How a Cricket Match Going Live on TV ??

How a Cricket Match Going Live on TV  ??

Hello, This is Shaunit Nishant and Welcome to the another fresh episode of My Talkies Tech Discussion Today, In this video we are talking about When A Live Match is Starting How Actually the Live Cricket Match is Recorded And Actually how can u get the Instant view How can You able to watch live footage during match and with a best video editing quality you watch the videos So, In this Video we are talking about that But Before starting the video Firstly I want to request Pls Comment your feedback after watching this video You Like this video or not And Before watching this video, you know about this topic or not? If You like the video, pls hit the like button and for watching this type of videos Please do subscribe my channel So, without wasting any time let us quickly talk about the topic Channel Music Friends, When Live video Recorded There are many camera set uped there Due to that the quality of the video is very crisp and clear Directors of the match play a important role they use the technology Camera which is use in a Live match There are two or three types of cameras are using One is Super Slow Motion Camera Which records slow motion videos There are 20-25 super slow motion cameras are setuped In a Match Superslow motion cameraman concentrate on Every Ball On Every Moment And On Every point of the field And director use that footages and sync the footage and produce a result Which we saw Second Camera which is RF camera RF Camera is Basically used to shoot the reaction of the crowd When You Watching Your TV You see that when a camera come near crowd they cheer But Today I tell you a interesting fact Actually sometime they cheer But Most Of the Time RF Camera Men Request them to cheer For Interesting Video Footages Third camera which is using during the match is That camera is drone camera Drone camera is used to Shoot the Speed of Ball Which ball is six, which ball is Four The camera target the ball with the help of sensors This all due to the artificial intelligence Due to this when you watching the video you know the actual height of six, or distance of six This is completely a automatic system Due to that camera is capable to capture that moment Now a another camera is also now a days using That camera is fixed on umpires hat But this camera is not use to show you the live footage This camera is used to monitor The Cricketer activity Is he out or not For this third umpire use this camera This Camera is not used for production Now if we talk about sound You hear a sound when wicket is out or a cricketer is stumped Now a days mics are palced in the wicket and that mic is wireless and which is directly connected with Production room In a Cricket match Most of the Cameras are Super Slow motion Cameras Almost 25 Super slow motion camera is used in a match and camera man have to concentrate on every ball Because if they miss one single ball We are not able to view that moment They follow every single ball They follow every single player They follow every geographical location of the field They follow point and point of the field and thats why we get that much good video quality Drone Camera, RF Camera and Superslow motion camera These all cameras are connected through wire with server Room Means the room of production department in which directors are monitoring are connected and they get all the footages they also have stock footages Sometimes may be you notices] During a live match when a commentetor says that about a past match instantly director play that old footage And now you thinking about night matches How you get that much nice quality even in night firstly due to high quality cameras Plus Lights which are using Light Name is Flood Light This is So powerful light Intensity of such lights are very high Thats why even in night you get the so, if we overall talk about Live Telecast of the match This is the overall effort of cameraman and the combine effort of so many peoples you get the crisp and clear video quality and you enjoy it So, thats it for now I just hope you like this clip and now you understand how a match is going live I hope you like this clip Pls tell me in comment, is you know anything about that before watching this video If you like the video Please hit the like button and if you still not yet subscribed our channel Pls do subscribe our channel Because I post everyday such type of amazing videos which is related to the technology See u in my next video, till that time goo bye

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