High School Girl Beats Boys On The Wrestling Mat

High School Girl Beats Boys On The Wrestling Mat

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  1. Looks like we have some beta males in the comment section that are afraid of strong females.


  3. None of these people have parents. I'm beginning to suspect that children must be hatched these days.

  4. alright, I wrestled in junior high, high school and two years in college. Also got 8 years of MMA experience and competed professionally.

    I started to seeing girl wrestlers compete way back in 1999. They were on JV and were beating guys occasionally. I was bigger, stronger and on varsity so I never competed with a girl but I knew a few guys that did.

    I'm all for girls competing with OTHER GIRLS. For all you people screaming "girl power" please tell me what you have to say to that teenage boy who just got humiliated in front of his friends, family and coaches. What is that going to do to his self-esteem? Is it just supposed to be "the jokes on him"???

    We had one guy on our team lose to a girl his sophomore year. NOBODY forgot it, nobody.

  5. Maybe the reason why I am glad to not be in the conversation
    of mixed wrestling in High School is I was wrestling when coed wrestling was
    unheard of. I think this subject plays more into the feminist narrative than
    anything. It’s ok for girls to cross into boys wrestling tournaments. However,
    it is forbidden for a boy to enter girls only wrestling tournaments. That is
    the hypocrisy I do not like at all and that is something which should be
    addressed. I see pages and pages of clips where girls beat boys in wrestling
    and as always, the boy is ridiculed for losing to a girl. This “Battle of The Sexes”
    nonsense has always been at the forefront of M/F relations even when I was
    young. I was brought up into a culture where there was a divide between what
    girls did and what boys did and if I was brought into a situation where I would
    have to compete against a girl in wrestling, it would go against how I was
    raised and would accept a match forfeit. Like the HS wrestler in Iowa years
    ago, he accepted a forfeit in the first round of the tournament and not qualify
    for the wrestle-backs because he would have to compete against a girl. That
    would be something I would live with.

  6. Some of the new generation of young girls are tuff.

  7. This proves men and women are equal neither is stronger then the other, neither is smarter than the other, and neither is the superior to the other were equal

  8. She is so small also–cool !!

  9. I’m in wrestling in a all boys team and I’m a girl I GIVE the boys nose bleeds I’m like ultra strong compared to the boys.

  10. I just love the title (I’m lieing ) what’s so great about about a GIRL winning girls r just as strong as men r in fact better

  11. Plot twist: the boy let her win

  12. Oh fuck off with this grrrrrl power bs.

  13. Like the coach said her skills are above average !!

  14. There’s female wrestling in the olympics so if there’s not enough girls at the high school level to create a separate girl only division, then she has to wrestle with the boys . What’s the big deal ?

  15. I would never lie to my child and say things like "if you put your mind to it, there's no limit to anything you can do" …back to reality…. there are always limits, there are even limits to how hard you can try @ anything before you start to harm yourself. The key is serenity and perseverance.

  16. Boys are are rightfully afraid of hurting a girl in a wrestling match.

  17. i'll join for South Jersey!

  18. Gynocentric garbage.

  19. People don’t realize wrestling isn’t all about physical strength. Yes it helps, but I am the smallest guy on the team and I can beat guys bigger and stronger than me because I’ve been wrestling for years and I know all the skills and maneuvers like the back of my hand. Strong guys are too cocky some of them don’t realize there’s a lot more to it than being uber tough. Good for her.

  20. What a humiliating defeat for that angry little wimp!

  21. The thing is being a light guy that has wrestled girls you don’t really get any respect from beating them but if I ever got beat by one I know I would be bullied by everyone for it.

  22. Imagine getting hit with a headlock by a girl smh

  23. She's 100lbs so do she werslte 100lb boys?

  24. ​ yanawins1 you can't make your mind up can you one minute females can and are able to beat and compete with males of all sizes but the minute a guy turns around and tells you that once a male goes through puberty a girl won't win at all you then go and berate and criticise them and claim they are making excuses of some sort yet here you are saying and proving what the people you berate and criticise keep saying i mean where do you think a 185 pound guy comes from out of thin air no they get that big cause they have a build of muscle which happens when males have gone through puberty hence females can't beat males that have gone through puberty. So i will say this as nice as i can for all males that have been sexually abused by a female shut the fuck up you male hating bitch.

  25. It's so funny when this happens but people complain about a Transgender male competing against females fucking h

  26. If she wins she is a hero for winning against a boy. If she loses, she is a hero for daring to compete against a boy. If he wins, he just won unfairly against a girl. If he loses, he shamefully lost against a girl. No matter what she does, she wins. No matter what he does, he loses. Everything in Western culture stack for girls and against boys. There is no entity more sexist than the leftists.

