How to Apply Yonex Super Grap to Your Badminton Racquet

How to Apply Yonex Super Grap to Your Badminton Racquet

Hey Guys. Jarod from Racquet Network. Let me show you how to put a new overgrip
on a badminton racquet. Open it like that. Open up the wings. There’s three. Pull the first one off. As soon as you get to the other one. The other one is the other grip. Pull it off until you get to the plastic. Remove the plastic.. Put the other ones away. Now you have your grip. Peel off the plastic part. You got your tapered end and your flat end. Tapered end always goes towards the sky. Take of the little white thing. This is for the sticky part for when you are first starting it. Tapered end towards the sky. And then you just follow the base grip around. Leave about a centimeter of overlap. Unless you want it a bit thicker. Alright. I have this long piece left over. Cut it on an angle. It doesn’t need to look good because it’s
just going to get covered by tape anyways. Alright. You have that part and it should just fold
nicely right into it. You got like that. So you can either use the strips — there’s
three, one for each grip. We don’t use this one though because it’s
not a strong as the electrical tape. What we use is the electrical tape. Follow it around. Alright. Then you cut off. There you go. That easy.

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  1. Nice video dude. I like the electrical tape, nice feature.

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