He Lost 10 Billion GP! HUGE Runescape Glitch

He Lost 10 Billion GP! HUGE Runescape Glitch

Hello ladies and gents, it’s EZScape, and
in today’s video I’m going to be covering a huge glitch that occured in Oldschool Runescape
that lost a streamer 10 billion gp, and so far Jagex hasn’t done anything to fix the
issue and won’t return his gold. To catch everyone up to speed who isn’t
involved with this game to understand why this is a big deal, Oldschool Runescape is
the 2007 version of the game which is by far more popular than the main game. Because you’re able to trade wealth and
items freely it’s managed to have a pretty thriving economy, but this is at the expense
of the game also having a thriving blackmarket economy. Gold buying and selling websites for Runescape
have been operating for well over a decade, many of which are the same ones that are still
operating today. And the biggest reason behind this is because
of just how profitable it is. I’ve personally been offered over 10 thousand
dollars to promote various Runescape private servers, gambling and gold selling websites,
and even when my channel only had 5,000 subscribers I was still offered a few thousand dollars
to promote these sites. This is why back in 2012 a lot of people saw
their favorite content creators start taking these sponsors, because the offers they had were very
hard to refuse. I remember even certain Jagex moderators accepting their
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or use code EZScape at checkout to save 84% on a three year plan for only $3.49 per month. Link will be in the description below. So anyways what does this all have to do with
a glitch in Runescape? Odablock is a popular Oldschool Runescape
Twitch livestreamer known for his high-risk PvP gameplay, as well as his impulsive staking
content. So impulsive that after getting cleaned at
the duel arena he started taking out loans to make his money back, which then resulted
in him taking out even more loans to make money to pay off other loans. A little over a week ago, after several weeks
of accruing debt from other players and friends, Odablock’s in game debt peaked at roughly
100.3 billion coins. So when he says (Oda: “Like right now I’m in debt like a whole Dodge dealership”) he isn’t exactly lying. If you were to purchase from a popular gold
selling website the going rate for 100 billion coins is roughly $61,000 USD, and even though
it would be quite a bit less for a player to sell, I wouldn’t see something like this
going for lower than $30,000, other than the fact this would be almost impossible for a
livestreamer to get away with it since everyone knows how much money they have. Since he peaked at that 100 bil mark Odablock
managed to shave off roughly 24 billion gold back off his debt, and things were temporarily
looking up for him. He started his stream on November 18th with
76.2b debt and 1600M liquid cash. After losing in a 1v1 fight in a pvp world
he decided to take his remaining cash to the duel arena to try to pay back more of his
debt. The most common method of gambling gold in
the duel arena is by doing a whip stake. The players will put limitations in the rules
to the point that they are only able to hit each other with an abyssal tentacle, wearing
no other armor, essentially giving both players 50/50 chances of winning assuming their stats
are equal. He ended up losing the 1600M and started taking
loans. The amount of money he was being loaned was
so high, it was actually more than the peak amount of gold you can have in the game which
is roughly 2 billion 147 million gold, so he had to convert the gold into platinum tokens which
are worth 1000 times what a single gold piece is worth. It started with a 5 billion gp loan, all of
which he lost. After this he started taking out various loans
where he would end up winning money, paying back the loans instantly, lose the profit,
then take the loans all back out again. This went on until he took a 4.7b loan from
one of his friends and goes all in. Losing this stake meant that since his stream
had started he had lost almost an additional 10 billion gold. In a last ditch effort he manages to take
a 10 billion gp loan and also finds him someone to match his stake. Huge stakes like this are not that common
in Oldschool Runescape and it brought in thousands of people to watch the stream unfold on Twitch. So the stake gets accepted. Odablock is in for 10 bil against Rebel OG,
a viewer in his stream who is also in a Discord call with him. Odablock has PID, so even though they are
attacking at the same time his attacks will go through first, which means if the duel
goes to last hit Odablock will have the advantage. They get about halfway into the stake and
then the entire server begins to lag… the world was being DDOSed. Each attack was going through painfully slow
until the server eventually disconnected. From what we could see it looked like Odablock
was going to win since he was only one hit away from winning, but Rebel OG’s hit had
yet to display so it was technically anyone’s game. Upon logging in after the disconnection Oda
