Honest Trailers – The Notebook

Honest Trailers – The Notebook

This Valentine’s Day, revisit the film that reminds you that no
matter how much you love each other you’re both gonna grow old and die. The Notebook. From sappy author Nicholas Sparks, comes the
timeless romance that paved the way for millions of people to form unrealistic expectations
of their real-life relationships. Meet Allie, an attractive, wealthy, Southern
Belle who’s biggest problem is that everyone adores her. Meet Noah, a poor country boy who’s entire
family is dead. When these two find each other, he’ll criticize
her for being a pushover, and then constantly tell her what to do. “Get in the water! Get in!” And she’ll abandon him on numerous occasions. Together they’ll be so indecisive, you’ll
wonder why they’re even trying. “I love you.” “I love him!” “I hate you! I hate you!” “I love him!” “Now I hate you!” “I need you to tell him that I love him.” “If you leave here, I hate you.” “Do you guys love each other?” “Look at us: we’re already fighting!” “Well, that’s what we do!” A love. that taught an entire generation of
women, that it’s perfectly okay to string along a sweet, handsome, supportive guy, as
long as you’re able to satisfy your every impulsive desire. A movie so generic, yet inexplicably popular,
it’s basically the Olive Garden of Love Stories. And a romance that will make nagging girlfriends
ask “Why aren’t you more like Ryan Gosling?” Prompting all boyfriends to ask: “Can we
please watch Die Hard? Prepare to relive the bad driving, the violence, the shirtless-ness, the red dresses, the more shirtless-ness, the horrible slurping, and the death of feminism. Starring… Perfection Rachel McAdam’s Apple Newsies Julia Stiles Joseph Stalin Fancy Cyclops James Garnish and…
an old lady The Movie Your Girlfriend Will Make You Watch So wait, he wrote hundreds of letters, but
couldn’t just call her once? Ugh could have saved me 2 hours. Thanks for watching! Be sure to subscribe and be sure to tell us
in the comments below what movie you want to see next. And tell me what words you’d like to hear
me say in my epic movie trailer voice.

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  1. In an early episode of Teen Wolf Jackson (the jock who is Scott’s rival) is outside a DVD rental store and is arguing with his girlfriend about how they will not watch The Notebook. Cut to him inside the store and asking if anyone knows where The Notebook is. (Un)fortunately a werewolf attack follows.

  2. "Joseph Stalin" — Died laughing xD

  3. the best honest trailer:)))) still laughing

  4. The first video when they came up with their own name for the movie

  5. Starting Newsies? Yaaass

  6. I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you! They basically have a lovehate relationship.

  7. Do freeks and geeks

  8. Do daredevil the new one

  9. However good this movie is, it totally downplayed the book..???

  10. lol death to feminism

  11. This is a good movie the only bad thing about this movie is the ending. Whoever was involved in this movie want you to cry at the end.

  12. she should've gone with Marsden (don't at all get the cyclops joke, someone please explain). I watched this movie twice and hated it lol. saw it first because it was popular and then again after I found Gosling attractive years later when I put on Ellen and said who's this hottie in a hooded fleece onesie. watching it the second time I thought Gosling was good looking but found Marsden's character more appealing in every way. a sweetheart who really loved her all the same, and didn't fight with her. some take it as passionate love. stupid movie but it also happens lol

  13. Can you do The Great Gatsby

  14. I am a girlfriend but I never force my boyfriend to watch this. I hate Nickolas Sparks sugary love stories , they are all make me sick. Actually, I choose to not date a guy when I saw he reads these craps. Please save me all of this….

  15. 2 words Forest Gump

  16. I'm a girl and I had an aversion to watching this film before. After watching this trailer, I probably will never see it. LOL!

  17. Ah honest trailers back when it actually seemed like a real trailer

  18. Phone in 194x is just unrealistically expensive!!!!

  19. The ducks are like A BOAAAAT WATCH OUUUT

  20. This was exactly my thoughts when I watched the movie

  21. I am a girl and I hate campy romances like this XD

  22. Joseph stalin… Omg?????

  23. XD the Olive garden of love stories

  24. Venom venom venom
    Do one for venom!!!!!!!!!!

  25. Lol with his entire family…………. dead lol oh my

  26. 2:48 THAT was fanny

  27. Should i be worried?
    No i dont think so.
    And boom! ?

  28. her fiance is so NICE

  29. The Olive Garden of Love Stories. Lol!!

  30. Thank you! Now I never have to watch this movie. Phew! ?

  31. I remember when my girlfriend (I had been dating her for 5 months) made me watch this movie. I got laid that night. I broke up with her the next day. I knew no woman who liked that movie would ever be happy with me, I'm no Ryan Gosling. Took me a few years to find a girl who didn't like that movie. We're still happily together.

  32. It turned out to be a beaitiful love story, but him calling her a pain in the butt, and her hitting him all wasn't nice at all

  33. Have to leave another commit
    "Starring: Perfect Perfection (yeah ?), Newsies (Actually Ryan Gosling reminds me of Christian Bale), Rachel Mcadams Apple, and an Old Lady lol!

