How Good Are Your Eyes? – 92% fail

How Good Are Your Eyes? – 92% fail

How good is your eyesight? Let’s find out… In this test, there will be 4 stages. Each stage will be harder than the last. Stage 1 will be easy, but only 8% of people can conquer stage 4. For each question, you’ll be shown ten colours, and only ONE will be different from the others. To pass each stage, you must be able to answer which colour is different to the other nine colours. If you get any question wrong, you fail that stage. Let’s get into it! Stage 1. Easy, right? 97% of people pass stage 1. Now let’s make it a bit harder… Stage 2. Did you make it through? Only 55% make it through stage 2. If you made it through stage 2, your eyesight is average and healthy! Now it’s going to get even tougher… Stage 3. Wow, that was tough… Only 30% make it through stage 3. If you made it through stage 3, you have incredible eyesight! If you can make it through stage 4, you probably have superhuman levels of eyesight! Are you ready for this…? Stage 4. So, how did you do? Did you manage to defeat stage 4? If you did manage to pass each stage without getting a question wrong, you have unbelievably good eyes! It means that you are able to notice contrasts that 92% of people cannot even see! Leave a comment down below telling us which stage you failed on – or that you managed to pass the entire test! And make sure you subscribe to the channel for regular tests and other videos just like this!

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  1. How did you guys do? More uploads are on the way this year!

  2. Meanwhile me watching with glasses

  3. I passed all the stages

  4. Failed on stage 4 but all the others all correct.

  5. stage 1 good stage 2 incredible stage 3 excellent stage 4 3 wrong 2 right

  6. Is it fooling us ?

  7. I only got two wrong on stage 4

  8. lmao I got stage 4 and all the other ones super easy look closely that's it

  9. Stage 1 up to stage 3 perfect.
    Stage 4 only 2 correct, image no. 2 and image no. 4

  10. I am very proud of myself because
    with my 70 years I passed level 3 without my reading glasses.

  11. Were was the hard part???

  12. Stage 1 — Perfect
    Stage 2 — Perfect
    Stage 3 — Perfect
    Stage 4 — 1 incorrect

  13. Only failed stage 4 it was too hard.

  14. This was a color blind test, nothing more.

  15. first one in stage 3, 1 and 2 were different.

  16. I passed every stage but I didn't pass stage 4 I only got 1 wrong and btw fun fact about me I have not so good eye sight when I read from far away but colors are easy for me

  17. i made it passed 3 stages

  18. Stages 1,2,3,perfectly gd. Stage 4,got zero

  19. I am a kid so I could easily get questions right

  20. I had a perfect score

  21. OMG so easy but #4 is like IMPOSSIBLE!!!!!

  22. Stage 1 — Perfect

    Stage 2 — Perfect

    Stage 3 — Perfect

    Stage 4 — 2 incorrect

    in green and yellow

  23. i only got 3 right at stage 4

  24. I got all of them!!!!(surprisingly)

  25. I did it I didn't fail at all

  26. I failed stage 4 only twice

  27. 4 stage failed in two questions

  28. I passed everything except two of them on stage 4!

  29. I passed stage 4 on the 2nD try?

  30. I passed 3 stages and passed 2 questions of the 4 stage????

  31. stage 4 is reaLLY HARD

  32. Honestly I could see every stage 4 color exept for 1

  33. at least i have incredible eyesight.

  34. I got all the stage right:)

  35. I passed 1,2 & 3 stages and got 3 wrong ones in stage 4.

  36. Missed two in stage 4

  37. I did all the stages,
    It's normal ?
    Im myopic….??

  38. I passed stage 3 I got one wrong on stage 4

  39. I got all of them correct

  40. I made it all the way through the 3rd stage.

  41. Only 2 wrong at stage 4
    green 7
    blue 2

  42. I made it through stage 4

  43. Made it through stage 3 missed 2 on stage 4 ,and I thought I had bad eyesight !

  44. This is a very very stupid video but at least I got them all correct ( Almost)

  45. I am hitted on stage 4

  46. I missed 4 on stage only. I do wear glasses to see. I’m near sighted.

  47. I have passed 3 levels of stage 4

    ….i think I have good eyesight ????

  48. Who thinks stage 4 was easiest??

  49. Woow so wonderful I have get all but only stage 4i have fail 3 colors dark blue blue and yellow

  50. i fail in stage 4 only

  51. 1 incorrect in stage 4 with big glasses on and this video claming i have superhuman type of eyesight??

  52. I only got 1 point in stage 4

  53. I got all correct apart from two in stage 4 … the chart was ok, but the background was off putting.

  54. I made thriugh stage 3

  55. Partially superhuman ???

  56. Passed the 1st 3 n failed the 4 th stage.

  57. "If you made it through stage 2, that means your eyesight is average and healthy" oh trust me, my eyesight is most definitely NOT average and healthy

    me afterwards: what did i write again insert squinting here

    andddd i made it to stage 3


  59. Got up to stage 4 and only got 1 correct . Good enough for me .

  60. This was to ez I got all of them right my eyes can see all colors

  61. I passed all stages oof! Good eyesight for a 6 year old?

  62. Finished all stages but 2 was wrong in stage 4

  63. I failed the third one on stage 4

  64. stage 4 3 incorrect answer ?? very entertaining video .. thank you ?

  65. I failed on the third one on stage4

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