House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Evidence Hearing

House Judiciary Committee Impeachment Inquiry Evidence Hearing

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  1. you know what really pisses me off how friendly they are with one another, like as soon as the mike is off and they're on break some of the most vicious dems start chatting it up and laughing with the Repubs. and no one bats an eye, i wouldn't be able to look them in they're black beady eyes without wanting to gouge them out. Treacherous scums. why are they so "friendly" off camera.. wtf. 20:23 and 20:44 i want to fucking throw up.

  2. Im assuming they are stacking testimonies on top of testimonies to sway some votes in the senate. Trump did it, and needs some consequences. I hope the gop sufferers consequences in the 2020 with their sad behavior during these hearings.

  3. Linda who called in says they need to be passing bills and not tryin to impeach, well sunshine when Congress sends bills to the Senate Mitch won't bring the shit to the floor for a vote, so stop repeating them stale ass Talking Points!

  4. Trump is making everybody mental…Republican Party Chair should take pride and has to take a decision issuing order to Trump to get down from office and Republicans to gain lost respect from electorate in making Mike Pence as President for the remaining year. It is purely Trump vs Constitution and Tea Party vs Constitution nothing on Republican party and Democratic party. Trump is acting like karunanidhi of Tamilnadu in making political blunders and bring his family members to interfere in Government…High Time to make retire and make him feel House is not Tower…!


  6. Nadler the nut haha these demorats are so dumb wait till it goes to the Senate and the WH calls for the Bidens to testify and watch the dems squirm like a worm on Trump's hook

  7. Why do the Republicans say Burke is unreconized and not part of the committee?

  8. Audio begins at 23:26

  9. TRUMP shouldn't only be impeached but send to jail after all!


  11. Why are the lawyers witnesses? Just bring this to court already.

  12. I'm still waiting to have something besides individual opinions of what Trump's motivations were. Even Goldman at 4:27 Ms. Hill was not aware at the time of Trump's motivation, but later (during the investigation) it all came together for her. Hindsight may be 20/20 but that is not evidence. A logical conclusion may or may not be logical to all, but that is not evidence either.

  13. An innocent man has nothing to hide. A guilty man has everything to hide. If the president were innocent, as his stooges are claiming, why doesn't he allow his Chief of Staff and his Secretary of State to testify before Congress? If the president is truly devoid of foreign influence, why doesn't he release his taxes? Regardless of what position we have on the political spectrum, we must admit that the president is not behaving like an innocent man. No, he is acting more like a typical prison inmate; denying his guilt, blaming the judge, blaming his lawyer and blaming the prosecutor. Regardless of what comes out of this battle, the president will never be vindicated. He might escape impeachment, but he will not escape history.

  14. Democrats will vote to impeach the President, then (if I recall my civics class correctly) the impeachment will be moved to the house of senate where majority is Republican. Nothing will change for the President, right?

  15. The behavior of the GOP representatives is embarrassing because I used to be a staunch Republican. I believed in the party. But now, these clowns are carrying on like middle school kids upset about losing a football game. Instead of focusing on the evidence, or lack of it, they are attacking the process. Grow up, guys. You're embarrassing!

  16. Is not Obstruction of Congress a high crime? I would think it surely is one, Congress is not exactly a municipal council to be fraught with zoning disputes and shady developer permits and such.

  17. As a Diplomatic Partner of USA……..Following the NATO embarrassment …….I pray the Republicans can see the imperative of the removal of Donald Trump ????????

  18. Doug Collins, the most disgusting thing is that you take us all as fools. You are not fit for office, sir. Neither are your accomplices. Traitors.

  19. CSPAN congrats on the views !!!!

  20. Somebody should tell Collins that raising his voice and using a tone of indignation is not a defense to the charges.

  21. They act like petty children

  22. Amazing how the GOP representatives are so upset about the lack of key witnesses. I must agree. There is a lack of key witnesses because the president has stopped them from testifying. Its called obstruction. Get it?

  23. Republican advisor: 'So how many times do you want to disturb the impeachment hearing?'

    Republicans: Yes!

