Hernias from Working Out (COMPLETE GUIDE!)

Hernias from Working Out (COMPLETE GUIDE!)

What’s up, guys? Jeff Cavaliere, ATHLEANX.COM. Today we’re going to talk about one of the
most common injuries in men, especially guys that are working out, and that’s the hernia. Now, I know more about the hernia than most
because I’ve had 2 of them. Actually, one I still have, and the other one I had repaired
if you remember, a couple years ago. Now, what is the hernia? I think we have to
start off by explaining that first and foremost because some people think that a hernia a
muscle tear. It’s not a muscle tear. It’s a fascia tear.
Now, it’s influenced by the muscles that are around it, and I’m going to explain that in
a second. But it’s a hole in the fascia that allows
some of the internal organs in our bodies to actually spill out. Now, they’re inside of a cavity, so it’s not
like all of a sudden your intestines are going to start dropping out inch by inch, but they’re coming out in a bulge through
there and you can actually feel the bulge. You can see the bulge. I would show you my bulge but I’d have to
show you all my bulges if I was able to point out on me exactly what we’ve got because it’s pretty low down here right next
to the junk and you don’t see again, if you have an inguinal hernia, most likely you’ll
see some kind of a prominent bulge there. If it’s out, it can sometimes feel uncomfortable
almost like someone kicked you in the nuts. What you could do if you’re feeling that discomfort
like I do from time to time, I’ve actually got to lie down on my back and push down,
as gross as that sounds, and push it kind of back inside of me. Now,
sparing all the gory details, the most important thing is, if you haven’t suffered a hernia before, you
kind of have to understand what might lead you to suffer one because it is a very common
injury, and what you might be able to do about it
so that you can prevent it from even happening. And I think what you have to look at is beyond
the genetic component. Yes. There’s a genetic weakness of the fascia. Some peoples’ fascia
is just not as strong as others’. And I think that’s one of my problems. But
the other thing is, if you have a good amount of strength in your abs, or a good amount
of strength in your groin, you can actually get some issues here. You
can get a, you can become more predisposed to having a hernia. It’s not necessarily an ab weakness that causes
a hernia. I think it’s actually an ab strength, but it’s an ab strength with a lack of control
of the other end that leads to most of the problems. So, having strong abs and having
a weak groin can become an issue. Take out this piece of paper for an example.
If you look at this piece of paper, and I pull in opposite directions on it. I’m pulling
pretty hard. This thing is not tearing, ok. Well, what happens is, if you take this same
paper, and you apply forces in an asymmetrical way, so even though I’m still pulling with
the same strength, if I pull from the top and I pull from here,
right there, all of a sudden, a quick an easy tear, right. One I was pulling up, the other
I was pulling here. You can try this yourself with your own piece
of paper. Same force that I was applying here. So that’s a case where maybe the abs, or the rectus abdominus and the groin muscles
here have equal and adequate strength, but if you’re pulling in an oblique manner, you can have some issues which leads me to
the actual exercise that gave me my 2 hernias. Now, am I saying this is a bad exercise? Absolutely
not. I love this exercise. However, there are things
that we can do wrong in this exercise that would definitely predispose us to having it
cause a hernia. It’s the One-Armed Dumbbell Row. Now, watch
me do this exercise. Here, you’ll see that, a lot of guys will
put their leg out to the side. What you’re doing there is you’re prestretching and putting
tension on the groin right from the start. Ok. So, you’ve got your tension from below.
If you go up to the top here, your core should be really as activated and stable through
any exercise that you do. Now, the problem comes in when I go and I
actually cheat the weight up like I’ve showed you before, and I rotate, I’ve got that added
stretch. So we have a torque and tension and this asymmetrical
situation like I showed you back here where the abs are pulling in one direction and the
groin is pulling with tension from an oblique direction. Now we’ve got some problems. And it actually was the same exercise twice
that I felt an immediate zipper-like burn. On one rep, pulled up, tried to cheat the
weight up a little bit, stupid ass, I wound up feeling the burning
sensation. that was actually the tear that was occurring and then of course in the days
that followed, I started to gradually get a worsening of
that bulge that would come out. So, are you supposed to abandon the exercise? No. Not
at all. What you’re supposed to do is, you try to do this exercise the right way.
If you’re going to have tension in both places which you should, that’s a good stable pelvis,
right, tension from below, tension from above, you
want to make sure that you’re keeping yourself in good alignment not just in this exercise but every other exercise that we do. So, preventing
hernias, the most you can really do is try to maintain proper alignment and maintain
proper tension from above. Remember, if you have just tension in one
place and no tension in the other, it’s just going to pull it in the direction of the tension,
right. There’s nothing happening down here and I
pull up, you’re generally not going to get tears there, but that’s going to lead to a
whole host of other issues. Having a completely weak groin that applies
no tension while you have this dominant ab tension is going to set yourself up for a
lot of other issues including back pain and hip issues and all
that. So that’s not the solution. The solution is to be balanced, but to also
provide your tension as best you can in equal and opposite directions. So, the take home message here guys, you can’t
do anything about this once you get it. Once you get this, you’re going to have to have
surgery. How long you go before you need it? It could
be a very, very, very long time. If you need the surgery, recovery is definitely part of
the game plan. If you can get a laparoscopic surgery like
I had, you can accelerate that process. There’s certain things you won’t be able to do for
a long period of time. Hanging from a bar was one of the hardest
things I had to do after a hernia surgery because the tension that’s in your abdominal
muscles just by holding on to a bar and supporting your body
weight is immeasurable, right. And going back to doing that after you’ve had these muscles cut through in order
to repair the hernia can make it a little bit challenging. However, once you’re back and at it again,
I just try, you’re going to be lifting heavy weights again. You’re going to be able to do everything you
were doing before, you’re just going to have to try to stay very conscientious about your
form. And I have never been more conscientious than
after the second time that I’ve had this happen to me. I try to be in good solid tension throughout
my entire core. Stable from below. Stable from up top. But I try to maintain my alignment. And just like we’ve talked about before with
back issues, you don’t want to apply a lot of torsion under tension. Twisting. Bending over at the waist, and then
twisting is one of the quickest ways that you can blow out a disc when you provide that
flexion with torsion. It’s the same thing here. Always want to try
to be in alignment. Align yourself up. Align your body up with your hips. Align your hips
up with your shoulders. Try to stay square. That’s what an athletic
position is anyway. Trying to be very square with your body. So, guys if you are dealing with a hernia
then there’s hope, ok. There’s things that you can do. If you’ve never had a hernia, try to focus
on the things I’m showing you here. This is just one example in this exercise. And if you’re looking for a program that helps
you to strengthen your abs, and helps you to strengthen your lower body so that you
do get this good balance between the 2 so you can optimize your strength
throughout your body, then head to ATHLEANX.COM right now and get our ATHLEANX Training System. Training like an athlete allows you to create
a muscularly balanced physique from top to bottom. In the meantime, if you found this helpful,
make sure you leave your comments and thumb’s up below. Whatever else it is that you want to see,
guys, I’ll try to make sure I cover it here. Again, sometimes once a week here we break
out the skeleton and we try to make it more anatomy based. I hope you guys find these helpful, too. Alright,
I’ll be back here again in just a few days.

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