Hashim Amla Scores 100 As We Explain Cricket

Hashim Amla Scores 100 As We Explain Cricket

WTF is cricket? What’s so great about the cricket environment and being here with other fans? That! Exactly It’s all about togetherness, it’s all about friendship. It’s all about coming here to enjoy yourself. For Americans who may know very little about the game of cricket, it’s the second biggest sport in the world. And much like baseball, the objective is to score more runs than the other team. I’ve always loved cricket because it’s a numbers game. An international competition is called a test, and runs a span of five days, complete with tea time and lunch breaks. While a shortened version can last a few hours. Every day you have something new. Every day you have something to look forward to so yeah the first day is always the best to get out there just show your support so the fielding team has 11 players on the field at once, while the batting team has two batsmen on the field at any given point. The job of the batsman, is to score runs and defend their wickets from the bowlers. To score a run, the batsmen must first hit the ball and then both batsmen run to the crease opposite of theirs. This shot is Hashim Amla, scoring 100 of 100 tests. We do a standing ovation for that. So this video is for Americans, who know nothing about cricket so I don’t even know what “the 100th” or what “the test” is, so can you explain that to me? So he’s playing 100 of these matches. And he has scored 100 on his 100th match. It’s kind of like if LeBron were to play his 100th game, and get a triple-double…it’s kind of like that. A batsman is thrown out by the fielding team when: the bowler knocks the wicket over with the ball. The batsman hits the ball and a fielder catches it and finally when the batsman hits the ball, but the fielding team knocks over the wicket before the batsman gets to the crease. Pretty similar to baseball right? It’s nothing like baseball, and if Americans think baseball has anything on cricket…cricket rules! Baseball sucks! Ok, maybe not. Cricket’s presence in South Africa goes far beyond just entertainment. It kind of just brings the country together as one. There have obviously been a lot of problems in South Africa with democracy and stuff and sports, just brings everyone together. So why should American love cricket? You can come in and be part of a proper South African vibe, you know? Experience it how the locals experience it. You always know that you’re going to like see your mates here. We’ve all got our mates here, it’s very festive as you can see there’s bands marching around, everyone is dressed up and it’s very like festive. A huge part of the festivity exists because of the Castle Corner Band. It’s all about fun, it’s all about enjoyment. It’s about getting people to be happy on a day when when the cricket is playing. We push the players to do well in their job. It’s all about fun, but the most important thing is to make people happy. American football and basketball is not everything. Cricket and rugby are the best. Hey I love you guys! Enjoy your baseball but there’s nothing like cricket. There you have it, you’re a cricket expert.

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