Heroes of the Storm: The toys are back in town!

Heroes of the Storm: The toys are back in town!

I am beyond your comprehension, mortal. All of creation shall tremble
before the burning standards of hell. Attack! Show no weakness! Good day, my friend. Retreat! Get out of there! I’ve rematerialized? Well done, indeed. Now to cross you off the list. We require these, obtain them. On my way! Let us slaughter together.

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  1. This will pair very nicely with the new season of Dimension 20 indeed!

  2. Ugh, horrible. And they are wondering why the game has no playerbase

  3. My retarded 5 year old nephew would love this!

  4. RIP YouTube recommended list.

  5. Creativity of HotS team is still beyong expectations.

  6. DEAR Blizzard.
    Ragnaros exists…only 1 skin..ffs almost 4 years in the Nexus..the wakanda chick is boring af and its in the game for half an year and you are giving her a skin already.
    You are pissing me of

  7. Idk why this game is dying…. I really enjoy playing it, it's the game me and my friend stuck with after trying tens of other games.

  8. where is the butcher skin, i demand it

  9. My favorite event ?

  10. Toy event… better late then never.

  11. ❤️ The HoTS dev team
    ? came early with those skins ??

  12. Bonequinhos verdes? Eu quero!

  13. Okay that skin for Raynor is a recolored BUT its awesome. Nice choice HotS

  14. Ummm the train mount… it could have some tactical value, kinda like a VERY knockoff Evac ship

  15. Please take my money!!!! I want that Mephisto skin and the group train mount so bad!

  16. Blizzard, stop scamming players.

  17. Give me new heros and map

  18. Everyone: Raynor is visual bugged
    when you do stutterstep… FiX it BLIzz!
    Hots Team: we are afraid that we have another plan

  19. The toys are back in town, but is the dev team?

  20. Plz never give up with this awesome game

  21. Still no Winter Veil 2019, shame.

  22. The potential player base.

  23. Oh yea this is awesome

  24. Need skin for Ragnaros pls


  26. See. This would've been a good time to have that stick horse. lol

  27. The Mephisto VO combined with the cutesy toy visuals is hilarious.

  28. this is how chirstmas event should be only good news 😀

  29. Kinda like the game, but not the event. Seems getting chests until march is going to be a waste.

  30. So does this mean the average player is 6 years old? What about skins for the players that are like 40 years old? Nothing like carrying 4 scrubs that are probably in primary/elementary school – try to tell them how to improve and they get all offended and call you toxic for trying to help them – then at the end of the game you are #1 everything and MVP and they still think they are better than you.

  31. What is the point of keeping the game if you are planning to kill it slowly

  32. God, I hate Qhira so much. Wish she could be just deleted from HotS

  33. Those 'Green Army Men' skins are fantastic.

  34. why do you hate probius

  35. help me. i cant stop smilling. …

  36. Grunt Murky… Covert Raynor Rexxar and Blaze should have green army skins too. And the maps should depending on the season… like now should be covered in snow and snow fall falling… leaves covered falling in fall… etc.

  37. January 2020. New stuff?

  38. After a bad day i must say thanks blizzard for making my day worth at last 😀

  39. Other than green army the rest are garbage and good for two year olds. Good job genius skin designers in blizzard.

  40. Tudo lixo, o melhor foi os soldadinhos verdes, unicas skins tematicas que prestam

  41. this is like, really good

  42. Thanks for adding skins to my top 5 played heroes

  43. I just realized that last time I was playing was when previous toy event happened. Only reason why I'm still subbed is probably because this channel hasn't even managed to grab my attention for enough to realize that

  44. Well Done Blizzard. It was very cool.?

  45. Everyone: HOTS is dead
    Me: crying

  46. that looks awesome!

  47. still no rag skin tho

  48. Love the horse and the train. Kind of wish the hero skins would have this walking animation as well. Just bouncing around haha

  49. and once again brightwing gets nothing

  50. Toy soldier skins are genius as well as lazy

  51. Stop making Qhira skins no one likes her

  52. And when are they going to fix all the problems the game have??

  53. самый лучший эвент в хотс

  54. Omg toys again come on !!

  55. 0:42 omg wtf is this ? ?

  56. hots>lol>dota, off-topic but srry

  57. This game continues to fill my heart with gladness.

  58. Duuuude mephisto looks like the factory boss from DK64

  59. Heroes of the storm: The toys r us!

  60. I like toys, i want them all.


  62. It feels like it got voiced by the teddies from Conkers bad fur day

  63. honestly I love that events are much longer now! keep up the good work HoTS teams!

  64. Was REAAAAAALLY hoping they would have given Deathwing a toy skin!


  66. Another idiotic event, great.

  67. I'll be seeing Tickle Mephisto in my future nightmares. Nice.

  68. I wish pro play was back. Sadly the game isnt relevant in the moba world..

  69. Merhaba nasılsınız kolay gelsin size naçizane bir önerim var takım maçlarında çoğunlukla kaybettiğim için bende botlara karşı oynuyorum ama oda çabuk bitiyor biraz daha uzun sürmesi için bişeyler yapabilirmisiniz acaba biraz daha zorlaştırabilirmisiniz daha lvl 15-16da iken bitiyor Zaten Elit modunda oynuyorum ama çok kolay elit den sonra bir iki basamak daha ekleseniz süper olur (versus a.i. options) ayarlarına Beginner>Recruit>Adept>Veteran>Elit>…..>…..vb..gibi İnanıyorumki bu sayede oyuncu sayısı artacak teşekkür ederim önerimi dikkate aldığınız için

  70. I have waited the Winter Veil, and nothing reminiscen me to Christmas. The only good thing is the toy train mount and thats all. I was expecting something different, something what is more reminiscent me to winter and Christmas.

  71. 0:43 i didnt find that horse mount in the shop. Maybe its a gift for complete some misions of the event?

  72. be aware of coopa now blizzard

  73. Nice skins, and mounts !! Too bad Maiev doesnt get some love too though

  74. I appreciate the hots team lowkey having the most creative events out of Blizzard’s entire roster. Tickle Mephisto is such an unholy pun but it’s so great. It almost makes me feel like corporate Blizzard having no interest in hots is a total blessing, as you guys seem to be the only team with actual creative freedom left. Thanks for not giving up on this game.

  75. Well it would be awesome to have that Butcher skin on the postcard !!!

  76. it's just joke, don't be offended by it. but man, Blizzard really need to work on optimization not just for their games, but their videos as well. why is it so laggy? anyway, cool concept.

  77. it took me a while to realize that toddler bear belongs to Mephisto. Chucky got nothing on him.

  78. I prefer raynor as buzz lightyear, change my mind

  79. Why no toy malygos? ??

  80. Oh meh gawd! I love hots so dang much, lol. Wish the game was more popular then it is. Severely underrated imo. 🙂

  81. Please Blizzard keep HotS alive

  82. Can we have Tomás the train tema mount please?

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