– No let me go!
– Yeah what the heck! – Get out of here!
– Hey! – Get outta here! – [Daniel] Hey get these
handcuffs off of us! – We’re not going down–
– Hey! Let us out! (screams) – Daniel, they handcuffed us.
– I know! – [PZ] All right boys, good work, I got it from here. Head on upstairs – Hey, don’t touch my nose. – [PZ] Justin’s house is all ours now, Chad and Daniel. – Let us go, hey, what’s the big deal? – What are you doin’ to us? – [PZ] Get ready, we’re expecting company – [Chad] Who’s coming? – [PZ] Have fun guys. – [Chad] You’re expecting
company, who’s coming? – Who’s coming?
– Who’s coming? – Is it, is it Justin? – [Chad] Come back here! – [PZ] Hey! – [Chad] Hey! – [PZ] Keep it down! – [Chad] You keep it up! – Oh shoot, Daniel we had one job, we were supposed to keep
Justin’s house safe, and we let the hackers take it over, we got ourselves trapped, and I think they got away
with one of his fingerprints, which is gonna give them access to the YouTube algorithm source code. They’re gonna be able to
control everything on YouTube Ohhhh
– Dang it! – Wait I got an idea Daniel,
– What? – In my backpack, I’ve got a kunai! Reach in there, you can
do it, you can do it, come on!
– Oh here it is! – Okay what I gotta do, is I
gotta put it in the back here, – Yes!
– Yes, wooo! – We’re free now. Okay you can do it, use that kunai. – Oh I got it, I got it! Okay shhh, we gotta be quiet, we don’t want the hackers
to know we’re free. – Shhh
– Shhh, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. – There’s hackers everywhere
in Justin’s house. Good thing Justin’s not home yet, because they’re trying
to get his fingerprint. Oh get down, there’s someone at the door! (knocking) Someone’s at the door! – You think it’s a hacker coming in? – Yeah it might be a big group of hackers, there’s already so many here! – [Daniel] It’s another hacker you think? Maybe we should, oh it’s
a hacker, he’s filming. – Whoa, what the heck? – [Daniel] It’s Justin! – Why is there a hacker in my house? – [PZ] I’m the cleaning service! – [Daniel] Oh no, we got, go
go, go Chad, go go go go go, Justin, Justin! – [Chad] It’s locked,
I can’t get out there! – [Daniel] What?! – Justin, Justin! – [Daniel] Oh no, Justin!
– What are we gonna do? Wait, those hackers! Oh man I’m super worried about Justin, what are they gonna do to him? – Yeah what, oh you know what? That one hacker had a camera right? Maybe I can hack into his camera and see what they’re doing to Justin. – Yes dude, you are the best hacker. – Oh yes, we’re on, we’re on! Okay I got a live feed of
what the hacker is filming, there’s Justin look! – [PZ 56] Ha, yeah Justin I got you! – You think you’re pretty cool don’t you? – Yes!
– You think you’re so clever, maybe I just wanna be here right now, and I’m just waiting
to see what you’ll say. – They got Justin in handcuffs! – No Justin!
– [PZ 56] All you gotta do is just give me your fingerprints! Place it on this little place right here! Just take your big finger.