  24. I am amazed that this is accepted by the American people. Such an absolute waste of time and taxpayers money for political gain by the democrats. they should be hauled before the courts for wilful abuse of power

  25. It Wouldn't Matter If Bugs Bunny Was The President………………… The Issue Is The Attack On The Constitution By The President Of The United States And A Band Of Wannabes Who Want To Keep Power………

  26. Goldman looks like he's aged about 5 years, since the last hearing he appeared on. (A few weeks ago)
    Stress and negativity literally eat a person from the inside out.
    This whole circus is unnecessary and a waste of time and energy for all those that must participate (and/or watch).
    These politicians should be busy doing their job for the people… Instead of leading these endless, trivial hearings just to repeat what was publicly released in a transcript months ago…
    I'd say this whole thing is silly.. however, that would be an understatement.

  27. Representative Debbie Lesko's phony, pandering platitudes remind me of why I left the Republican party and became an Independent.

  28. The Socialist Democrats Motto is “find the man and we will find his crime.”
    This is a kangaroo court. These Socialist Democrats are not just the laughing stock of America, but the laughing stock of the world!
    The Socialist Democrats love to quote The Constitution, except when they are trying to destroy it!!!!
    Just pathetic!

  29. The facts speak volumes, impeachment should be carried out and is necessary.

  30. Is Steve Castor and Ashley Callen are enacting a play or drama they have already rehearsed….it clearly shows like an enacted drama…! Good Humor…!


  32. This is a sad and pathetic performance by the republicans … it’s almost disturbing how transparent their nefarious motivations and agenda is … do they really believe the American ppl are that clueless … it speaks to their view of Americans generally … they look down on us … it is a huge lapse in judgement on the part of the republicans … it makes their low opinion of the American ppl so blatantly apparent

    God Bless you all.

  33. The transcript and witnesses are evidence enough to impeach him yes indeed.

  34. Bribery is an impeachable offense and also a felony crime.

  35. we look like a bunch of scumbags abroad,
    thanks to the architects of the " unfair " impeachment farce…it's an undisputed fact, telling people that we are the last hope of democracy in the world is totally flawed at present time !

  36. So he finna get impeached or what?

  37. The Nazi coup: LIVE!!! Remove the imposter!!!

  38. this is what we get for loosing the fucking house well done America house fucking cancerous left. 1:24:13

  39. It’s always the process the republican politicians attack .. they have no defense for the president … and what little they have is irrelevant and minimal at best … they cant justify his actions … they all know what the president did was wrong and is wrong… so they just keep on trying to interrupt the process and attack the process … it fools no one.

  40. I like how most of the repub speaker defense is all on speculation of the dems thought process is.

  41. WOW, they even hired a very loud protester, trump's Republican Stooge Party is so desperate!!!

  42. I think we need to set out a missing persons report for Adam Schiff before Clinton gets to him

  43. Public needs much, like, not die, because of payment possibilities.

  44. the ones on the call said no pressure no quid pro………what part of that don't people understand? the main media is owned by a handful of corporations. what a brilliant way to make you believe anything they want you to or not to………we know killary, obozo etc are guilty as sin among others against trump including the main media……gee why is that? because he is trying to drain the swamp of corrutption, pedo, human trafficking, pay for play, gun/drug running…….and they don't want him to put them in prison or gallows. now do ya see whats going on?

  45. So. Nunes is involved, and their mad they found out? They had the order wrong too. They don't have a list of numbers of random people who shouldn't be involved that they cross reference. They have the phone logs of the subpoenaed number, and find out who's phone they talked to. They weren't looking to get Nunes. Nunes just got caught.

    The fact he's involved while also being the minority leader in the questioning needs to be followed up on.

  46. I’d like to correct the record. The Mueller Report did NOT fall on its back. It pointed to a path to the Impeachment. Republicans are ALL guilty of crimes against the people.

  47. Collins is impressive ! Go Doug Go!

  48. 7:39:03 Matt Gaetz is committing a textbook Ad Hominem Fallacy. He gave ZERO defense of the president. His entire soliloquy was a waste of time!

