How Football Conquered Japan – The Real International Break: Asia

How Football Conquered Japan – The Real International Break: Asia

six months ago we got excited for another international break the same open plates that are falling in so we took you with the ultras of Bosnia and Montenegro to show you what the international break really looks like many of you saw the line thank you still work to do so we took you ten thousand dollars west amongst the color and energy of North and Central America so once again show you what the real international break looks like what have you got aboard but it seems like some of you still don’t get it so now two months later fourteen as one was back eight has 60 matches I played across five continents in six days where brought you to the world’s biggest continent with football’s fastest growing community weather way of life is nothing like the last destination [Music] [Music] and so we begin our Asian journey here in Tokyo Japan going to the continents biggest most popular most successful nation samurai blue who whenever they play here for walk up qualifiers have an incredible effect World Cup qualifiers always for Japan are extremely important five hundred thousand people try to pass the ticket to dude you can’t imagine the support for this national team however despite the mammoth effect this sport and in particular Vista national team has had on Japan you only have to go back a couple of decades to see a very very different sporting landscape in the late 80s Japan had barely any spectators at football games baseball arranged supreme to have all the media attention and all the coverage had everyone following their teams it was part of culture baseball was a number one it was my opposer or my grandfather and everyone was like what’s you know what see the game of the baseball so baseball is a reflection of a common way of life in Japan it’s about being in that company and giving all your best in Europe and in South America you have clubs that are based in city is in town munities and they represent those communities whereas japan all the teams are company owns so for example Yomiuri Giants is owned by the yummy-yummy company that’s an inherent part of Japanese culture that doesn’t really translate at West the working life in Japan is all about one company one one life so you are dedicated to that company people would associate themselves with a company I am Chris from Toyota I am Chris from Nissen put on the same black suit with white shirt and the tie briefcase to everything you work hard we have to be at the office at nine o’clock which really means 8:50 you’re getting on the train during rush hour and that’s just a nightmare look at the crowd at a baseball game it’s all white shirts and loose ties because everyone do those two these games coming out off the workday with baseball so intertwined with corporate culture the JSL Japan’s league at the time which is amateur never really had a chance you had the JSL the Japan Soccer League which was struggling for spectators the quality of play was average at best it wasn’t big enough to capture the mainstream attention and if the domestic scene was in a bad shape the international scene was far worse Japan had to struggle to get friendlies with Malaysian Thailand the national team couldn’t even really make the World Cup they’ve tried as hard as they could they could never get there it seemed like football in Japan will forever play little brother to baseball however four years later it changed thanks to a trio of events that created the perfect storm so in 1993 perfect storm for Japanese football happens want to think of where Japanese football was then it would have been massive firstly a man by the name of ton boy introduced his technical teaching program across the country I was the first foreigner to ever step on the pitch air got out of playing I fell in love with Japan I wanted to stay here it probably one of the best places in the world to serve this there’s the safety the food is unbelievable I saw that there was an opening because you know kids needed to be better technically it was in magazines he was on daily TV shows he basically transformed grassroots coaching in Japan I introduced the concept of focusing on technical skills okay with these technical teaching he created a factory line of technically superior Japanese football players had he known that Kagawa was actually and from my events until he told the story to someone else secondly GFI launches their bid for the 2002 World Cup Japan threw their hat in the ring to become the World Cup hosts and the country was just going crazy thirdly the j-league starts in 1993 the enthusiasm the amount of media coverage they basically wanted to try to promote the teams to try to move away from that corporate identity and jaylee came out and said well you can’t do this company name thing you have to take a hometown you have to pick a home region and you have to run with it nissan becomes Yokohama F Marinos Tokyo Gas FC it becomes FC Tokyo and that was actually a key to the success of the league wasn’t it absolutely because you had that growth of hometown pride first match of the j-league started more than 300,000 people try to apply for tickets [Applause] projector however the sports still faced one last obstacle on the international scene with a national team that still never made a world cup we never be on the world cup it was issued shaked gliding this new wave of football support after the perfect storm the samurai blue had the chance to read this international issue with the USA 94 World Cup qualifiers in a round-robin qualifying tournament held in Doha Qatar where two out of six spots got to make the World Cup this was Japan’s best chance at finally making the tournament instead it became the agony of Doha was brutal they were just one game away most traumatic football game for all Japanese