Honest Trailers – The Little Mermaid (feat. AVbyte)

Honest Trailers – The Little Mermaid (feat. AVbyte)

In 1989, the same year that Taylor Swift was
born, the world met an even doe-ier eyed girl whose songs got even MORE stuck in your
head. The Little Mermaid. Travel under the sea to the whimsically fascist
kingdom of Atlantica, where some fish are allowed to
swim free, while others are forced to drag the ruling
class around in their chariots Or use their own bodies as instruments. And meet Ariel, a half naked 15 year old and
confirmed hoarder. Follow along on her literal fish-out-of-water
story, as she falls in love with the human Prince
Eric because he’s… hot. “Ohhhh, he’s very handsome, isn’t he?” “He’s so beautiful.” The only thing swimming in their way is the
most clearly evil villain in the Disney pantheon: Ursula. “The sea witch?” “No! She’s a demon!” An old witch who keeps the tortured souls
of her victims in her front yard, eats seafood, and hates Ariel’s whole family. But none of that will stop Ariel from trading
away her voice for a pair of legs and a 72 hour time limit to french a stranger. “He is quite a catch, isn’t he?” Get swept up in a fantastical romance where
love conquers all If by love, you mean acting like a clueless
mute brat so an older guy will make out with you. And enjoy the vintage Disney classic with
an equally vintage message for today’s young girls: Look pretty. “You gotta look your best.” “You look wonderful.” “But without my voice, how can I–” “You’ll have your looks!” Surround yourself with friends who are dumber
and fatter than you, abandon your family to marry a guy you just
met, and if you’re not happy with the contract
you signed without even reading… get your fiance to murder the person who outsmarted
you. So strap on your fins for the musical you
can’t help but sing along to. Featuring songs like… The Dumb Mermaid Song “I’m a dumb mermaid who doesn’t know sh*t.” “Don’t know what this is, or that is either.” The Obligatory Villain song “These boring bad guy songs…” “So bland.” “So blah.” “But to move the plot along, the villain has
to have a song.” “But in the soundtrack it gets skipped.” The Shouldn’t You Ask For Consent First? Song “Sing with me now.” “Sha la la la la go for it dude.” “Her fish friends set the mood for you to
pork the girl.” “Sha la la la why not raise the stakes?” “The carpet match the drapes? Go on and pork
the girl.” The Traumatize Your Kids Song “Killing fish, killing fish, yes we show children
this.” “Even though the heroes are all fish.” “Like if they made sushi of Nemo and Dory,” “You’d have something as messed up as this.” And The One We’re About To Get Stuck In
Your Head “It’s so catchy!” “It’s so catchy!” “There’s no escapin’, it’s so amazin’ and
catchy!” “You’ll never get it out of your head.” “You’ll sing the words until you are dead.” “Even when you sleep, it plays on repeat.” “It’s so catchy!” “So what? The message is kinda sexist.” “Girls don’t need brain cells, just big ole
seashells.” “Also don’t be fat, but you’ll ignore that” “Cause it’s catchy!” Starring… She Swells Sea Shells White Aladdin Inky Minaj Phish The Closest Thing This Movie Has To A Black
Person Jacked Gandalf and Whining Nemo The Little Waistline This movie would have played out WAY differently
if her top half was a fish instead.

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  1. Plz do Jurassic world

  2. Wait she’s 15? How old is the prince?

  3. Am i the only one who wants a playlist of all the Honest Trailer versions of Disney songs? ?

  4. 3:05 I laughed so hard

  5. Wait, if Ariel is 16, how old was Prince Eric?

  6. "it's so catchy"….OMFG??

  7. Here after harry styles is rumored to play prince Eric ?❤❤

  8. Yes Ariel is 15. But isnt it like a 100 in human years?

  9. Wouldn't Maleficent be the most clearly evil villain in the Disney pantheon?

  10. "A 72 hour time limit to French someone." I'm-

  11. When your also a cinema sinner: a half naked sixteen year old… not fifteen

  12. Wait why does Ariel's lipstick stay on

  13. Villain songs aren't all bad. I never skip Hellfire.

  14. Um, people love Ursula’s song. It’s super fun to sing. In fact, most of my favorite Disney songs are from the villain. Scar’s song from the Lion King? Hello?!

  15. Even if her top half is fish, she would still have traded her voice for a human head, so that wouldn't affect the plot

  16. 3:48 I wonder if Rob Marshall has ever watched this video?

  17. what does '' pork'' mean in this ?

  18. White Aladdin i died xDDD
    New sub!

  19. I love the "Les poissons" song's new version ??

  20. "the fish friends set the mood for you to pork the girl" I died lmao

  21. I thought this was an actual trailer, so clicked on. I was very wrong

  22. Oh god its so funny and so true!

  23. This…. Was…. One… Of the best!!!!

  24. Can you please do Mulan?

  25. the most disrespectful treatment of Poor Unfortunate Souls how could you

  26. The songs had me ??

  27. Sometimes these videos aren't really that fair in their critiques and miss the real message in kids movies. But this one is actually really accurate.