  34. 2:43 My girlfriend tried to make me watch it and I said HELL NO! Haven't seen it and won't see it.

  35. She is dumb, unfaithful a phisically abusive. He could do a lot better. Just look at his Ryan Gosling face.

  36. Do Marvel's Daredevil please!

  37. i seen this video pop up in my up next/ auto play so i went to go finally watch it on netflix and literally when i seen her dad i said “GOD DAMN HE LOOKS LIKE JOESPH STALIN” ??

  38. Ahh back when a hmt resembled a trailer

  39. A guy telling his girlfriend "I love you" after she cheated him, a girlfriend telling his boyfriend for his ex after he leaves her.. "she is the one, she is fabulous, you two together give me a reason to live"… HAHAHA ????????

  40. I hated this movie as much as my husband does. I have found my soul mate.

    And I have to ask, with all these people in this film who are amazing actors, did you just need some extra cash at the time, so that’s why you took this acting gig?

    And did anyone else notice that James Garner and Genna Rowlands look NOTHING like Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams? (Both in their size differences and facial dissimilarities) James and Genna are quite large people compared to Ryan and teeny tiny Rachel. Just an observation…..

  41. I’ve never seen this and I don’t won’t to cause I would be the “boyfriend” (I’m a girl) that would rather watch die hard!!

  42. I was forced to watch this i hated it

  43. Do HT for GONE WITH THE WIND!!! Pleaseee!!!

  44. I watched it, and yes I am a girl who likes romantic movies but this is not romantic, she cheats on her fiance, how is that justified in any way?? Hate movies that try to justify cheating by sudden act of love or something?

  45. This 'Narration' is HYSTERICAL!!!!

  46. My boyfriend actually made me watch this..

  47. But my boyfriend made me watch this movie?

  48. I’m a woman and I’d pick Die Hard over this any day ???

  49. I spilled water from my mouth when I saw Stalin.

  50. The death of feminism?
    Fancy Cyclops haha
    An old lady is in every movie
    The Olive Garden Of Love Stories But still the best Nicholas Sparks adaptation

  51. Olive garden of love stories

  52. What is everyone's favorite movie

  53. I made my boyfriend watch this ??????????

  54. I never watched it and NEVER will.

  55. The Olive Garden of love stories! Perfect!

  56. Always thought this movie was stupid. But a walk to remember and the last song was the best!

  57. “The Olive Garden of love stories.” Best line of 2019 so far!

  58. I'm still undecisive as to wheter or not i should watch it before i get an adorable girlfriend who will make me… JK! I'm gonna be single forever! ??????????

  59. Omg, Rachel McAdams Apple. That one killed me.

  60. casually says : Perfection!

  61. PLEASE do a honest trailer of mean girls!!

  62. la la la la la


  63. Bruhhhhh ‘joseph stalin’

  64. “ can we please just watch die hard” awesome

  65. That was the funniest video I have seen in awhile thanks!

  66. Please do The Departed!!!

  67. please please please do “A Walk to Remember”

  68. "Can we please just watch Die Hard?" This. I agree with this.

  69. My narcissist ex made me watch this????

  70. The wrong character got shirtless.

  71. Have anyone in the comment section watched any Bollywood romantic movie you will feel the sane flavor applied here….plz stop it Hollywood lets do a action flim

  72. The Olive Garden of romance!!! hahah!!

  73. This video implies that this movie is sexist ("the death of feminism"). But at the same time it insists that women are stupid creatutes who force their boyfriends to watch this film, while they are clever, educated guys who know, unlike them, good cinema.

  74. Actually my boyfriend made me watch this. So…

  75. I actually hated the notebook

  76. Say

  77. You friggin gangsters! I hate what you did with black panther and the Fault in Our Stars but you are friggin hilarious!

  78. the breakfast club!!!

  79. Never saw this movie…not sad I haven't…I'd rather watch Die Hard ANYDAY!!!!

  80. An old lady…. ??

  81. I admit, I like this movie when I saw it because I like Rowland and Garner. You make be question that decision.

  82. Joseph Stalin was awesome

  83. I literally choke on my food on Rachel McAdams apple. Thank God I didn't die

  84. It was. . .ok. I won't put anyone through it's craziness though.

  85. My girlfriend from long ago made me watch Inuyasha movies. I'd rather watch those again than watch The Notebook.

  86. Nope. I'm down for Die Hard.

  87. Joseph Stalin XDXDXDXDXD

  88. Hey, he used the stylelized text from Drive!!

  89. christ why does the narrator reminds me of fernando martinez from every gta franchise?

  90. I'm warning y'all, be nice. ??

  91. I bet his girlfriend made him watch it

  92. All the bad and stupid things in the movie are not in the book, which was Nicolas Sparks' first before it became a formula. The book is pretty good. They are older when they meet again, more mature throughout, and the sex scenes are realistic yet sexy.

  93. … and an old lady ????

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