HIGHLIGHTS | Ole Miss Volleyball defeats Ohio State 3 – 2 (08/31/18) #WAOM #FinsUpRebels

HIGHLIGHTS | Ole Miss Volleyball defeats Ohio State 3 – 2 (08/31/18) #WAOM #FinsUpRebels

[MUSIC] It’s a beautiful night here on the square in Oxford, Mississippi. It’s time for match number four of day one of the 2018 Rebel Invitational. Pinning the Big 10 up against the SEC. It’s Ohio State versus Ole Miss. Franklin out of the back row, rejected by Sultemeier. Dug up by Caroline Adams and then Mulkey rolls it for the (inaudible) fly up the net. Bukilic that strong cross court swing, Fate can’t do anything with it. Possession stays with the Buckeyes as they try to go crosscourt and Lauren Bars rejects it. Either go for the ball, don’t go for the ball, but do something with it. Bars will add an ace to her total. Bia Franklin on the outside this time. Bars goes the other way to Wernentin, what a swing by the senior. Bars is going to have to go back outside. Same result, it will fall on the floor and Ohio State shows off their strength to take set number one. Dailey pushing it outside to Powell, it’s blocked by Bars. It will be a joust at the net won by Aubrey Sultemeier. Jump serve ace for Emily Stoup. Ohio State with the momentum here, even though they’re down 17-19. Scott, tough serve cross court and it results in an ace. Back-to-back aces for Bayleigh Scott. Ole Miss takes game number two 25-17. Are not okay with, the ones that you should be able to take care of because you have now block. You know, an aggressive hitting error where – Outside now Bia Franklin blocked way back into the court. Point Ole Miss. By Fry, Mulkey again on the right side, off Gruensfelder and back to the wall. What a dig by Caroline Adams, it seems like that’s all she does. And then Mulkey out of the right side. And here’s an example of that, the ball hitting – And an unforced error by Witte turns things over to the Rebels. They lead it 2-1 here. Depending on how you want to use the verbiage in favor 8-7 – Off the chest of Stroup. She’ll recoil and attack it. Blocked by Sultemeier. She had 13 and 10 in a win over the Oregon State Beavers. You’re vying for position on the floor. Once the match starts, you are your teammates biggest fan. Stroup again, Ole Miss takes the lead in set number four. Bars outside to Stroup, double contact is the call. 25-22 Ohio State. Purcell first ball. Bars outside to Stroup, high off hands into the Ohio State bench. Emily – Joust won by Sultemeier. Halm takes the first ball, the block in the middle by Warnell and Stroup. Mulkey takes over at the back line. She’ll serve Franklin here, outside set to Grunze, it’s blocked by Bars and Sultemeier. The jump float on the way. Stroup on the outside, she’s going to full-block, Bars is there, Purcell gets to the second ball. Stroup again off the back row player and Ole Miss wins it in five over Ohio State. A huge win for the Rebels over a Big 10 foe. Huge win, a momentous occasion for Steven McRoberts and the Rebels, picking up a win. It will be huge for the RPI.

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  1. Need a season series on the volleyball team. I like the sports that are not just minor league systems.

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