How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

How Harry Potter Should Have Ended

Dumbledore: Welcome, everyone to Hogwarts School of Wizardry and Witchcraft, a place I assure you is safe for children,
and has absolutely no history that might threaten our entire existence. But there is a huge killer snake downstairs. And a giant, vicious three headed dog…
and a tree that can kill you… and man-sized spiders that can eat your face… and– McGonagall: Thank you, Professor
Dumbledore! That will be all. As he was saying, welcome to– Hermione: These candles are dripping wax everywhere! (indistinct screams) How Harry Potter Should Have Ended (door opens) That Time-Turner’s fantastic,
Hermione! You should keep it forever. Hermione: Alright. Harry: No, really! It’s too valuable!
You have to promise to keep it. Hermione: Okay! I promise! Harry: Hermione, something might
conveniently destroy all the Time-Turners, making that the last one!
You have to promise to keep it! Hermione: I promise I won’t get rid of it! Ron: What the bloody hell are you two talking about? (epic musical score) (energy colliding) Voldemort: I’m going to kill you, Harry Potter! I’m pointing my wand as hard as I can! Harry: What’s it going to take, Tom? You tried to kill me once as a baby and it didn’t work! Voldemort: I’m going to destroy you! Harry: We’ve been here, like,
four or five times already, and I just came back from the dead! Voldemort: Lalalala! Not listening! Too busy about to kill you! Harry: You are insane! And now
we’re about to kill your pet snake! Neville (slow motion): I’m awesome!!! Harry: It’s over! Voldemort: It’s never over! Avada Kedav–ugh! (vocalizing) Snape: Ugh. Muggle weapons. Harry: Professor Snape, you’re alive! Snape: Of course I’m alive, you twit! Harry: But how? You died right in front of us! Snape: Magic! Duh! I’m a potions master and a double agent. Obviously I had a backup plan. I’ve been drinking Honey Badger Anti-Venom ever since I started hanging around that ridiculous snake. Neville & Seamus: Whoa… Luna: Honey badger just takes what it wants. Snape: And I think we’ve already established that I can heal bleeding injuries. Now, Mr. Potter, if you will bring me your Invisiblity Cloak and Ms. Granger’s Time-Turner, there is one more thing I must do. (music) Hermione: Professor, you realize if you do this, you can’t come back. Snape: I am well aware of the risk and consequence, Ms. Granger. Ron: You’re gonna have to turn that thing at least 200,000 times, sir. Snape: Then you’d best not make
me lose count, eh, Mr. Weasley? Ron: No, sir. Harry: Good luck, sir. Snape: Goodbye, children. One…two…three… four…five…six… 262,029…262,030…262,031…got it! Got it! Riddle: I can make animals do what I want without training them. I can make bad things happen to people. If I want. I can– Snape: Avada Kedavra! (Riddle groans) Dumbledore: What the– Snape: Ha ha HA! Dumbledore: What is this? Snape: Take that, you Dark Lord! Ha ha HA! Dumbledore: Why would you DO that? Snape: Evidence…removal. (Snape pants) Dumbledore: Who are you? Snape: Oh…sorry about that…just, uh… saving your life…in the future. As well as…countless others. It’s a long story. (harmonious end music) Snape: No, I mean a REALLY LONG story. Like, so long, if we wrote it all down it would take at least seven books. Dumbledore: Or eight movies! (end music continues) Dumbledore: I’d like to introduce our new teacher for Defense Against the Dark Arts, Professor Gandalf. Gandalf: You…shall not…PASS! Dumbledore: Well, that’s a little harsh… classes haven’t even started yet. (music ends) Captioned by Evan Reynolds

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  1. Ugh Muggle weapons

  2. Sorry I didn't last so long to end watching the video first time. Dumbledore's speech was rewatched about 7 times constantly laughing. So I'm run out of time for now.

  3. Sanpe: magic DUUUUH
    Me: yeah OBVIOUSLY harry, you live in a world of wizards -_-
    time skip
    Ron: you gotta turn that thing at leats 200000 TIMES SIR!
    Snape: then you better not make me lose COUNT, AYE MR WEASLEY?!
    Me: *whispers to harry: i would*

  4. Who did the voice of Snape? I NEED to know, thanks!

  5. "Magic Duh!!!!" So funny?

  6. But it raises a question, Snape could stop someone from bleeding out and heal fatal injuries but couldn't beat Wizard's Cancer?

  7. Muggle guns am I right?

  8. Tom. I can
    Snape. Avada kedabra
    Me. Yes that to

  9. I'm pointing my wand as hard as I can.
    Me: WTF

  10. 2:09
    Cheat activated

  11. The real way it should have ended is that it shouldn't have ended.

  12. Ravenclaw for life ??

  13. This was the video that spoiled headwigs death for me 6 years ago, thanks to unfortunate timing when I paused the video

  14. snape is like john wick

  15. harry and hermione should be together instead of ron and hermione. agree?

  16. Don't ever do this ever or il dislikethis vid

  17. The guy who played Voldemort in this was so freaking hilarious, I was dying


  19. Harry is so smart with that book.

  20. You should do: how hishe should’ve ended

  21. Gandalf ia the best

  22. Muggle weapon 😀

  23. Harry should end up with Hermione not Ron.

  24. Did the math he would need to turn it about an estimate of 639,480 since Dumbledore meet Voldemort in 1938. Just like Ron to be wrong and make Snape go to the wrong place. Well, at least he has enough time to kill Peter Pettigrew.

