Habs crash an outdoor hockey game at community rink

Habs crash an outdoor hockey game at community rink

Reilly, what’s up? How are you doing? Good to see ya. Alright, we’ll do four-on-four. Sure. Oh yeah. He’s in. Alright, 1-0. This is unreal ice.
My god. Go Habs Go! That’s a goal! Oh yeah, bud. Aw! Keep the stick. Appreciate it. Thanks a lot. Yeah, thank you. Woo! Thanks for watching us.

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  1. Imagine to be one of this guys

  2. In Victor Mete mind it was like 20°C degree……pretty mint eh?

  3. LOL I was just outside playing hockey on the outdoor rink where I live!

  4. Just came back from playing hockey!

  5. I am from Vienna and I flew to Montreal to look your game against Winnipeg love you guys so much ? ? Canadiens for live

  6. Who was giving this dislike ?

  7. damn i wish i somehow wouldve come across this rink that day

  8. Mete still couldn’t score

  9. j'amerais tellement parler avec jesperi kotkaniemi

  10. Friend: Come to the rink today it’s very nice out today
    Me: I can’t , I’m sick
    Friend : sends picture with mete, peca,reilly, kk

  11. That’s a pretty mint video.

  12. jesperi kotkanemi mon idole

  13. That's why the habs are so loved

  14. i though white people live in Canada

  15. Boooooo Canadians go leafs

  16. It’s pretty mint

  17. Been fantastic this yr & fun team. Shame others around them have been all surging so much!!

  18. that’s pretty mint

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