when you look
at our arms, people are like
“Oh, my God, those two guys must go to the same exact gym.” I know that’s what
they say. -Yeah.
-Kevin: So, chest, everything– -Listen, we similar.
-Kevin: Yeah. -We got–we got two arms.
-Kevin: Yeah. Yeah, we do. -We got two legs.
-Yeah. We do. -Yeah.
-Kevin: And we love that. And we love to go and get it in.
-Okay. -And wouldn’t it be amazing
if I put you in an environment that’s different
from the environment that we’re used to, you know?
-Okay. -I say let’s go
do something we don’t do. Let’s go do gymnastics. -What are we doing?
-Gymnastics, brother. Huh? -Gymnastics
-That’s for gymnastics. Them gymnasts honestly–
-Whoo! -Kevin: –are some of the most
in shape people ever. I say let’s go get some
of this gym work. -Terry: Oh, my God. We–
-And just see what it is. -I–I’m not the most limber guy
in the world, like– -Kevin: At all?
-No. Dude– -You’re not–you’re not–
-I–it’s hard– touching my toes
is like impossible, you know what I mean?
It’s like ( grunts ) -So why don’t we do this?
Yo, why don’t we go and do like a massage
before we go then? -Man, I can feel
these hamstrings. -I’m suffering
from the same thing. -Well, yeah,
let’s just make it happen. -Kevin: Okay. Huh?
-Oh. -Kevin: What’d she say?
-She said, “Hopefully, you love pain.”
-Kevin: Hopefully we love pain. Oh! Okay. -Woman: You ready?
-Ohh! Ohh!
-Oh. Hold on. Oh. Okay.
-Terry: Oh! Ahh!
-Kevin: Hold on. Hold on. Okay.
-Terry: Ohh! -Well, we’re
loosening up, huh? -Terry: Oh! -Kevin: This what you need,
bruh. -( grunts ) -But it feel–
it feel good though, T. -Ahhh! Ahh! Oh, God.
-Boy, if they feet stunk, this would be a problem here.
-Terry: ( grunts ) -This should be a problem,
it’s close to my face. -Terry: Okay.
-Kevin: Yeah. -( upbeat music ) -( screams ) -I peed a little bit. I peed a little bit.
-Kevin: Oh, yeah. -( phone ringing ) -Spank, I’mma call you back. I’m getting a Thai massage. There’s ninjas
stepping on me. -Terry: ( indistinct )
stepping on my back pain. -Kevin: All right.
Terry, we loose.
-Ahh! They’re ready, Terry.
Are you ready for gymnastics? -I think we good.
-Kevin: You all did that. -Yeah, we good, we good.
-Kevin: Yeah, you all did that. I think we got it, ladies.
-I got it. Oh, man. -Oh, ( bleep ). -Arsen: Nice back top. -Here we go.
-Arsen: Front tuck half. I love that. Let’s see the landing.
Step out, step out. Boom. Head, stick, step out, kill it, boom. Boom. There we go.
Get on with it. -These are children.
-Arsen: Nice back tuck. Boom. Boom. Stick everything. -These are kids.
-Arsen: Nice. Make it happen. -I thought we were doing
a man workout, bruh? -Hey, hold on, guys.
-Terry: Hey. -We have some guest athletes.
-Kevin: Hey. Arsen. I’m the head coach here.
-Hey, Arsen. -Welcome to go.
-Oh, pleasure. I’m Kevin. I’m Kevin. Terry.
-Hey, what’s up my man? Terry. How you doing? All right.
Good. Good.
-Welcome. Welcome. Our workout has started.
We got to get going. -Yes. You’re right.
-We just got to get going. That’s the thing.
I’m sorry. Two lines. Okay. We’re gonna start
with tuck jumps three times. -I’m ready, y’all ready?
-Arsen: Ready? -Are we doing this too
or is there… -Arsen: Go. Tuck jump.
Three times. One, two, three, boom. Here we go.
Let it go, guys. Let’s go. Boom. Boom, boom. Boom. Here we go. Let the class begin.
One, boom. -( grunting ) -( upbeat music ) -Yeah. Yeah. Oh, whoa,
whoa, whoa, whoa, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. I almost hurt the child. I almost hurt them. -You got to jump
a little more. -Yeah.
-Yeah. -I was–I’m just warming up.
-Yeah. -You know what I mean?
Because I just a lot higher. I’m just warming up
a little bit. -Arsen: Okay.
The barrel rolls. You guys
are gonna be together. -But I want–I want–
-Okay. Here we go. Can we demonstrate?
