How To Be Smooth When Talking To Girls

How To Be Smooth When Talking To Girls

This is Tripp from Tripp and
today we’re talking about how to be smooth with girls. When you’re first learning how
to get better with women and dating it’s easy to be very choppy and make a lot of mistakes.
Of course this is completely normal but it’s best if you can learn how to make things go
smoothly. That way, you come off more attractive and confident which is what girls are looking
for in a man. Today, I’m going to give you some easy techniques to be more smooth in
conversation and your overall approach. First, I want to give you my PDF of my list of “33
Conversation Starters”. This will help you start a conversation in a smooth way. Get
that right here on the screen or in the description below this video. It’s a full list of examples
of what you can say to open up conversation with a girl that you’ve never met. Now,
here’s my first tip in order for you to be more smooth with girls. What I want you
to do is slow down. A lot of guys mess up an interaction with girls because they’re
moving at 100 miles per hour and can’t relax. The best way to do this is to focus on your breathing
as much as you can. Naturally you might be a little nervous when you’re talking to
a girl. Breathing will help relax you and keep a clear mind. I want you to talk slower,
like I’m doing right now. When you slow down your pace of conversation, girls will
follow what you say much easier and it will make you appear ten times more confident.
Think about it. Watch the President of the United States make a speech. Are they talking
super fast? No. They’re clear, concise and enunciate every word that comes out of their
mouth. This will take some practice. You won’t get good at this overnight, but I urge you
to slow everything down and focus on what you’re saying while still paying attention
to the girl that you’re with. Along with this you want to focus on your body language.
You also want to move slow and not make a lot of sudden jerky movements. Think James
Bond. Think Leonardo DiCaprio in the scene in Titanic at dinner. You know what i’m
talking about. He moves with confidence. Meaning, there’s purpose behind his movement. You
can put your hand in your pocket and your other hand can be gesturing while you’re
talking to a girl. And it’s best to keep eye contact the entire time that you’re
talking to her, so she knows you’re paying attention. And looking at her while you speak
also captures her attention. Also, being smooth has to do with being non-reactive. When a
girl teases you, or gives you shit for something, you don’t act defensive. But you tease her back
or act as if it didn’t even bother you at all. Or if you go to kiss a girl and she
pulls back your’e not going to say “Wait, why did you do that? I thought we were having
a good time.” No, instead you act like it almost never happened. Keep talking to her
and try again in another five minutes. Think about it this way; being non-reactive just
means that there’s not an issue happening. Everything’s cool and that you don’t need
validation from the girl that you’re with. Why? Because you already know that you’re
the man and you don’t need to seek approval from others. That is smooth. Another factor
of being smooth is how comfortable you are in a specific environment. If you appear nervous,
not friendly, or shy when you’re around a group of people or a noisy environment,
it will appear unconfident. But imagine for a second you enter a bar or a party or some
sort of rowdy place and you appear as if you can handle your own. You move slow, you smile,
you shake hands with the people that you meet and you enter the room with presence. Even
though there’s hustle and bustle going on around you when you meet a girl you like,
you act as if nothing is happening anywhere except with you two in that moment right there.
Nothing phases you. Now don’t get me wrong. You’re still human of course, you’re not
a robot. You’re not stoic. It’s still good to have energy when you talk to people.
But you’re still in control. For example; an insanely drunk person who might be the
life of the party is very much the opposite of smooth. That’s not the guy that you want
to be. Now let’s go back to conversation again. Remember, when you’re smooth you’re
relaxed, have a calmer energy and focused. In terms of talking to a girl, you want to
make sure conversation goes smoothy. Meaning, you don’t have awkward pauses with “umms”
and “likes”. You’re confident behind the things you say and believe. Let’s set
an example for a second. Let’s say you’re talking to a girl at a bar and she says to
you “So I don’t get it. Are you here alone or something? Where are your friends?” There
are two ways that you can respond to this. You can respond in a weak way and say “Oh,
um my friends? They um, I mean, I don’t know, they’re somewhere. I came alone, but
yeah, I’m not sure.” Okay that was a very exaggerated version of someone who is not
smooth. But I just wanted you to be able to get the point. Here’s how a smooth guy would
respond. “My friends are somewhere around here I’m sure. But what does that matter?
You’re my new friend. I still didn’t catch your name by the way.” Do you see the difference
there? It’s to the point. It’s confident. And it’s not phased by what she’s saying.
Instead, you deliver a witty little response to flirt with her and you keep a strong frame
throughout. That my friend is smooth. If you want to learn more about how to be smooth
with women, then check out my “33 Conversation Starters” and start talking to more women today. Get that free PDF right here on the screen or in the description below. It will
lay out all different kinds of things to say to start a conversation with a woman so you
aren’t frazzled any longer. Press like if you liked the video and subscribe to the channel
because I have more videos coming your way.

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