Home Full Court Defense Workout

Home Full Court Defense Workout

Hey guys, welcome back to another video My name is Gerald and I’m from BG Badminton So I hope you guys had a Merry Christmas As well as a Happy New Year Uhh… did you eat a lot of good stuff? because I sure did I’ve put on some weight so now is a good time to lose some weight Um… so Today, what we’re going to do is that we’re going to do a full court defense drill that you can do pretty much at home, or anywhere if you’d like. Err… So depending on the space available, you may have to adjust this drill a little So, let’s begin shall we? Okay so, here’s what we’regoing to do We’re going to have 5 shuttles at one corner of the court As well as one shuttle at every single part of the court So we’re going to do 6 sets of this So here’s how it’s done You take all the shuttles from one corner to bring it to every single side of the court. So again, now to the side So we’re going to bring everything to all the different corners of the court And then, bring it back but not to this corner but to the second corner. So, we’re going to bring everything out Then bring it back to the second corner That’s one set. So we’re going to bring everything out and then bring it to the third corner That’s the second set. So, one set, two set, three, four, five and six sets in total Alright? So now we’re going to begin I’m going to rest about 30 seconds per set, alright? Okay ready? And let’s go! This is a really tough for a first set So, if you’re not so fit, try to take a longer break, you can take up to a minute a minute and a half of a break I’m sorry, a minute and a half in terms of a break, that’s fine, you don’t have to take 30 seconds 30 seconds is really short The key is that when you distribute the shuttles you want to stay low, so when you stay low it’s like a defensive position so you don’t go down and come all the way up so try to keep your body low Oh, really tired It’s like a training camp that I went to yesterday I think it’s the almost time? Almost time? Okay, now we’re going to do our second set I forgot So for this drill right? Apart from bringing shuttles out and back, it is also very important that when you land you need to try to put the shuttles standing up So instead of just throwing it on the floor, you got to put it standing up So this shows that you have balance when you’re doing footwork. You balance, put it on top Last few seconds? Very brief Then we’ll begin the next set Right. I think it’s about 30 seconds Okay, let’s begin. Last one! Very diffi- I’m sweating! This is intense Really intense So… Okay, now time to begin. Next set, so we’re going to put it behind there Alright, let’s go! Front one Wrong side This is correct. Let me take a drink. Okay I think I messed up the count of my shuttles probably brought an extra shuttle there But better more than less Yeah? Remember to drink lots of water You’ll really perspire a lot doing this exercise. Perspiring all over… my gosh. Okay, last set alright? So let’s give our best! Fastest Ready? Go! Two more only! Hang in there! As you can see, I’m no longer as fit as I used to be. Looks like I need more practice of this drill Okay! So that’s the end of this video. For this, if you don’t have a real badminton court or if you want to do it outside your house you can always make the shuttles nearer So it becomes a half a step drill or one step drill as compared to 2 steps. That will work just as well. So you can do it even without shuttles, but having shuttles help in terms of counting & balance So, this is to improve your all-round defense I hope you learnt something and if you haven’t already, be sure to subscribe for more details and I’ll catch you the next video! Bye bye!

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  1. Nice movement, is there any chance you could do a backhand smash video.

  2. Omg its been so long
    Nice video

  3. excelellent work….bro,,,,congratulation

  4. Hey this video is great timing. Badmintion season is starting for schools in the United States right now. So if you start uploading around this time you may get more views. One more thing, I would recommend to get a mic so we can hear you more clearly and so the overall quality of the video will be better. But other than that, it was a great video. It's been a while since you uploaded I was so happy when I saw this. Thanks for the tips.

  5. Long time no see We are happy you are back and the video is awesome but I suppose you should change your mic as it blurs out your beautiful track

  6. Sir I have guang yu 7u racket and I am intermediate player so which string and string tension should I use plzz help me sir

  7. Awesome video Gerald ???

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