  49. Dough Collins is for sure a hillbilly. Hahahahahahaha! I cannot STAND to hear him speak. Ughhhh!

  50. Who voted in Matt Gaetz?? Lol

  51. Did 450+ people who commented actually watch this 10 hour video?

  52. Collins is not being honest with himself. He is overlooking the evidence.

  53. Rep Doug Collins likes to make up fantasies about the truth and the facts and he thinks ppl buy it …. he is commiserating to an audience of one [himself]…. he is a perfect example of what a professional victim looks like #dougcollinstruth

    No disrespect intended.
    [kind of like how the president said “no quid pro quo” … so it’s all good right]

  54. The Penguin is at it again!

  55. The fact that none of the Republicans can see the facts and be worried is a good thing they are only the Minority because if they were a Majority this would have been brushed under the rug and also been complicit in undermining our democracy. Each Republican up there trying to make a farce of this is a traitor to the American people and History will show this. The sad thing is they don't see this and they will always be branded traitors and their family will have to carry this stigma for the rest of History.

  56. I remember Lucy and her husband on holiday. Lucy wanted to talk to hotel clerk, it was that guy. Lucy wanted to see manager, it was that same guy. Lucy wanted to see sheriff, it was the same guy. As soon I saw this Lucy style in Democratic, I laughed. Why not get different person instead of the same person did many functions. Minute earlier, he was a witness. Minute later, he was counsel. That is ridiculous.

  57. The SHAM: Ordering witness that may turn, not to testify. Guilty as hell by association and MORE! Impeach and remove this twisted, mad man!

  58. This is only a partisan process because one side doesn’t want to address the facts and oaths.

  59. 8:02:18 The Republicans keep talking about how the Democrats wanted to start impeachment hearings long ago…. ya that’s because Trump committed impeachable offenses long ago… this isn’t new. They just decided this was the one worth pursuing. So Rep Biggs, your point is mute!

  60. These moron democrats rely 100% on personal opinion, assumption, and presumption. They have no factual case.

  61. All the things guy resch listed that trump did I don’t give a fuck about the Democratic Party has way more to offer then those sky daddy believing nut cases and not to mention dude dodges the statement.
    Impeach see ya

  62. Republicans never have any real evidence for shit I mean they really believe in a sky magician their roots are based on fairy tales

  63. Trump never carried the image of an American President and gave the door to mocking American intelligence in all levels globally. He disrespected the white house as if our laws hold no ground. They allow those who participate in our government to obstruct and laugh at our founding fathers! If we cant get our government as is then America is one step from being a second world country.. Hold your children close America

  64. The conservatives are scared and I love it ?

  65. Impeach baby!!! Hahahah seeeee yaaaaaaaaaa

  66. I noticed a commercial in this video. Means it's monetized and generating money from YouTube. I wonder where the money gets spent? How about little robots that the public can remotely use to listen in on things we find interesting? During the breaks would be a perfect time for the use of them. ?

  67. I'd consider voting for Swalwell if he ran again. Bernie 2020. One Love.

  68. All I wanna know is, who actually spent 10 hours watching this?

  69. Clinton was impeached for lying about sex. I stand with the people of the State Department, they have an inside view and they seemed pissed.

  70. Trump is Not Obstructing, as an Equal to Congress he is challenging Democrats through the Court System. He's Well within his Rights to Do So. Democrats Calling This Obstruction is Dishonest! We have 3 EQUAL Branches of government including the Judiciary!

  71. Andy Biggs I would of respected you smh

  72. I’m a teenager and this stuff doesn’t mean much to me yet. i’ve always been interested in this case still. i’m just wondering why we can’t wait another year so the people can vote again. If trump wins his second election i want this put behind us. if people move on it would be the best. All this stuff doesn’t look good to anyone in any country. if anyone looks slightly into our politics it’s just laughable at this point. We are all better than this. he was voted in idc what you think he is there to stay

  73. 8:30:10 Rep. Guy is committing a textbook Red Herring Fallacy (or Ignorantio Elenchi, Irrelevant Conclusion Fallacy) here. Called this after the fish used to try to get bloodhounds to get off track when they would look for a criminal. Notice how he’s sidestepping ANYTHING that has to do with this case and focusing on a completely different topic.
    If I was caught by the police speeding, would it matter that I have saved a little girl from drowning a year before?? No, not in the least! I broke the law, one has nothing to do with the other.

