How To Attack Deep & Fast Chops – Table Tennis University

How To Attack Deep & Fast Chops – Table Tennis University

Against bottom spin I know some people that push really good. So going to the white line here. uh… this one when you’re trying to attack You can try… the easy way the first thing you need is a smaller motion So your loop try to smaller a little bit smaller stroke. And when you catch the ball you just brush it. Because the ball if come very fast you can borrow the power. So okay I’m going to show you, you just
serve it, serve the bottom spin just multi ball serve and So you can borrow the spin just smaller, yep good. And quick brush the ball you don’t have move forward too much because the ball
is already too fast you have no time to do the uh… add more power. Just borrow the power brush it. Quick brush the ball, the ball going to be very fast. Quick brush the ball smaller motion a little bit longer, here. So you’re ready like this, right, then… See just smaller and quick brush. You can borrow the power from him from the ball so the ball go back very fast. I know it’s not too
much power there, but speed is enough. Okay this is very easy to return those balls.

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  1. your explanation is for a push return but not a chop.. a chop has lot more backspin on it…. lolzz

  2. @pranav403 While the chop often has heavy backspin, the amount of spin can vary, as with pushes.

  3. Typical chinese style.

  4. what rubbers does use Coach Li ??

  5. @pranav403 your not a professional you ass, im tired of these bitches always criticizing

  6. @amoredeyes who the hell r u 2 tell dat…. r u an xpert? jus shut up ur bloody ass and get the hell out of here…. im president for an indoor stadium and i have an experience of 8 yrs….and i worked as a coach for 6 yrs in tabletennis…. dont u know the difference between a push and a chop…. jus check out the video once again….. bloody bitch

  7. @pranav403 oh really u sound proessional, i guess 8 yrs really gets to your ego and guess what even coaches suck like u and bitch i have been playing and learning for more then 8 years

  8. @amoredeyes u r stilll playin…. and im a coach…. understand the difference… u bloody

  9. @pranav403 maybe i should be a coach bcuz if u can be one then i can to,and dumbass i play and study ping pong not just run my mouth about telling other people what to do when they have the skill not u

  10. great vid… but he just show, when the chop/push, is on the left side of the table… I think that a fast chop/push is harder to the right side of table… because you loose some power because of the footwork that you may need to reach the ball…

  11. @Mr321tomas Coach Li currently uses a Palio KA Offensive blade with Butterfly Sriver rubber.

  12. at the start it stated 'what is the best way to handle deep and fast chops to the backhand corner'

  13. What weight has the blade ? Around 80 grams or 90 grams ?

  14. Why doesn't Coach Li use Chinese rubber?

  15. would love to kick ur ass..not in pingpong,in real life

  16. When i try to brush it,it goes into the net

  17. What's wrong about backhand topspin in this situation?

  18. hi master how r u ^_^
    I have some problem in play with someone have rubber simple or long pimples
    I don't know what i should done with him he always bit me -_-
    can you learn us how to play with him and go bit him
    by reMon setka ……………….. thnx master

  19. He says smaller stroke but if you look his paddle goes all the way to his left side on the back swing. What is his big stroke then? O.O

  20. coach you have very good knowledge and i would recommend you for coaching but please do something with your forehand loop technique.
    the way you throw your body sideways is the worst i have ever seen and is horrible to watch.
    how can you have a good steady eyeline while you are throwing yourself about like that,keep your eyeline in line with the ball for the sake of your own embarassment  and that of your students stop doing this at once please have a good look at yourself on camera and compare to other top players

  21. .. those serves are almost like no spin….
    really not much spin on that ball
    i would like to see coach trying to get 5x more spinner push

  22. Hi master. Sweet shirt. Where can I get one?

  23. i think the reason why the video shows the coach looping a push instead of a super spinny choo is so that assuming a viewer practices this, it will develop the viewers loop against backspin; therefore, in a real game scenario, the viewer just does the same motion but with more power and lift.

  24. what rubber for FH and BH that coach ?

  25. this channel really needs more subscribers

  26. The guy is not feeding him deep fast chops

  27. This guy is awesome. I used his technique here and shots went fast and in so much more like before only 2-3 used to go but now 8-10 go in a row, thanks a lot man, keep up the good work master

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  29. The player who is giving you shop the ball is at a great height

  30. Your t-shirt is very nice can you give us the link to buy this t-shirt I also want to buy it it's lovely

  31. The guy in the red shirt is a look-a-like of me. I hope u read my message haha

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