– Get away, get– – They said they wanna get
his fingerprint, I knew it! – I guess you were right Chad. – I know a finger Justin should give ’em, you know what I mean? Don’t give them any of
your fingerprints Justin! They’ll get access to the source code! – [Daniel] Where is he you think? You think that could be,
the top floor of this house? – Yeah I was exploring, this
house has like five floors! Right now we’re on the first floor, so up at the very fifth is outside. Looks like that’s where they’ve taken him! – [PZ 56] You’re a pain
in the badonkadonk! (phone rings) Yeah, Burn Face, I’m
gonna need your skills. Bring the tool, yes. – Did you hear that? He’s calling Burn Face? – I know who that is. – You do? – That’s the hacker who has a burned face. – Oh the guy who burnt down your LA house! – Yes, is he gonna burn
down Justin’s house? – Maybe, well they said they need him to pry his fingers open, maybe he’s really strong or something? – You’re right, he is really strong. Oh shoot, if he gets to
Justin first, before us, he’ll be able to pry open his
hand and get his fingerprint! – Okay well we gotta
go to the fifth floor, as soon as we can Chad,
let’s get outta here! – Let’s go right now! Oh wait, someone’s at the door! Oh no, he’s coming inside. Who is it?! – It’s Burn Face. – It’s him! – He’s here, stay down. (dramatic music) (gasp) – You see that? – Yeah, he’s holding the,
that’s probably the tool! – That’s gotta be the tool. – He’s a tool, and he has a tool. – Yeah it’s like, what kinda
tool do you think it is? – I think it’s a prying tool,
to pry your finger open. – It’s not like a tool to. – Oooh I hope not. Oh, other hackers are
coming to talk to him. (mumbling) – They went into the
family room on floor two. – All right let’s make our way over there and get the tool from his hands. I’ll follow you. – Stay down low behind the couch. (dramatic music swells) – He’s right, he’s right on
the other side of this couch. If you peek over the
couch you can see him. (banging) What’s he looking at? – [Daniel] What is that thing, yeah? Oh is that like a chimney or something? – [Chad] You’re right! – [Daniel] A fireplace, – [Chad] Why’s he trying to
start a fire in the summertime? – Yeah, doesn’t he have a thing to do, to deliver the tool to the fifth floor? – Yeah he’s obviously– (phone rings) – Oh shoot did he hear us? – [Burn Face] What was that? – Who is, who’s calling you? – It’s a FaceTime call from Justin! – Oh well we can’t answer right now, just put it on silent! I think Burn Face heard us! – He definitely did. – [Burn Face] Hello, is someone in here? – [Chad] Look underneath the
couch, you can see his feet! – [Burn Face] Hey, show yourself. – Back up Chad, back up come on, keep hiding behind this couch! – Okay yeah, let’s go let’s go. Oh, he’s going up to floor three. – [Daniel] Oh my gosh, that’s more than halfway to floor five! Chad, you have your phone on silent right? – Yeah I do, oh Justin’s
calling again on FaceTime! – Okay we can probably answer right now, Burn Face is going up the steps. Okay, Justin what’s up? – Guys, you were supposed
to watch my house, and now’s it’s filled with hackers, what gives, come on! – Oh Justin, I’m so sorry, we
tried our best to defeat them, but we were totally outnumbered! – Yeah, are you handcuffed too? – Yeah these guys have me
handcuffed on the fifth floor, and they want my fingerprints
to break the source code. But don’t you worry guys,
I have a secret weapon. It’s called the Kung Fu Karate grip. – Okay Justin, great job,
do not open your hand, do not let them get your fingerprint, whatever you do, keep that fist. – Yeah yeah, but be careful ’cause there’s
a PZ member on the way, his name is Burn Face and he has a tool that is gonna pry your
hand open or something. – We’re gonna try to get up to floor five, before he gets to you okay? – Yeah but I’ll tell you,
I don’t feel like holding my Kung Fu Karate grip all day, so I need you guys to get up here and help me, all right, hurry up. Oh shoot, here comes a hacker! Get away, get away hacker! – Oh no Justin Justin, are you there? The hackers hung up, the hackers hung up. Floor three leads up,
right up there Daniel. – Oh yeah, right up there! – That’s three right there. – It’s like a shortcut maybe, a way we can pass Burn Face, and beat him! ‘Cause we don’t wanna get caught by him, because he’ll definitely
call in reinforcements. – Hey Daniel, have you ever
played a game of leap frog? – Oh of course!
– So what you’re gonna do is, you’re gonna step under the couch onto my back, and up onto the third floor. – I’m gonna step on your back Chad? – Yeah I got a strong back! Give us a thumbs up for
this, wish Daniel good luck, he can leap frog off my back! (dramatic music) – [Daniel] All right,
there I go. (grunting) Okay. – Good job Daniel! – [Daniel] I got it, I got it. – Hand me the camera! – [Daniel] Okay, all right. That was awesome – [Chad] You can get over! (dramatic music) (grunting) – Yes!
– Yes! Nice nice. Yeah good job! – Under the table, under the table! – What is it, what is it? – Burn Face is right over there. He’s looking in the cabinets. – Did we leave anything
in the cabinets, Chad? – I think you left your spy
ninja backpack in there! Oh shoot, if he finds that,
he’s gonna know that we’re here! – Oh no. – Oh he’s looking, he found it! – No! – Oh no.
– Oh gosh. (banging) (slams) – So now he knows that
we’re in here somewhere. – Well we can’t let him spot us. – Maybe that’s why he not just making his way up to the
fifth floor as soon as he can. He’s looking for us! – Yeah he’s suspicious
that we’re already here. (ringing) – [Burn Face] Hello. – [PZ 56] What are you doing Burn Face? Hurry up to the fifth floor already. – [Burn Face] I have found evidence of the Spy Ninjas being here. I’m gonna take a look around first, before heading to the top floor. – See yeah, he’s onto us.