  28. She's 16. She's also a stalker.

  29. 2:13 Excuse me?? Parody or not, you better not be disrespecting Poor Unfortunate Souls!

  30. I actually have a screenshot of 3:30 set as my screen saver because it's really pretty

  31. In the Book she turns into foam.

  32. If a Little Mermaid movie was made today it will be R rated because Mermaids don't have clothes.

  33. 6.66 million, Coincidence? I THINK NOT!

  34. 0:34
    Sorry, I just have to point out the fact that Ariel is 16 not 15

  35. The little mermaid soundtrack is awesome and I can’t believe you’d call poor unfortunate souls boring and bland and part of that world dumb. Also you say that under the sea is sexist then go ahead and be really racist. Plus flounder is cute he’s not a whining Nemo. Flounder came before Nemo was even thought of.


  36. When he said "White Aladdin" I chokes

  37. "pork the girl" bahahhahah

  38. Actually, she's 16.

  39. 1:53 when your period is an exclamation mark

  40. Do Ponyo next. Say, "2+2=5"

  41. Can someone give a link to a full or only version of 'it's so catchy'please?

  42. 3:18 "you'll sing the words until you are dead" super upbeat music WHITE ALADDIN!!!!! omg ROFL

  43. As much as I love your vids and I’m a huge fan I have to say this one has a bad word… thank you for not making Ariel say it! ~from 7 year old Kelsey D. Carson

  44. Am, well, im not the only one who liked the "Catchy Song?"

  45. please do Prince of Eygpt

  46. When you realize Ariel only made things worse for everyone around her, yet she still gets what she wants at the end, for some reason.

  47. This is so helpful for explaining why I really don’t like this movie

  48. B O D Y L A N G U A G E

  49. Ursula is my fave Disney villan.

  50. Whenever I go on the little mermaid ride at Disney World I think of this so this made me laugh at a theme park ride. So true with the Ursula song also the closest thing this movie has to a black person and jacked Gandalf ?

  51. Please do South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut (1999)

  52. 'Killing fish… killing fish!"

  53. "The sea witch ?"
    "No, she's a demon"

  54. I love Ariel ??‍♀️???❤️

  55. And teaches boys that they are not people, merely Mcguffins for the female protagonist. Eric should feel grateful he got a name and a few lines of dialogue. That's more than most princes.

  56. Saw this in middle school for first time and fell in love with Ariel well I just use was really hot.

  57. Um, NO. Ariel is clearly a driven anthropologist, and let’s be honest, the main thing that pushes her to the surface is her Xbox shattering dad.

  58. This is fucking amazing!!! YES YES YES to everything!

  59. i knew Ariel and I had something in common: hoarding.

  60. She didn’t need him to murder her, or for her dad to turn himself into seaweed. She was 16. That made the contract voidable.

  61. Correction: Ariel was 16 in this movie, not 15.

  62. Do an honest trailer for the Princess and the Frog

  63. I need full versions of the parody songs

  64. “And meet Ariel, a half naked 15 year old.”

  65. IT'S SOOOOO TRUE!!!!!!!!

  66. Killing fish is now my new favorite song

  67. Whimsically facist kingdom, loved that may use it for myself

  68. Not to mention that the princes kingdom is along the ocean so their primary food source is probably going to be fish. Which the show has already proven are loving thoughtful and intelligent not to mention aryels friends. Can you imagine what they would serve at the wedding?

  69. 2:25 welcome to real world, where if you slowly go for a kiss and the girl doesn't push you away, it actually means she wants it too.

  70. I was born the next year and I kind a wish I done somethings over again ??‍♀️?????????????

  71. “White Alladin” ???

  72. I know this is a parody… But still the little mermaid is the best animated movie I've ever seen and I'll ever see

  73. Well when its put like that, the plot really does loose its magic … now I cant stop seeing the fish head! My childhood is destroyed! ??

  74. “Go subscribe and tell them sebastian send you” ?✌?

  75. Starring:
    She swells seashells
    White Aladdin
    Hahahah this one got me so hard hahahahaha?

  76. Please do money heist

  77. I LOVED THIS!!! What an art.

  78. Those disney songs remakes are histerical! Love them! You should branch them into their own videos!

  79. Loved it but Ariel is 16

  80. And you forgot: never in the history of theatre has a show started without anyone noticing the absence of the main star. AND Ariel sees a giant magical fork every day, but flips out over the mystery of a plain table fork. AND let's not mention how Flounder moved a giant stone statue into a grotto that didn't even have an entrance that large.

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