How Should We Use the Wrist?

How Should We Use the Wrist?

in this video we’re gonna talk about the
movement of the wrist so actually the movement of the wrist is actually one
big misconception we are not actually bending our wrist to to generate power
but in fact we are using what’s called a rotation of the forearm and this is
called the supination and the pronation so the first key point is we’re not
using the wrist to generate power but we are using the pronation and the
supination movement to do that we need to position our fingers so we can
optimize this pronation and supination movement so let’s first take the back
hand which is the supination movement we want to position our thumb on the grip
and it could be various points on the grip but the main key point is that we
need to use the thumb to push and to do that we don’t want our index finger to
be too high a lot of players have the habit of still having the index finger
high and in that case we are automatically gonna use the wrist for
power and we cannot generate power with the wrist for the pronation movement we want the
middle part of the index finger to be the pressure point on our grip so we
can again use the forearm rotation the pronation here to generate the power the
next key point would be to be relaxed in order to generate power we need to be
relaxed first before we can tighten up our muscles and generate power so the
movement of the wrist is one big misconception we want the wrist to be in
a neutral position and sometimes we want to preload but we don’t want to flex we
don’t want to use the wrist to generate power but the forearm rotation

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  3. Nice video. For forehand grip, I put index finger high when I smash, I feel not comfortable. And I saw some pro-player (Lee Yong Dae Korea), do not put index finger high when they smash. They just put index finger high when they kill the net. So the question is "we always put index finger high" or "depend on each case" ?

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  8. During clear – that phase when elbow is high and racket is behind back pointing down with supinated forearm:

    1. grip is so loose like you showed in 0:53 (so end of grip doesnt touch end of palm) and then during forearm pronation you squeeze the grip? Or grip is loose the same during the whole swing?
    2. During that phase when forearm is supinated, is the wrist flexed backwards? Because you mentioned that "sometimes we want to preload the wrist"…?

    Thank you

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  13. Another good concise explanation. Panhandle grip with wrist flex in overheads is probably the number one beginner error I would think. ??

  14. I think powerful wrist actually is transferring power of forearm to shuttle through the wrist, so the misconception is actually in understanding what it is

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  18. Good video. But can you clarify the purpose of pre-loading the wrist, because that gives the impression the wrist is generating power of some kind? why pre-load?

  19. Loved the video great explanation of the correct technique and how the wrist comes into that, but was wondering would the same apply for a forehand drive? I always find i have to flex the wrist to generate power when the shuttle is coming close to my body (or is that finger strength used?)

  20. I have an inquiry:
    So sometimes I use my wrist to change the direction of the shuttle from its path that I usually play it.
    I am wondering is the use of the bevel/ flat side, and changing grips the more proper way to change the direction of the shuttle? Rather than using the wrist? Or is there some wrist involvement with the more fine tune motor skills?

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  30. Could someone please explain to me how to incorporate this forearm rotation in a smash? I am right handed, and when I try to pronate my forearm as the racquet makes contact with the shuttle, my arm will then naturally follow through and end up still on the right side of my body which doesn't feel right?

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  33. This is a great video…actually explaining the hitting motion accurately. The power is generated through pronation or supination, not the flexing of the wrist! Unfortunately, I still constantly see the misconception being taught. Many coaches make the mistake of simply re-teach whatever is out there, even though they themselves clearly don't flex their wrists to generate the power. It's crazy and sad….

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  35. Just a tip for video productions. While I don't know what equipment you have I would recommend shooting these at (at least) 60 fps. Perhaps Full hd (1080p at 60fps). This would make the slowmotionss more fluid as you have more frames to show. If possible then even shoot them at 120fps at the cost of quality (for example 120fps at 720p).

    Regardless, thanks for the excellent tutorials =)!

  36. For a recreational player… What's the best drill to get rid of wrong movements of wrist while playing the shots. I can understand the concept but always find myself playing with wrong movement during the game.

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  52. Its good to give emphasis on pronation and supination, but pronation is combined flexion and supination is followed by extension. It’s ok for the beginner to learn wrist flexion and extension and then add pronation and supination. This is my opinion.

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    jokes apart great video though

  67. nothing to do with pronate or supernate
    there is no power with pro or super

    flex it

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  71. Good advice. however if you re a novice player, play with the natural grips and wrist movements that suit you for at least
    a year quite regularly then progress to those pronation/supination stuff. pronation/supination are for seasoned players.
     if you start out with those pronation/supination stuff as a beginner you either do not hit any shuttle properly
    or with a meaningful directional way. you would also drop your racket while playing.

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