How do you describe this?(18) (Vocabulary Building) [ ForB English Lesson ]

How do you describe this?(18) (Vocabulary Building) [ ForB English Lesson ]

Hi everyone. Welcome back to ForB English. I’m Gabriella and in this video, you are going
to describe what is happening. Let’s take a look. So could you guess what he is doing in this video? How would you describe this? Well, he is tying his shoelaces. Now, tying just means kind of putting in a knot. Usually, you put a knot in the shoelace. It could be a pair of business shoes if it
has shoelaces. So the action is to tie one’s shoelaces. So you would say he is tying his shoelaces or if it were a woman, she is tying her shoelaces. So let’s practice this phrase together now. Please repeat after me. He’s tying his shoelaces. He’s tying his shoelaces. Excellent. Great job. Well done. Keep practicing. I’m Gabriella and this is ForB English. Please like, share or subscribe. See you next time.

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  1. Hi everyone! Tell us if you could describe the situation.?
    1. Described it correctly? 2. Almost the same? 3. Completely different ? 4. Couldn't describe anything?

  2. mam please make some winter season sentences

  3. Thanks so much Gabriela for this video ?

  4. Thank you for your efforts. It’s pretty easy.

  5. Hi, Gabriela,
    I got it at 2.

  6. Hi lovely teacher how are you?

  7. Thank you Madam it"s really useful for me.

  8. it is really helpful keep going

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