How The Lion King Should Have Ended

How The Lion King Should Have Ended

What are you doing, son? Pouncing. Let an old pro show you how it’s done. Zazu turn around! Simba is practicing his pouncing skills. Pouncing! Oh no, sire! You can’t be serious! This is so humiliating What are you telling him? Mufasa? Simba? RAWR! HAHAHAHA! (CHOMP) Simba! Did you just eat Zazu?! Yes (burp) Circle of life right? I suppose we are Lions after all HAHAHAHAHAHA! It’s true. Simba what have you done? It was an accident The wildebeest and… Nobody means for these things to happen But the king is dead and if it weren’t for you, he’d still be alive. That’s not how I saw it! Simba step away from your uncle! Dad! Your uncle is the reason I died! Wait, Dad! You just told me that when we die, we turn into the grass Why are you in the clouds? Never mind that right now Simba. Your uncle threw me into the Stampede! and is a real jerk! What no! I would never do that! Simba are you okay?! Mufasa?! Mom! Scar killed Dad! No I didn’t! Uh yes he did! I was there. Ummm. What are you doing here, Sarabi? I’m his mother! A mama is always near the cubs! duh! Well not close enough in this instance. Oh! That’s big talk from the dead lion king! I’m just saying maybe this wouldn’t have happened If you kept a closer eye on your, son. Why didn’t you just run in the direction of the Stampede you big smart King? I… Oh Great! See if you would have been around, Scar would never had the chance to kill me. Mufasa’s dead? What? Yeah! Scar killed him! Lets get him! That’s right you better run! And don’t come back! I am so gonna haunt that lion! Rawr! Bow before me! Simba it’s too soon. I told you I couldn’t wait! This lion does NOT wanna Hakuna Matata with us! Oh I’m so hungry! He’s gonna eat me! Come back! Run Pumba! Run for my life!

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  1. Almost HALF of this video are the "end credits"
    Pathetic.. And unsubbed.

  2. I want lion king 2 but simba is still eating bugs! Like an american cheating on his diet.

  3. Great Video! May I use it in my English Classes as a listening practice?

  4. Hi babe just wondering how you are doing today

  5. Hi I’m sorry to bother you again but you are not doing anything for me tomorrow

  6. The best story-telling….. I mean not story-telling. This is the BEST version!

  7. I'm happy to see a triggered Scar

  8. Realiy the lions is real or not

  9. Plot twist…Scar comes back to dethrown Simba….Simba losses because he got spoiled with royalty. Derp.

  10. I love this channel but the eyes are VERY disturbing?

  11. who else wishes these were longer?

  12. that ending was lowkey dope

  13. Wait No Cafe Hangout with Batman & Superman?


  15. Wait that is Peter! HISHE Peter Hollens crossover?

  16. Are we gonna mention how the lions immediately jump to the conclusion that scar killed Mufasa without any clarification from anyone?

  17. Seriously this is a waste of time duh!

  18. Huh. And here I thought you were gonna pull a 'Scar kills Simba himself' bit there. I mean, after what he did, it's not so far fetched he'd stoop that low.

  19. ha but I like the way it already ended

  20. Then your service are your food

  21. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat

  22. Simba sounds like a three year old ???????

  23. Run pumba and semone

  24. Make this one more time but with people☺

  25. Mom! Scar killed dad!
    Scar: ………………?

  26. 1:57 I love how Simba’s parents are arguing XD

  27. Simba: mom scar killed dad
    Scar: what no I didn't
    Muffasa: uhh yes he did I was there

  28. "ThiS LiOn dOeS NoT wANNa hAkuNa mATAta wiTh uS"

  29. No wonder simba is married to his sister while his daughter is married to his cousin shame on sircle of life and disney

  30. But tho you should have haunted scar, mufasa

  31. I am so gonna haunt that lion

  32. ????????????????????????

  33. Mufasa:


    yes he did

  34. I thought when we died we'll turn into grass?


  35. * Sarabi and Mufasa roasting each other *

  36. Simba did what Scar couldn't: eat Zazu. XD

  37. That now I'm talking about yeah thank God you made it made that one

  38. Try “How Snakes on a Plane should’ve ended”

  39. Mufasa still died tho.
    And scar is alive.

  40. “Simba it’s too soon.”
    “Told you I couldn’t wait.”
    Omg that was hilarious after what Simba said?

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  42. Why is it that every time Mufasa and Simba have a little conversation, Musafa sounds like Simba is grounded?

    Simba: hi dad!

    Mufasa: HELLO MY SON..

  43. Eeezsdvcr is the year for the year of a great day for a year and year to a great day

  44. Well…
    This is how a realistic movie should have ended, but not a Disney film

  45. Three hyenas kill two cubs and a bird. Game over.

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