  25. Ok so I think that the idea of snape going back in time is really smart, though I don’t see why he would have to go ALL THE WAY back to when Tom riddle was a kid just to kill him. Then lily and james never would have died, harry never would have become the chosen one, and his childhood and first years at hogwarts wouldn’t have been nearly as hard. I think that it only would have been necessary for snape to travel back a year or too, perhaps just after Voldemort resurrected himself, and kill him then. Yes, that then stuffs up everything with the horcuxes, but while snape was travelling through time he could have collected them all and destroyed them (just ignore the fact that the horcrux inside harry had to be killed by Voldemort himself cut me some slack). And for people who say that all snape did was create an alternate dimension, no that’s not what he did, he changed the present . Different kinds of time travel including their laws appear in separate movie/book universes, e.g. mcu, but as explained in the cursed child, time turners they actually alter the present day.

  26. If snaps kills Tom then Harry’s parents would still be alive and Harry wouldn’t be famous

  27. My fav since:
    You shall not pass

    Wow hUnethical badger just takes what it wants
    Tom starts talking:
    Snaps:avada cadabra
    Snaps: oh sorry I just saved your life from the future and countless others it’ll take a lot of explaining
    Snaps: like a lot of explaining like if we were to write it down it would take like 7 books
    Dumbledore: or 8 movies

    (I made a lot of mistakes)
    I also like the part we’re Ron is mad about seeing Harry and hermione kiss
    And all the other pats basically the whole thing

  28. Dumbledore says hogwarts is safe but then goes on about all the things that can kill you then children complain about wax ?????????

  29. How should have fantastic beast have ended

  30. And Snape saved the day.
    I just love this guy

  31. nigini is actually a python. they dont have any venom. they squeeze there prey to death. this is an impossible end. snape is dead for good.

  32. Hey voldemort Say hello to my little friend!

  33. “And a tree …. that can kill you “


  34. Man all of your endings are so cool. Keep up the good work

  35. 4:27 Made me laugh out loud xD

  36. Snape didn’t sit with batman and superman THIS IS CLICKBAIT

  37. Yes, Neville, you are awesome.

  38. in my opinion, it was funny and all but I like the way it originally ended

  39. “I’m going to kill you Harry Potter!! I’m pointing my wand as hard as I can!”

    I DIED

  40. 8 years later:
    Youtube Recomendation: THIS

  41. Reticulated pythons like voldemort's pet have no poison

  42. Press like to pay respects to dobby

  43. Harry Potter is awesome

  44. Why did you make avadakadavra yellow in the flashback/forward

  45. Who was the lady who interrupted Dumbledore?

  46. “Snakes on a plane”

  47. Does dumbledore say "allright movies" or does he say "or eight movies"?

  48. This climax does looks like avenger end game's climax

  49. yeah…except that's not how time travel works in Harry Potter. In the series time is a closed loop. everything is already written in stone. If you go back in time, the actions you take bring about the future you came from.

  50. This makes total sense

  51. Haven't Seen Avengers End Game Yet……….All Timetravel Thingiiiis?

  52. Has time turner that can change time

    Dumbledore: Let’s keep that for Buckbeak!

  53. “So long if we wrote it all down it would take at least 7 books.”
    “Or 8 movies.”

  54. Omg this was so cool and I have watched it like 1000 times

  55. A potion master and double agent not having a plan B was really weird d'oh

  56. ya know, if snape kills tom riddle here, then he never kills lily and James, which means he isn't super special anymore, which means that he doesn't have any motivation anymore, which means that he never even turns out how he does. That's also assuming that Tom Riddle never being at Hogwarts doesn't completely ruin the history and cause a million other things to change.

    wait, nevermind. As I learned from Avengers Endgame: Going back to the past makes the past your new future, so you can't change your past by preasently changing your future

  57. omg this is so goooood

  58. Good job good job 🙂

  59. Neville long bottem: IM AWSOME

  60. C'mon Tom Riddle! How many times have you tried to kill Harry? Face it. You never will! No matter how hard you point your wand!

  61. If this was true then Harry Potter wouldn’t have a scar

  62. 2:14 and that's when Snape becomes John Wick

  63. Anyone else wish they had done the whole you shall not pass bit with his staff?

  64. Snape was very clever stopping Tom Riddle from losing a nose

  65. Can we just point out that Harry has never washed his hair or even had a shower other then in the Goblet Of Fire for his task in the 4TH BOOK?

  66. 2:15 Eugh muggle weapons

  67. "Evidence…REMOVAL"

  68. "Of course I'm alive YOU TWIT!" Lmao

  69. u iz veri smart

    unlike meh XD

  70. How have I never seen this. I've seen every other hishe

  71. Americans just can't do a convincing English accent.

  72. Hogwarts school of wizardry and witchcraft….

    Me: triggered ItS wItChCrAfT aNd WiZaRdRy

  73. 1:17 WHAT SONG IS THIS!?!?

  74. That montage was great!????????

  75. Even after all these years, I still can't get over Neville going 'i'm awesome' while killing the snake. Every time I see this scene in live action I say it in my head :P!

  76. I loved every part of Harry Potter, it was my childhood and I enjoyed watching them with my friends.
    At the same I am like God damn it your whole team has godly sense of humour. I enjoy watching this video. It was funny.

  77. it was supossed to be 665760 turns for it lol because he who shall not be named was 76

  78. Adorei esse final é melhor do que o verdadeiro ! kkkkkk

  79. I
    Prefer the original thing

  80. That’s not how time turners work or time in general in the Harry Potter universe but ok

  81. This plot wouldn't work, cuz if Voldemort died in his childhood, james and lily would never be killed and harry would never become a great person

  82. Couldn't Snape use magic to turn the time Turner?

  83. Well dang! This is like the only one where you guys ever used language.

  84. Like if you’re in 2020

  85. Funny thing is that Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter came out at the same year.

  86. Though honestly Gandalf should be a proffeser at hogwarts for a while

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