How PUBG Earn Money from Gamers | Online Video Games Earning Explained

How PUBG Earn Money from Gamers | Online Video Games Earning Explained

Hello friends my name is Dhananjay, and welcome to today’s video. Today we will talk about the most popular video game of India,PUBG Friends, this is an online game that took the Multiplayer gaming industry to a next level. And who broke all the records of earning in the gaming world. Friends, today we will learn how these video games, make a lot of money, and also we will know about their earning resources. So stay with me friends, on just4gust So guys, for any video gaming company , the biggest source of earning is , selling their video game copies in the market. If we talk about PUBG, then PUBG is available in the market in 2 different versions, PUBG for Mobile and PUBG for PC. Now PUBG for Mobile, which you play typically, for which you do not have to pay any amount. You enjoy, whenever you wish to play Pubg with your friends. When it comes to pubg for PC, it is not freely available you have to purchase the game copies through steam platform. Now Steam is one such platform, one such game distribution service. Where Gamers can set up their video game sales, or they use it as a marketing tool, where anyone can buy and sell their game. so this is what, steam is used for. When you purchase that game, then this profit goes directly to the Pubg Corporation. So friends,in this way video game industry gets a lot of profit by selling its copies in the market. If we talk about PUBG, by March 2019 itself, PUBG has sold over 50 million copies. So you can guess how big this amount will be So friends move forward towards our second resource, which is a gaming tournament. Pubg continues to host a lot of tournaments, both at national and international levels. In which players can participate and win a good cash prize too. So friends, the thing is that, in these gaming tournaments, many players participate and they have to pay an entry fee for this participation. and because of this entry fees and other charges,these gaming industry earns a lot of money. so friends, let move forward towards our next resource, which is in-game purchase The company provides some such options to give your game a more customized look, through which you can add some specific features to your game. friends, gun skin is also a example of in- game purchase , which appears in pubg game. which add on in your game, by spending few dollar of amount. now, let talk about PUBG sponsorship Often you have seen that, some mobile companies like Oppo promote their brand with PUBG Like, if I give you an example, you must have heard it in a mobile phone based on Pubg. Every player wants to be able to play their game, without interruption and without hanging the mobile. So such promotional advertisements are done by mobile companies. And they pays for the Pubg Corporation to use the title of Pubg All these methods would have made a significant amount of money to PUBG Corporation. which we knows as sponsorship so, let move forward to our last resource , which we call Voice chat data. now if i tell you, based on my personal views, then i don’t have not seen any significant earning through this source because of the bad quality of our voice chat data. the voice chat data ,used by the company to extract some useful important keyword which is further used by the company, for marketing and business purpose. but our voice chat having a bad quality, which is useless for companies so friends, that’s all for today’s video. if you like my video, then please hit the like button & share this video and don’t forget to write suggestions in comment box : )

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