Hasan Minhaj Uses Timothée Chalamet’s Name at Starbucks

Hasan Minhaj Uses Timothée Chalamet’s Name at Starbucks

It’s so nice to meet you. I’m a huge fan. Thank you. I’m a huge fan of you. Thank you. And it’s Hasan Minhaj. No. Yes. No. Really? Well, my name is Hasan Minhaj. Oh. I want to do this. I actually want to do this
on national television. Good, please, because
everyone that says your name says Hasan Minhaj. Yeah, but the real
way you pronounce it, and this is a big deal
because my parents are here, it’s Hasan Minhaj. And people always
mispronounce it. They’re always like,
Hasseen Minaja, Hussein. I’m so sorry, I
can’t pronounce it. Meet my son, Higsby
Withherthrottle III. And I’m like– how do you
not pronounce– try it. All right, Hassin Menish. No, that’s not– No, no. I– look, I appreciate
people trying. I was actually, I was
doing CNN, which is like– it’s an international
drama show where nine people yell at each other. And the host brought me out. And he was like he was
trying really hard, he was like breathing heavily. And he was just like, give
it up for Hossin Meanhaj. It was like he was
casting a spell on me. And I’m just like,
you don’t have to. Say it again, so that
people hear it again. Hasan Minhaj. Hasan Minhaj. Yes, that’s it. Hasan. Yes. Hasan. Look, when I first
kind of, you know, started doing comedy,
people, like, you should change your name. And I’m like, I’m not
going to change my name. If you can pronounce
Ansel Elgort, you can pronounce Hasan Minhaj. There’s an actor just
named Ansel Elgort and we all just walk around
pronouncing it, completely normally. Yeah, well, DeGeneres was hard
for people to get for a while. What did they do? DeGeneres or
Degenerate or like, you know, lots and–
lots of other things. And you stayed strong. Yeah, and now it’s DeGeneres. Yeah. But Hasan Minhaj. Yeah. Minhaj. Minhaj. So the emphasis is on the H. Yes. And what do they
do at Starbucks? What do they– At Starbucks, I just go
by Timothée Chalamet. That’s good. I just keep it simple. Yeah, and they
usually do it right. With like, they’re like
Timothée with two Es? And I’m like, yeah, that’s me. Oh wow. Wow, girls must freak
out when they see you. Yeah. They’re kind of disappointed. So you say your parents
are in the audience. Yeah. Mom and Dad are right there. Hi Mom and dad. That’s Najme and Seema. Hi, Najme and Seema! And they’re huge fans
of the show, Ellen. Oh, thank you. My mom actually wants me to
change the format of my show so it’s more like Ellen. I see. No, I have my show. He can have his show. His show is very
different than mine. And it’s good. And that’s what I like about it. It’s a whole different format. There’s a lot more screens
and it’s less happy, But– No. I mean we cover
really heavy things. You do. Yeah. It’s really smart. You have to be super smart to
understand and follow along. But wait, before we get to that. So when did you
start in stand-up and how supportive were they? Well, I would actually– Mom, you know this, I would–
we had our little secret. I was in college. And I would say, hey,
I’m going to the library. And then I would take the Camry,
and my mom would tell Dad, hey, he’s going to the library. And so we live in Davis. And I would drive to the
San Francisco Punch Line, so it was about an hour. Yeah. And one of these nights when
I was going to the library, I ended up crashing the car in
Vallejo, which is on the way. And I had to call home. And Mom, remember you
passed the phone to Dad. And you’re like, I can’t– I can’t cover for you anymore. And so I had my dad
come to Vallejo. And it was raining and
it was super dramatic. And he was like, this is really
far for the library, huh, son? And I just had this moment
where I was like, Dad, I’m a stand-up comedian. And he was like,
why couldn’t you be smoking weed like
everyone else in college. And that’s when I found out that
Najme Minhaj was 420-friendly. So that’s cool Uh-huh, but they must–
do they go see you a lot? Did they support you
when you started out? No, they didn’t. Remember, I was
going to the library. I know! Yeah. But now they do. Now they’re cool. As long as I’m doing Ellen, Mom
was like, I can call in sick. Yeah. All right, so now you’re
doing this show, which I loved your stand-up special too. I thought that
that was brilliant. Thank you. So tell everybody
what the show is. Because it’s political and funny
and a great take on everything. Yeah, we’ll do
like, we’ll do sort of one big comedic investigative
report on say, global warming, or you know, student loan debt. Just real fun,
interesting, stuff that people want to watch. All right. But coming from you, which makes
it really easier to digest. Yeah. It’s still great,
but funny, too. Yeah, but I think
people would rather watch like a
three-year-old come out and try French fries
for the first time. Well. Look the way you guys responded
to the French fry thing, we need more of
that on the show. Yeah, I know. I know. I say all the time
we’re working too hard. We have to have a kid
with a French fry. That’s all you really need. Yeah. It’s called Patriot Act, it’s
currently streaming on Netflix. We’ll be right back. Hi, I’m Andy. Ellen asked me to remind you
to subscribe to her channel, so you can see more
awesome videos, like videos of me getting scared or
saying embarrassing things, like ball-peen hammer. And also some videos of
Ellen and other celebrities, if you’re into
that sort of thing. [ELLEN SHOUTS BEHIND ANDY]

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