– Yeah. – We cannot let him get to Justin, that would be the end of all of this. (dramatic music) – [Burn Face] Spy Ninjas. (dramatic music) – Oh yeah, I can still
look into that live feed. – Yes let’s check it out! – We can see if Justin’s okay.
– Yeah hopefully he’s good. – You having fun, good luck, I told you, it’s my Kung Fu Karate grip, there’s no defeating that
combination in a grip, it’s got Kung Fu and Karate in it. – Oh good man, he’s holding strong, he’s not letting them get his hand open, well good job Justin, keep it
up, we’ll be up there soon! (dramatic music) – Go down, go down, go down. Down the stairs, down the stairs. He’s in the kitchen, and there’s
other hackers in there too. – Really?
– I didn’t wanna get caught. Do you wanna peek around? – Okay yeah. – [PZ] Hey Burn Face, how’s it goin’? What are you doing, aren’t you supposed to be making your way to the fifth floor? – [Daniel] Chad, Chad come
over here, come over here! – [PZ] Taking forever! (gas burners clicking) – [PZ] Whoa whoa whoa, what are you doing? (screaming) No no no Burn Face! Let go, let go Burn Face! (laughs) (coughs) – He’s trying to burn
the other hacker’s hand! – Oh my gosh.
– I mean that’s kinda funny, ’cause I don’t like hackers, but that’s still really mean! – Does he not like hackers either, or he’s just being a goofball? – He just must be obsessed with fire! – Yeah, he likes getting burned I guess. – Don’t they teach you to
like never play with fire, I mean look at his face, it’s all burned! (dramatic music) – [Chad] What is he doing, he
walked over, he walked away! – [Daniel] He’s like, he’s
like kneeling down somewhere. – [Chad] I think we can sneak up, and go around the island in the kitchen. – Yeah it’s a perfect hiding spot. One, two, three, go! (dramatic music) – Come take a look, come
take a look. (dramatic music) It’s a chimney, he’s playing
with a chimney again. (dramatic music) – [Burn Face] Hello? Spy Ninjas? I smell spy ninjas. – He put his tool down on the
ground to the left of him. – Now’s our chance, I can
go and snatch it maybe. – Here take the camera. – [Daniel] I’m gonna head around that way. Okay here I go Chad. (dramatic music) We’re good, is he still
looking at the chimney? – [Chad] Hey Daniel. – [Daniel] Yeah, okay here we go. (dramatic music) Dang it! – Go back around. – [Daniel] Okay. Man, I was too slow! – You were so close, you were this close. – Okay well now what’s the plan Chad? – He’s making his way
over to the TV, follow me! Down here, down here. We can see the TV room
through this hole in the wall. – [Daniel] Can we really? – Here I’ll boost the
camera up, check this out. (dramatic music) Yeah he’s still there. – He’s still there? – Yeah yeah, and there’s two
other hackers in there too. – Two other hackers? Burn Face, when he gets distracted, I think that’s our
chance to grab the tool. – You’re right! – So we gotta distract him somehow. – Yeah yeah yeah, he’s in the TV room, can you hack the TV Daniel? – Yeah of course Chad! – Oh how could I doubt you, how could I question such a thing? – Well he loves fire right? – [Chad] Yes! – So what if I hack the
TV and I just put like a video of a fireplace on? And he’ll be like mesmerized by it. – Dude that is genius,
how are you gonna do that? – Well I can just go on the YouTube app and just play a fire video. – Cool okay, I’ll put the
camera up there and watch it. – [Daniel] Okay, I’m loading
up the fireplace video, three, two, one! – [Man On TV] You wanna
burn, and tighten that butt? Well this is the workout for you! – Daniel that’s not a fire yule log video! What was that, it looked like
one of your Favorited videos? – No, that was just a
random YouTube video, I don’t know how it got up on there. – No no, it looks like you had
given it a thumbs up already! – No man, no no no. – Daniel are you, don’t be
embarrassed, it’s whatever. – No no, I swear I don’t
know what that video was. – Okay yeah, sure sure, whatever Daniel, maybe your favorite video
there is distracting him, let me look, let me look. – [Man On Tv] That was
a great butt workout, you know what, imma see you
back here in a couple days, ’cause you wanna give that butt a rest, and you wanna come back
after about 48 hours. – Okay, Burn Face is not
