Honest Trailers – Les Miserables

Honest Trailers – Les Miserables

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  1. 4/10 Not enough Eponine -Ign

  2. This Honest Trailer is B-R-I-L-L-I-A-N-T!!!

  3. Well I mean it does have SOME dialogue

  4. This honest trailer is the best you can tell they put in the effort

  5. 3:11 is the best bit don’t argue.

  6. Say "Please sir, I want some more" with a shite British accent

  7. I really like this. But some of this is answered by the book ?

  8. Still it’s one of my favorite movies ever

  9. I believe it’s pronounced Miserable

  10. And some musicals have no talking at all and may I remind you it this was also a musical

  11. This is all not true. That film is amazing. It’s just coz u don’t understand the film

  12. It is also a MUSICAL

  13. But I have to admit it was funny

  14. LMAO they really ripped this movie to shreds!

  15. I just don't think it's a good idea to adapt a 1400+ page book into a 2 hour movie, you know?

  16. I'm in Les Mis the play I wanted Eponine but I got Joly

  17. I just felt more Les MISERABLE s after watching this ?

  18. Do moulin rouge

  19. Wow impressive. Very good voice

  20. You should have sang it

  21. So Newt Scamander falls for Sophie from Mamma Mia?


  22. Final destination please

  23. The singing in this honest trailer is better than in the movie. Still a good story.

  24. the song is legit good

  25. I'm surprised theres not more comments about how he mispronounced the name even at the end. I did once and I almost got punched in the face by a fellow theater kid.

  26. How about Airplane the Movie?

  27. On the musical, the actors are never intended to be opera singers. As they represent normal people, their singing is normal as well.

  28. How do i feel about this?

  29. Phantom of the Opera Plz!!!

  30. What? That movie has more than 3 songs?

  31. Lol your soundtrack sounds like discount jack black

  32. "I have a very annoying vibrato"
    To y'all yee who care, that is my issue with Ramin Karimaloo

    Long live Gerard Butler ?

  33. nice song! ihaha ihaha haha

  34. Still here, still brilliant.

  35. Best honest trailer ever!

  36. I thought u were gonna do something like Russell Crowe fighting against his inability to sing, in the Russell Crowe fightin’ ‘round the world tune

  37. This movie was painfully tedious, a few nice scenes but otherwise obnoxious

  38. I love the musical but HATED this movie. And this really highlights why in a comedic way.

  39. The best Honest trailer imo 😀

  40. Now can we do 1776, another great musical made into a movie, except it’s a good movie

  41. When the parody voice sounds better than the actors in the movie.

  42. Do tombstone!!!!!!

  43. Lmao at Hugh Jackman's vibrato – it was seriously distracting after a while!

  44. le miserabababbebeles ?

  45. See this on acid, thank me later.

  46. One of my favourite movies but this was still funny

  47. i just found these and now i'm hooked. Thanks for the addiction.

  48. love the film but this is proper funny

  49. This is amazing. They really outdid themselves on this one. (In singing voice)

    PLOT TWIST: The Epic voice guy did the singing on this episode.

  50. I love this movie actually, hahaha.

  51. I actually enjoyed Russell Crowe's performance

  52. This entire video and no AND IM JAVERT

  53. Can you please do honest trailers on uglydolls?

  54. Please do phantom and moulin rouge thank you

  55. 0:11 exactly what happened to me lol. I'm not a big fan of musicals.

  56. I hate musicals so much , i couldn't even watch this honest trailer from the moment he started singing

  57. ????????? funniest fuck

  58. You nailed it butter singing voice guy

  59. Spoiling the whole movie just in the trailers is super easy, barely an inconvenience!

  60. He stole a loaf of bread

  61. There is literally a whole ass song explaining why jean valjean broke parole….

  62. This is the best honest trailer =D

  63. 'if your girlfriend doesn't appreciate you after sitting through this movie you should really rethink your relationship' im dead

  64. The caption options for this video are English(auto generated) and English (Les Mis Eng)

  65. Even the trailer was annoying with everybody singing xp

  66. Wtf with the songs?

  67. Don’t make fun of one of the best stories/musicals ever made

  68. I like Russel’s singing..

  69. Lol it’s like phantom of the opera
    Without all that broadway stuff

  70. No one seems to appreciate how good the singing is in this video

  71. The sad thing about it is that Eponine was my favorite character in this movie and I didn't know what her name was until this Honest Trailer. ?

  72. Do “Beetlejuice”

  73. There are so many wrong points it's funny

  74. Once again I am astounded by the excellent dentistry available in a time of extreme poverty and lack of hygiene.

  75. "and the death of Russell Crowe's acting ability" ?

  76. the second he started singing i had to turn on that CC, thank god it was there

  77. Do American Pie dumbass

  78. Victor Hugo must be turning in his grave.
    They would never turn Shakespeare into such horseshit…

  79. Never made clear? He stole bread. They couldn't have said it anymore.

  80. Je suis un peu dégouté qu'il n'ai pas parlé du fait que se soit une adaptation et qu'elle soit si différente du livre de Victor Hugo.
    I am a bit sad they didn't talk about the fact it is an adaptation of a wonderful book written by Victor Hugo and that they forgot intire parts of the plot.

    A random French person

  81. Its actually sounds amazing

  82. just to say it's not about french revolution

  83. I've been doing musical theatre for ages and i thought Russel was pretty good. Just my opinion tho

  84. Wow, the guy singing sounded a lot like Jack Black. Was kinda surprised to find out it wasn't.

  85. Narrator… You didn't sing…. You rap ?????????

  86. thanks to the singing and time jumps i lost the red line of the story

  87. It's an opera. The whole difference between an opera and a musical is that in an opera the entire thing is singing, not just speaking with some catchy musical numbers scattered

  88. If u saw the stage version, ull release what a piece of shit the movie was.

  89. 2:20 is that Newt Scamander?

  90. Please make more joke about Hugh Jackman cross-over wolverine in movies

  91. What?? Lol I never realized that Valjean was Jackman :p

  92. justice for Eponine guys.

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