only 10 bil in his inventory, so it would seem he neither won nor loss, and that the
GP got refunded to both players and the duel was cancelled. But this wasn’t the case. After checking the scoreboard at the duel
arena it actually showed that Odablock had won that duel, also Rebel OG, the person he
was staking claimed he received no money back, meaning either 10 billion gold disappeared
completely out of the game, or Rebel was lying. The uncertainty was that there was actually a lot of people who had a slightly similar issue happen to them, including myself. One time when I was staking the server disconnected
during it and the result was the duel being cancelled and the money returned to both players,
which was the same case for a lot of other people. This also creates a clear incentive for someone
to disconnect the worlds during big stakes. If halfway through the duel it looks to be
a sure loss they can disconnect the servers, get their gold back, and try again a different
time. In my opinion it’s really unlikely the culprit
was Rebel OG because for most of the stake he was winning, that and they were doing a
whip stake which is not the preferred duel for a DDoser because the duels usually end
too quickly for both people to get booted out. I have a few additional reasons for not thinking
the person behind the DDos attacks was Rebel, but we’ll get into that a bit later. So what was the fallout from such a game breaking
glitch with the ability to delete billions of gp out of the game before it’s awarded
to players when the servers get disconnected, which again, essentially gives real incentive
and power to DDosers. Principal Content Developer Mod Ash responded
to Odablock’s tweets the following day basically explaining that the game struggles to do anything
if you’re not connected to it which makes sense. For this reason it’s also difficult for
Mod Ash to track where the gold went because again, the servers were down. Odablock ends the stream after taking another
2 billion gp loan, loses all of it, and resumes streaming the next day. I have limited video from this stream, but
basically Odablock goes into a stake for 600M and it painfully lasts for a couple of minutes. Both him and his opponent get down to 2HP
when he gets DDOSed again. When Odablock logs back in the scoreboard
shows that he lost the stake, received 0 gp back, and his opponent only got his half of
the stake back meaning another 600m gp was removed. He then proceeds to get DDOSed one more time
for 850M, and just like the 10B stake the scoreboard showed that Odablock had won. And again, he only received back the gp
he put up for his side of the stake. He checked on Discord with the person he staked
and he claims his gp also got removed, and he had absolutely no reason to lie, which
is another reason why Rebel OG was most likely telling the truth. So of course this asks the question, where
did the 10 bil go, and why did it leave the game? I’ll leave the possibility that all of the
people that fought Odablock lied about not receiving their gp back on the table, even
though it is extremely unlikely to be the case, especially with the discrepancy that
all of the duels which actually finished and counted towards the duel arena scoreboard
were the only duels affected by the bug. From what I can tell, there are two possibilities. One case could be that the first person who
actually disconnects from the server loses the gp and the other person who is left in
gets kicked out of the duel with the gp they initially put up. If this is the case then this would mean that
winning on the duel arena scoreboard and receiving your initial stake back are merely coincidental. The running theory I’ve seen from a few
different accounts, both on Reddit and in Odablock’s stream is that this isn’t necessarily
a new issue and there are reports of it existing at least three years, it’s just such an
uncommon occurrence that nobody talks about it. Also at least 5 years ago it was possible
to simply exit out of the client, or xlog during a duel which would render it as a draw. So if you got halfway through a stake and
were pretty much guaranteed to lose you could xlog and get your gp returned back to you. This was abused by several players in the
bug abuse community and was presumably patched without ever being announced. There are also sources which say that this
was the case back when the game was still played primarily on Internet browsers, but
this would be difficult to verify today. Regardless xlogging in the duel arena was
fixed, but what about for server disconnects? A Reddit comment from former Jagex Moderator
Mod Maz in August of 2016 states: “There is no difference between a deliberate and
an accidental disconnect as far as our systems are concerned. As people were using it for griefing, removing
the stake dissuades that behaviour.” So this means that removing the money might
be intentional to dissuade people from DDosing the servers during their duels, but what about
if someone else is DDosing the servers during the duels, or a server simply shutting down
on it’s own like during a system update? So far over 11 billion coins have been removed
