Halloween Carnival Games at the Pumpkin Patch Outdoor Playground. Totally TV

Halloween Carnival Games at the Pumpkin Patch Outdoor Playground. Totally TV

in this vid they are at the del mar far Hey guys, I’m Margo I’m Lindsay, and I’m Jen and we are in Del Mar California at the pumping station We are doing a Halloween Carnival burn experience a bunch of awesome activities Yeah, and the best part is that you guys at home you get a bow I want your favorite activity is Alright friends we are at the pumpkin todd’s we have these wiffle balls, and they have to go through the jack-o’-lantern face But first we have to buy them Right I Feel like garlic Oh Okay guys, this is the ping-pong toss We got a bunch of awesome lily pads, but we are aiming for the orange because you get an extra large prize Zero, oh yeah here we go. I’m coming for you big prize. Oh oh Oh I Know I gotta get one the pressures on I got a blue I think that’s an extra large fries, too Hey, you got to get down here we were having so much fun they don’t see you where are you Alright guys now. We’re here at the giant lies, but the only take three at a time So we’re gonna race and Margo is gonna be the possum That’s right girl. I’m gonna count you down in three Diamond up the side they’re going as fast as they possibly can who’s gonna win Okay girls All right that does it for our Halloween Carnival Thanks so much your friends at pumpkin station if you guys are ever in the San Diego area you have to check this So so much fun, which one’s your favorite rider, too, honey Let us know in the comments and press the like button if you like to fight a different Oh my gosh. You guys are so pumpkins. We should go pumpkin

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  1. The giant slide and the obstacles were the best ????????

  2. The petting zoo was very much adorable

  3. I like the petting zoo❤️❤️????????love you

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  5. My favorite ride was the petting zoo

  6. petting zoo bettar

  7. The big slide it was so much fun!

  8. I love the petting zoo

  9. I also have hazel eyes

  10. Petting zoo was the best thing ever ❤️????

  11. I liked the slide

  12. I liked the giant slide and holding a rabbit and the lamb

  13. I love you guys so much and you guys are so much fun

  14. You should do an tried not to laugh coment adision

  15. The pettion zoo is my favourite

  16. Jenn your so pretty & cool & nice & very cute ????????

  17. That seems very fun

  18. I like everithing

  19. pitten zoo??????????????❤????????

  20. Like now what ?What that looks fun.

  21. And my second favourite character is mama go

  22. I like the petting zoo

  23. Pumpkin castle obstacle course

  24. Oh the animals are so cute I wish I could touch it.

  25. I like pumpkin castle

  26. I love the petting zoo

  27. I love all of you challenges


  29. All the animals were coming to you guys because they love your YouTube channel ??

  30. I love the rabbits they are so cute??????????????

  31. I like the petting zoo better

  32. I won because I live in south Wilmington

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  34. a goat was giving birth

  35. Ping pong toss??????

  36. Petting zoo!!!!???

  37. I'm an animal LOVER so my favorite is the petting zoo

  38. My fav was the maze and the slide

  39. I think the petting zoo is the best

  40. I love the petting zoo.
    So amazing.?
    Love you girls soooooooo much?
    I love watching it

  41. This video is awesome I really want to go there but I can't really want to go look so fun well congratulations??????????

  42. This video is awesome I really want to go there but I can't really want to go look so fun well congratulations??????????

  43. I like better is the petting zoo

  44. My favorite is all of the rides and I love your videos

  45. i love you not the games

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  58. My favourite game here is……the petting zoo!!

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