One, two– -Oh, snap. -( suspenseful music ) -Listen, coach, it’s–
-Yes? -The size and the weight,
does that have anything to do– -I think strength is good.
We can help one another. -You know what?
I’mma start out. -Why don’t you start out
over here? -Terry: I’m gonna start out.
-Just start out over here. -Terry: Okay. You get the–
-Come on. -Kevin, open a little bit,
Terry, sorry. -Okay. Stay like this?
-We’re gonna roll. We’re gonna put–
-Kevin: Just look past it? -Hey, man, can you close it?
-What’s up, bruh? He said open up. He said open up, brother.
-I did say open up. -Come on now. You’re holding up
the class, man. Let’s go.
-Here we go. -Oh, no, they’re gonna
kill themselves. -Terry: You get–
-Arsen: Okay? There you go. -Terry: You got–
-Arsen: Press. Grab, Kevin.
-Terry: Come on now. -Come on, guys.
-Kevin: Just hold me up. -Arsen: One, two,
push and roll. -Okay. Hey, what the (bleep)
-Terry: Okay. Okay. -What you doing, man?
-Oh, oh. -Terry: Okay. Sorry.
-Kevin: Man you ain’t got–
you ain’t even let me roll. -Terry: You got to jump.
-Kevin: Oh, it’s simple. All right. Well you got–
-Terry: You got to jump. -You threw me out.
-If you don’t jump, it ain’t gonna roll.
-Oh, you shot put me like I was–like I was one
of them things. You just shot– -Terry: Man, I will throw you up
out of this sucker… -Kevin: That’s what I’m saying.
-If you talk back one more time. -That’s what I’m saying.
That’s–you can’t do that you– in front of this kids
you’re gonna do that? Arsen: We got
to commit the roll.
-All right. Yes, sir. -Boy: Make sure you roll.
-Yes, sir. -Arsen: Kevin, you know
how to do the roll.
-Roll. You ready? -Boy: Come on. That’s it, good.
-Push each other, yeah. Now go. Yeah. -( upbeat music ) -( cheers and applause ) -You all see how that works?
-Kevin: Good job. Hey, you guys– you all taking
any supplements? No? -Terry: Why is
no one else sweating?
-Arsen: Okay, everybody ready– -Why am I
the only one sweating? -Boy: Because
you’re trying too hard. That’s the thing.
-That’s a good point. -Boy: You got to see–
see Kevin, it’s just like,
“let it go.” -Yeah. Yeah. -Boy: You got to focus. -I need to relax.
-Just need you to try, okay? -I got to relax. -( upbeat music ) -Arsen:
These are the steel rings.
-Okay. -Arsen: We’re gonna start
with a muscle up. That’s a muscle up.
-Terry: Oh! -Arsen: Then we’re gonna do
the L and then we’re gonna go into the Straddle
Del Planche. This is it right here. Two, three. -Ohh!
-Arsen: Beautiful. You need upper body strength.
-Okay. -Terry will go
with the big rings. -Be careful, Terry. -Here we go now.
Push through. Here, whole thing. Here we go. Here we go. Push. Elbow straight.
Hold. You look good. Picture moment. Picture moment.
-( growling ) -Arsen: Hold. You look good.
Picture moment. -Why are you growling
like that? Why are you–what’s–
All right, brother. -( growling ) -What’s going–
all right, brother. -Do the L.
-Kevin: All right, brother. -Nice and slowly down. -Yay.
-Yes. -Bring that. -Hey, Terry?
-Terry: Yes, sir. Okay. All right. -LeBron James. -No. Yeah,
I knew who it was. -That’s what LeBron James does.
-We already– we already knew.
We already knew it. -Okay. All right.
-Come on, go. -All right. Don’t rush me.
-Come on. -Kevin: Yeah. All right.
-Go. -Okay,
little Bruce Willis.
-Let’s see it. -Come on.
-Kevin: Goodness gracious. -Boy: You got
to get on here. -What–I’m going–
can I–can I– can I just figure it out first? God, Mr. Die Hard. All right. On three. One–
-All right, Kev. —two and three.
-Boom. -Okay. One. -You got this. -Not just pull-ups.
-Kevin: I know that. I’m trying to get
my momentum. -Arsen: Boom.
-Boy: Come on. -Arsen: Boom.
-Oh, that’s dirty work. -Arsen: That’s natural.
-Okay. Okay. -Terry: Oh!
-Arsen: Okay now. And hit–
-Okay. -Hold it. Hold it steady.
Help him out. -Coach.
-It was dirty. -Arsen: You point your toe.
-Okay. -The other way.
-Terry: Yeah, the–oh. -There you go.
