Hottest Girl? Japanese voting for their own Miss Universe.

Hottest Girl? Japanese voting for their own Miss Universe.

That is beautiful! Cool beauty. She would look good in backless dresses. Those charming eyes can pierce though people Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese it’s Cathy Cat Now with the Miss Universe elections we were wondering what people on the streets would actually choose, so what do the common person here in Japan prefer and what kind of girl would they vote for if they could. This time we are gonna do our own Miss Universe election and let people on the streets of Japan choose. Let’s go find out which one their favourite is and Ask Japanese. She is cute. The Miss from China. – Why her? I admire the asian beauty type. She has beautiful eyes looking very sharp. Cute lips and pretty hair. I like girls like that. – The Asian Beauty. – I like it. – Black hair? Yes I like Black hair. – But you dyed it brown? – Well personally… I like my hair green. – It’s not green either. – The color came off That girl over here? – Yes. – She is the Miss Turkey. We got one vote for Turkey! – Where is that? You call it “Toruko” in Japanese. – Oh yes. She is beautiful. – Why her? She looks so mature and stylish. I like that one here. – First vote here is for where do you think she is from? – Turkey? – It means Toruko in Japanese. – I see Why did you pick her? – She is different from others. She looks mature but leaves a lasting impression All pictures are well taken… hers too But even though her face is slightly hidden by her hair, her nose looks good They are all beautiful but her nose is well defined. The is pretty. All seems pretty about her. The hair suits her face and she knows it. She knows her best looks. Who will you vote for at the vote? – That girl here. – Miss Poland got a vote. – The way she does her makeup and low lights and highlights. She knows how to use shading. – We are both beauty college students you see. – So that’s what she looks out for. Yeah I do. She is pretty. – She knows her makeup She knows how to do the parts of her face. Like brows and the shape of her chin. Please vote for one. She is pretty. – She is. Miss Namibia. I thought all people in Namibia were dark skinned but she has such pale skin. I think she looks pretty. – What do you think makes her charming then? – Her Teeth. – Teeth? – Pretty teeth. Ah… white teeth? – White teeth. – Pretty You voted for Denmark. Why? She is a looker. Totally my type. – What is your type? – She looks cool and pretty. – She’d suit backless dresses You vote for her? – Yes. – A vote for Namibia! Another point. – Her smile is so cute. – And else? Her skin tone. She has a pretty face. I like her. – One vote for Miss Mexico. Her eyes and nose look so defined. What a beauty. What is your foreign girl type then? – Honestly… I don’t like foreign girls. So this is tough … for me to vote. – The first one to vote for Laos. Why did you pick Miss Laos. – She is dazzling. What makes her so dazzling. – She looks so sexy Any man would be struck by her beauty. – What else makes her charming? Simply her lips – Why? She looks like she’s a good kisser. I wanna offer my lips to her. You like the Asian Beauty type. – I do. I prefer that to European girls. – What makes an Asian Beauty so hot? Asian girls can change their looks with makeup better And they can change their looks that way. It’s easier for them to look sexy in a way. I like sexy girls. – Changing with makeup I think asian girls can do that more than others. That’s why I prefer that. – I am totally into her. Puerto Rico. Why her? – She’s totally my type. What makes her your type. – She has blonde long hair. She is so hot. The shape of her and all. All of it. – So that’s your type dude She looks a little girly. – Yes a mature girly Also cool beauty. – You know Victoria’s Secret would suit her. This girl here? Bolivia got a vote. – I like the way she looks I got drawn into her eyes. – Big eyes! She has eyes that draw people in. Here. – That one. – One vote for Miss Nepal All parts of her face are my type and her big eyes and nose. And then her nose So slim. I like it. Also she is showing her forehead I like that. – You like girls foreheads. – I do. Go ahead. So Mexico…. Why her? The picture already looks super sexy Miss Mexico. – I like her eyes too. Very attractive That’s my type Her! – Her? Miss Laos! Why did you pick her? – When I saw her at first I just thought her eyes, brows, mouth and nose are all perfect Her face suits makeup and looks similar to Japanese She looks similar to Japanese girls. – An Asian beauty? She doesn’t look to foreign. Easy to look at. – Nose not too tall. I feel closer to her than to others. – A beautiful closeness. She doesn’t look like us at all though. Shall we… – This one is pretty. She has everything that I don’t have – The girl from Puerto Rico She has everything you don’t have? – The distance between eyes and brows tall nose and shaped lips, pale skin. All of it. She is so pretty. She is the epitome of “foreigner girl” – You foreigner image? She is 100%. I wish I could be reborn with her face. She looks like she wears blue underwear. – Why blue underwear? Girls with pale skin suit colors like that. Instead of red they look good with blue colors and such. Dark things would look good on her. I hope she wears that. Those were all our questions. Thank you so much. Beauty is a difficult topic I think generally beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Little things like a cute dimple on the side, the way someone pushes up their glasses or maybe crooked teeth that look a little like vampire teeth, things like that, freckles all these things they are absolutely beautiful and add to character. What makes a woman beautiful in your opinion, let us know in the comments down below. Looking forward to finding out more about that, Also if you haven’t been with us yet we interview people here in Japan on the streets very frequently. If you’d like to find out more about life in Japan, Japanese culture please be sure to hit that subscribe button and tick the notification bell so you don’t miss it when we sent out videos. We upload frequently, several videos a week so there is always something to know about, always something to watch. If you’ve been with us don’t forget to give us a big like. Also here is a big shout out to our members who have been supporting us. We create extra content for our members too. Special pictures and similar. If you are curious about that see how you can join in. We have several tiers set out for you. Thank you very much for watching and I catch you soon for more content here coming from Tokyo out to you, no matter where in the world you are. Catch you soon bye. Oh mentioning that, since we are at Miss Universe! I got an Instagram!!!! Follow please. hehe.

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    I’m a man across the pond, in the Melting Pot States, but the most I’ll mention is that I like the soft, gentle face of some Japanese women, I also like long, black hair (but I prefer it natural), but I most like petite girls/women. Petite with long natural hair, very much like yourself, Kitty. ?

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