interested in your video Daniel. He’s leaving the room, we
gotta do something else. I noticed that by the TV,
there’s a candle on the stand, we’ll grab the candle, and
that will distract him! – Oh yeah, we’ll light it and put it somewhere, and he’ll just, he won’t be
able to take his eyes off it. – He’s like a moth to a flame! – Exactly! – All the other hackers
are leaving the room too, they must really hate your
YouTube video that you’re playing – Dude it’s not my video, but whatever, okay that’s good news I guess. – We can go get that candle right now. – Okay, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go. (dramatic music) – Yes, here’s the candle,
here’s the candle. – Nice! – Now all we gotta, oh shoot. Burn Face is right there! Burn Face just made it
to the fourth floor! He’s almost to the fifth floor! Okay we need to get this
up to the fourth floor, we gotta light it, and we
gotta distract him okay? He’s right, he’s right there. (dramatic music) He’s right up there. – Man this is, we’re
taking forever though, I hope they didn’t get
Justin’s fingerprint yet! – Well it looks like he’s
exploring the fourth floor, so maybe you should
check in on that camera. – Okay yeah, let’s see. Okay,
the live feed is still up. – How are you doing Justin? – [PZ 56] All we need
your fingerprints for, is just to unlock the YouTube
Source Code Algorithm! – Oh well if you put it that way! – [PZ 56] What about we just play rock, paper, scissors for it? – Okay ready? – [PZ 56] Yes. – One, two, three, go! – You lose!
– Oh you win! Good job, you won.
– [PZ 56] Let’s play again! – All right, one, two, three, go! – You lose!
– Oh you win! – He looks like he’s
still hanging in there, he hasn’t given them his fingerprint yet. Okay Burn Face is right there. Oh shoot he’s making it to the door that leads to the fifth
floor, that’s where Justin is! – Oh no! – We need to distract him quick! Here we go! Take this and run up there with it. Yeah yeah, you got this. – Here I go, I got the flame. Oh, he’s right there. (dramatic music) Uh oh, oh no. There it, perfect all right. Now one of us should get his attention. – All right – Fire!!!
– Fire!!! (dramatic music) (mumbles) – [Chad] Yes. Yes yes yes. Go go go go go – [Daniel] Yes! – All right Daniel, these stairs here lead to the fifth floor, that’s where Justin is,
he’s right up there! Burn Face is probably gonna
be coming out any second, we have to figure out a way
to distract him further. We’ll just throw this
boohoo bag on his head! – [Daniel] Boohoo? – Yeah yeah like, boohoo! You know something like that. (dramatic music) Oh he’s opening the door! (dramatic music) Oh he’s coming out the door, shhh. – Shhh I don’t think he sees us. – Oh he’s putting the candle down. He’s coming this way. – He’s coming closer, get down, get down, – Let’s go down the
stairs a little bit here. – You might have to use that bag Chad. – All right, you ready? I’m gonna drop it on his head! – [Burn Face] Hey! – Oh no oh no,
– Oh shoot. – Chad go go go go go! (yells) – Let’s go let’s go let’s go. Shh, wait they’re right there. – [PZ 56] Yeah, how’s the
circulation to you left arm going? – [Justin] Oh I’m loving it. My fingerprints are locked
inside of my Kung Fu Karate grip, and you will never get them so, good luck. – Oh yeah?
– Go ahead, yeah try it. Try it, try it! Try it, try it! – [PZ 56] Well because your left hand is at a higher elevation than your heart, you’ll eventually lose circulation, meaning your fingers are gonna be numb, and it’s gonna be easy to
just pry them open! (laughs) – That’s true. – Let’s go up there and stop it ready? One, two, three, go! Hey, let Justin go! (laughs) – [Chad] You’re never
getting his fingerprints! – [PZ 56] Well what are you
gonna do about it, losers! – Loser, what are you in kindergarten? – [PZ 56] No, I’m in Project Zorgo! – This guy doesn’t have any comebacks! – More like Project Dork-o! – Ohhhhh!
– Ohhhhh! Boom! – [PZ 56] That’s not even clever! – Who wants clever, when
you can be clobbered! (yells) (dramatic music) – Now ninja me outta these cuffs! – Ninja kick, boom! (yelling) – [PZ 56] Oh shoot! – [Daniel] He’s getting
up, run run run run run! Go go go go go! (yelling) (static)

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