from the game because of a safety measure made to discourage users from DDosing the
servers is actually having the opposite effect, and these people are not going to stop at
any point. In one of Odablock’s most recent streams
there were dozens of DDos attacks on the servers no matter what he was doing. He even caught one of these people in the
act and added them to his ignore list just to see them changing their name 10+ times
to try to get away with it, which they most likely will given Jagex’s track record with
banning DDosers despite indisputable proof. These DDos attacks haven’t only been disrupting
Odablock’s streams but also for everyone playing the game. A handful of players play on Hardcore ironman
accounts which are accounts that can’t die in game without losing their status and it’s
quite possible that a death on one of those accounts was a result of these attacks. The current OSRS league worlds were also taken
down as Odablock went on those in hopes that he could get away from the attacks. So, hopefully some type of action is taken
place on these accounts that are causing the DDosing. And as for the lost GP I don’t feel like
players of the game should be punished for being made the target of DDos attacks on the
server combined with unfortunate game mechanics which results in large sums of gp being deleted
out of the game, but Jagex rarely returns items in game. One of the first times they ever did this
is when they returned items to B0aty when he died during a Kreeara trip and received
huge backlash for only returning items to big enough streamers. The only other time they came close to refunding
players was when accounts were being compromised because of ex Jmod Jed in which Jagex returned
the GP that was presumably stolen from the Jagex moderator. Since then they have never returned anyone’s
items that were lost from in game bugs. Even in cases where players lost their pets
for participating in voluntary random events, the pets weren’t returned, despite them
having no effect on other players in the game. So although I would appreciate it for Jagex
to amend this by returning Odablock’s gold, this would mean they would have to do this
for every other person who was affected by this bug, which it would not only be very
difficult to figure which reports to be legitimate or not, but I doubt the moderators would even
be able to identify the cases where this occurs since it only happens when the servers are
hit offline. So anyways what do you guys think? Should Jagex refund Odablock his money since
in his case we can verify he’s not lying since everything was livestreamed, and because
of the sheer amount of money that was removed, or should they continue doing nothing since
it wouldn’t be fair to anyone else that was affected by the glitch? I’ll have a poll that all of you can vote
on in the card on the top right of the screen so you can let me know your thoughts. Since this glitch occurred Odablock has continued
staking, and the other day yet again there was another weird occurrence which resulted
in him losing another 10b. During the stake both opponents poisoned each
other with their tentacle whips and the stake went down to last hit. Before Odablock’s opponent could finish
him off he got poison ticked and died and a second later Odablock did as well. Going based off PID you would assume Odablock
won this stake for sure, but he actually lost. It’s difficult to say whether this is a
glitch or not, because this may actually be an oversight with how the game changes PID,
which as a reminder is just what the game uses to decide which actions gain priority
over the other. It’s possible that PID swapped whenever
both of their health values hit 0, since most stakes usually result in one person dying
and one person living, but in this case they both died to poison. Normally PID would never swap until after the
stake is over, but in this case maybe since they were both already registered as dead
that’s when the game decided to handle it… who really knows. Another theory would be that the reason he
died was the result of him having PID because that could be the reason why his poison tick
and death was registered before his opponent, because he had the priority. Regardless it doesn’t really seem Jagex
even knows so everything I’m saying is just conjecture. Anyways guys I know this wasn’t a usual
upload, but I was watching Odablock’s stream when all of this happened and I wanted to
see if making a video might prompt a response from Jagex, but nonetheless if you did enjoy
it be sure to leave a like as it’s the best way to show support. This week has been kind of crazy for Jagex
because on the 21st there was also a duplication bug which was covered by one of my favorite
content creators Rendi, so check out that video if you haven’t heard about it, I’ll
link it in the description. Also if you’re interested in checking out
Odablock’s streams and videos I’ll have links in the description. But anyways guys, that’s all I have to say,
subscribe to the channel if you’re interested in speedrunning related content, and as always,
I hope you all have a beautiful life.

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