football fans just one goal that cost them everything going into the game Japan was top Saudi Arabia was second and every day I was at a friend’s place I had a bottle of champagne so Japan was fine as long as South Korea and Saudi Arabia did what they did so Japan had to win they were and I was on the phone calling the general secretary of the US Soccer Association until hauling him to say were coming and it kinda liked that goal this guard the Secretary’s getting him and I just hung the phone up Iraq equalized in the final minute which saw Japan top the third meaning their dream of a first-ever World Cup was put on hold for at least another four years and the manner of the result was so traumatic that if you say the word door hard to the Japanese still today you know like sticking a knife inside you know he couldn’t go to this school or to fast forward four years and the good news was Japan had won the right to host the World Cup alongside South Korea the bad news was while South Korea had made the last few World Cups Japan still had never made one and if they didn’t qualify for France 98 by 2002 that’d be the first team to host a tournament without ever actually qualifying for one so in 1997 Japan had to qualify for the France 98 welcome but I could support I’ve been the integral key to the success of the rise of the daily I’ve on the international scene the national team despite a new following couldn’t create the same kind of atmosphere until his shaking head kid from Tokyo decided he was going to change that the one you’re not special but never wholly not well it always decision I mean now I’m either stuck on yet it will exactly don’t study the oh come on Monica said oh my god the pony England neon talked about Madonna suck communica took images in constant support facility culture distance a culture icons knocked out two Korean I sub Carson California considering that’s in the car no our unit of the kingdom so much Cara who talked about quite speedy undertow in the study record did there Cara yeah namaha Brutus in show them can up there Japan got off to a promising start but once again chopped off and ended up in the playoff spot against Iran Malaysian you could tu comida mexicana each one new Jean Isola nor upon them again what they’re in ordinary cuts the edge of night given all support a little bit it’s a crazy match to parents for Iran’s for Japan get ahead and in Iran equalize the Japanese fans in the stadium could not believe it like they didn’t want a repeat of what happened in to her was until you pretty or instead we now assume also that it was their star jam identified Sonya Kazuto you won’t understand then in 118-minute keeper Perry’s to his left O’Connor comes rushing in it’s just like the agony of Doha four years earlier the match was decided by a goal in the final minutes this time the result for the first time ever Japan we going to work which changed the sport in the Land of the Rising Sun forever the tempo just got dialed up ten times more you know because just footballs everywhere but if you think 98 had an incredible effect we imagined four years later when they hosted the doorman the World Cup is about who was the tournament that built the modern foundations of that tournament I changed the whole Japanese like embed today’s just like every single day it was just non-stop during Japan games classes were stopped work was stopped the whole country stood to a standstill it was just like a dream come true for everybody it gave Japan a chance to really showcase the culture who was just a huge thing going on it there were thousands of fans all lined up on the streets from the moment their bus left the hotel going absolutely all leading to today when this national team has become Japan’s proudest and biggest representation to the world or anyone what they needed to your cities and alongside the national team’s astronomical rice ultra zipper which started as a small gathering 92 had to go through this incredible army that leads the nation support every walk up qualified well and yeah well support their Milkha walk I don’t want what doesn’t like to just forget on e ma la tormenta de sorcière more you don’t know don’t report doesn’t at the ridiculous college entrance John you’re a gemologist Oh Armand I get on furthermore I’m young for you new products intuitive but even more notable than also Nippon is how international football international team here have captured the hearts of a nation with so much else on offer Japanese are youth whose their subcultures and into their hobbies after a day of work you can do it [Music] [Music] blessed like all the concerts young angry but as impressive as samurai blue support is coming Japan ultras and their families in their elderly and their kids and amongst all their subcultures above all else there’s one demographic that’s arguably at the heart of it all girls cows in Japan is buried bad all the girls are wearing it’s amazing [Music] more than a thank you on market at the moment at the Father’s right there – yeah vagina your video no one meant that it really meant I was in Japan we play good as like a boy ring paralyzed cheer louder a boy polyfill we love football [Music] here’s where things get tricky because usually on the rule international break we joined the home side but this time the away side Australia that’s my side the team I love and adore the most in football and it actually kind of full circle being here because I came here exactly four years ago it was the penultimate game we needed a point to make sure we go direct to the World Cup in a void a very tricky playoff and to be back well I can’t lie unlike usual I’m going to be away and then you’re going into the home and after the first time again be kept a-looking various experiences of Asia’s biggest qualifier [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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