  74. Infowars reporter Owen Shroyer getting kicked out of the room made this whole video lmao.

  75. The Democrats are ROYALLY fucked. This party needs to be disbanded and reformed come 2024 what an embarrassing scene of bullshit, lies and hatred towards Donald Trump. GET FUCKED DNC

  76. Why were they worried about leaks if the call was perfect??

  77. Nice moves Rep Lieu! Some of these congresspeople are such super stars.

  78. Haha. Awarding positions to people that can influence decisions with no experience is corruption….. Jared???

  79. I'll change my opinion about impeachment if anyone can explain – How getting Ukraine to investigate Burisma and Biden's push to fire the investigator could possibly do more damage to Biden than these hearing or for that matter statements made by Guiliani in the press before any of this started. If Ukraine investigating was for political gain for Trump, these hearings are too.

  80. Can we as people stop I love Republicans, Democratsare crap. I love Democrats, Republicans are crap. And just instead focus on what the candidate has to offer and what America NEEDS.
    It needs more love and Trump isn't it! Theres global warming going on and it needs taken care of. I'd like to die from old age vs dying from lack of resources and not getting the medical help I need cause my insurance doesnt cover this or that that I need!!! I want my kids and grandchildren to live in a sustainable environment. There are so many other bigger issues than just loving Trump for his luscious locks, does he have any plans on fixing these bigger issues??

  81. Oh Debbie, she's hangin' onto those talking points like a detached life ring.

  82. If Trump wants to clear himself of any wrong doing, then why won't he testify before congress etc. People, it is because he is guilty, and he doesn't know how to speak intelligently. He is afraid that he may put his foot in his mouth. The dumbest president in history!

  83. Best ever Go Texas Rep Louie Gohmert 6:47…Texas is on FIRE 7:21 Rep John Ratcliffe


  85. High five Rep Pramila! Evergreen State of Mind!

  86. 24:11 INFOWARS.COM

  87. When's Bidens hearing for corruption as VP?

  88. I will give these Republicans credit for one thing, they are experts at ignoring facts. The fact is, from Mueller's report, he listed ten different things trump had done that he could be indicted on once he is out of office. I should have been there to help the Democratic congress to be as nasty and lying as the Republicans are!! They are great at ignoring facts, the fact is their is no defense of this rogue president. There is no way, a young, vulnerable, new president, like Voldmyr Zelensky is going against trump, who has intimidated him, to say, "trump did all these things!!" Ukraine is dependent on trump and Zelensky, while trying not to do what trump wanted him to do, doesn't want to come up against trump, in any outright confrontation with him, which is so damned nasty of trump, he deserves worse than impeachment!!! There is no question in every way, trump has proved he is pro-Putin, he has to be, Putin put him in the White House for a reason!!! The Democrats are exactly right, trump has conducted himself, in this investigation, once again, one he brought on himself, just like he did, Mueller's, exactly like he did in that investigation, it is his M.O.!! I think the Democrats have absolutely no choice but to impeach trump. I for one, would be very angry if they let trump get away with all the crimes he's committed and worst of all for being Putin's asset, and has been doing his bidding, but this time, he got caught in the act!!!

  89. If the Bidens are not guilty of anything then let the WORLD investigate them. Trump has been investigated with no problem, but for some reason the Bidens are off limits. An investigation is NOT cheating, Obama did it for Clinton. They have done it to trump for 3 years and still doing it. How hypocritical. Because Biden is running for president he is not a criminal and the president cannot find out if he is or is not. What planet are they from??

  90. I cannot wait to watch Steve Castor's facial expressions on SNL this Saturday! lololol And, Collins is not going to like his SNL character either. What a dumbass

  91. Republicans are like public Defender. All they say is its a hokes joke witch hunt. But they have yet to say that the testimony of others are LIES!!! They have yet to dispute the facts.. Only to say the same thing that's no defense.

  92. On point Rep Neguse! BERNIE 2020! <3

  93. Do you ever try to do a crime in front of a Police officer?

    So why do you think Trump tried to do a crime with the FBI And the justice department on the call?

    Do you think Trump is so stupid?

  94. Re-elect Trump 2020

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