-Terry: You know what? Kev. -Arsen: Nice. Nice.
-Boy: No, you’re better, you’re better.
-Kevin: And… -Arsen: And down.
-And I’m about to split on you. -No.
-No. -Arsen: No.
What is that called? -Whoo.
-Arsen: Stick it. -Terry: Okay. All right.
All right. All right. -( upbeat music ) -All right, guys,
what we’re gonna do on the floor exercise
is have a little battle. We’re gonna separate you
with two athletes. You’re gonna come up
with your own routine and then we’re gonna
judge you, guys, on who does the best floor exercise routine. -Little Bruce is my coach.
-Arsen: Slow down. -Boy: Hey, hey,
huddle up. -So, just tell me
some stuff to know. Like what,
what should I do? Okay. Okay. -And then like try and split. -I like to call that
the bust it open. -Yeah.
-That’s what they do at the strip clubs,
little Bruce. Them girls be wild. Okay. -In the beginning,
you can start in a pose and then get up,
do some dancing. -Wait, wait,
what would you do? Like… -This, go onto your feet. -And then you can make a pose. -Oh, boy. Oh. Whoo. -So then what?
-Do you think you can do a run front tuck?
Run front tuck? -Show me that.
-Yeah. -Yes. Absolutely. -Terry: Okay. Oh,
that’s what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna just… -And then sit down.
-Oh, okay. -Like sit on your knees.
-Oh, yeah. Oh. -Little Bruce,
thank you, man. -You’re welcome.
-I’m a big fan. Let me tell you something,
Die Hard, you was like, “Hey, not today.” you hit the Russian dude.
Hmm. He was out.
You’re the best. -Yeah.
-All right. I’m ready on my side, bruh. -I’m ready.
-Kevin: Good luck, Terry. Or not. -( classical music ) -Arsen: Please salute
to the judges. -All right. That’s,
that’s one point off. -( classical music ) -Kevin: What? -( classical music ) -Okay. I’m about to kill–oh, God. -( classical music ) -Oh, he fell.
He fell. -Kevin: No, he’s breaking. That’s not even… -( classical music ) -What? -( applause ) -That’s not even… -Terry: That’s that
old school right there. -Kevin:
What are you all scoring that? What did they give him? -Terry: Yeah, thank you. Thank you. Thank you. -Are you kidding me? -I’mma pay you all later. -Boy: Hey, huddle up.
-Yeah. -Boy: I want you
to do good, okay?
-Kevin: Yeah. -Boy: Just like we practiced.
-Kevin: Yes, sir. -Boy: Uh-hmm.
-Yes, sir. Thank you. -( classical music ) -Come on, Kevin. -( classical music ) -Okay, pretty good.
No points off on that salute. -Smile. Come on. Now run,
you got this. -( classical music ) -Boy: Yes. Yes. Come on. Cartwheel,
just like that. -Terry: Oh, he took– oh. Oh, damn. Oh, damn. -Boy: Just like that.
-Okay. -Boy: Now do your
flipper flapper stuff. -SINGER:
( singing foreign language ) -Boy: Just like that. -SINGER:
( singing foreign language ) -Boy: Just like that.
Faster, faster. -SINGER:
( singing foreign language ) -Yes. Now jump
and stick it. -SINGER:
( singing foreign language ) -( applause ) -Terry: Oh, come on. What do he got?
What do he got? -( slow music ) -Oh, no, come on. -Kevin: Thank you. Yes. Thank you, guys. Yes. Thank you, guys. Thank you, guys. Thank you, guys. -Boo. -KEVIN: ( crying ) -Boy: This is so uncomfortable. -There is–there is– there is no me without him. There’s no me without him. He helped me get here today. ( crying ) Oh, oh, thank you. Thank you. Terry, I can honestly say, dude, that you lost
fair and square. -Right. It’s just
the whole– -We came here
to do gymnastics and I beat you. I beat you good. Okay? In front of these kids.
-Terry: They got something against big people.
-Kevin: They’ve got nothing against big people.
-They’re down here with you. -Kids, come bring it in. You know, me and Terry
had no idea. We’ll be–no, Terry, no. Terry, Terry. No, Terry, that’s not–Terry, this is not–well,
you should’ve did that on your floor exercise, okay? Listen, these are
your future faces in the Olympics right here. -Terry: They are amazing. -Kevin: Oh, thank you
all for catching another episode
of “What The Fit”. Hi, I’m Kevin Hart. If you like what you saw,
then why not watch more? Just click on the videos. You can also subscribe
to my YouTube channel, Laugh Out Loud. Just click on the logo.

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