  27. I respect that young female wrestler. Absolutely. She will be able to defend herself in real life against real attacks, what is a very good thing in itself.
    But have you seen the boy walking away?
    He is destroyed and humiliated in front of his friends, the school and his family…and it was even filmed to be conserved for eternity.
    Yes, maybe that is not a good way of looking at this sport and at the relation between the sexes.
    I'm completely aware of that…but reality is cruel and not political correct. Especially in the stage of life, where this young man is in (puberty) and where ALL of his (probably) highly political incorrect friends are in.
    Puberty is a fragile stage of the development of people. A man is becoming a man. He wan't to be seen as strong and mannly. Not as a loser to a girl in a fight like that.
    They ALL will never let him forget about such a defeat. Not his male friends and not the female ones.

    Even if his general behaviour was allright (he gave her the respectful, fair handshake after losing):
    He should have looked her in the face during the final handshake after the defeat and not looking away with a dead serious face in disappointment. That would have made him a better loser of the fight, right. It would have saved him a little more pride during walking away from that.

    But I felt pitty at the same time when I saw him going away beaten and humiliated and I think he knew, that this will haunt him all of his life through little comments from this friends, especially in comments and taunting from his ENEMIES and he will haunted by his own thoughts about his maskulinity and his pride.
    That made me really sad.
    That makes all those "girlpower" and "sore male loser" comments in threads like this one so very mean and toxic.

    When the triumphant cheering of the political correct feminist media is long over, this young man will be still damaged inside.
    Well, at least that is, what I think about that all. Maybe I'm wrong but I don't think so.
    And now let the "Uh, fragile masculinity" comments rain down on me.

  28. I know in my high school the 103lbs weight class was usually vacant or extremely thin, so not sure on how difficult her competition was.

  29. of course when a girl beats a boy it’s on the news but when a boy beats a girl it’s “expected”

  30. OLYMPICS!!??
    I’m 100lbs too and I’d fuck her shit up

  31. i mean now adays it could be labeled boys wrestling but people are gonna put girls in into the program and the coach cant do anything about it because everyone would get offended… smh

  32. Girls wrestling is just like a girl playing football. They are not built to be nearly as strong as guys. They can easily get hurt

  33. yea say goodbye to that "winning against the boys" shit. Wait for puberty to kick in. You will be out here getting ragdolled by some Brock Lesnar looking mofo.

  34. This right here is a different language, a language known as straigh bullsh*t. If you listen closely she is the first girl on the varsity team to win a tournament. If you continue to watch the video they brag on how she is 5 feet. Now don’t get me wrong Long Island could commonly have 17 to 18 year olds that are 5 feet because every “varsity” wrestler she beats is the same size as her(5 feet). They are clearly lying and posting it on the news. I guarantee none of the boys she wrestled were varsity it’s impossible that they are just all 5 feet. To conclude after speaking straight bullsh*t these boys who were probably new to wrestling were recorded getting beat by a girl and then lied upon by the news. This is a disgusting video. By no means does this promote “girl power” this is just the sight of a bullies.

  35. In my school is a middle school theres like 5 girls on our team and they have won

  36. Unfortunately when the boys get testosterone charging they their bodies at 16 it all changes for her.

  37. And for all you bitches who thought girls were weak look at this shit she would whoop everybody’s ass here

  38. If she went against me I would of smacked her up

  39. White boys is so weak. Try that with a black boy

  40. here is a 12 year old 7th grader girl that beat a senior boy ina varsity match

  41. Dude I can beat her with two fingers

  42. A girl on a boys team? Nah im done feminism is on another lvl

  43. I wrestled and played football with girls in school it's a no win game for guys. I know theres women stronger than me but in my experience if I won I was too brutal then I took it easy and I was still called a jerk especially by a group of lesbians that just wanted to be angry. So yeah no winning at all best to just sit back and give up sports


  45. On the surface it looks like your average match but underneath there is a web of deception, the guys were told to let the girl win or they wouldn't be allowed to wrestle anymore.

  46. Good job Girl… at a competitive level with scholarships, Olympic hopes, and Turning Pro/getting paid, it is IMPERATIVE that fairness come first… hence no PED'S…. but its ok for a Man to Compete AGAINST a woman ? Sheer madness for all… we're not talking cards, and scrabble(where the ladies would kick our asses, way smarter)… when someone's "life" is on the line, it should be fair… what's next, mixed MMA, NFL, NHL, come on man….. what a total shit show….. God help us all….???

  47. typical fucking u tube  never showing a girls ass kicked by a boy. fuck your discriminatory bullshit

  48. flexibility, baby! keep it up, girl

  49. Still don’t get why boys can’t compete in a girls league tho

  50. Until boys hit puberty and bash her ? skull in .

  51. In 1973 to 1977 , high schools did not know it was possible for a girl to beat boys on the wrestling team. And most girls did not think it was worth even trying. In 1975 , a little gymnastics girl beat me arm wrestling. She beat boys bigger than me.

  52. I’m a girl and I wrestle so this makes me really proud

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