How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (2) Repeat, repeat and repeat

How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (2) Repeat, repeat and repeat

Number 2 point after you understand all the logics of grip, hitting skills movement skills, posture, basic tactics the things now you have to do is repeat, repeat you understood by your brain why you have to have 3 grips, ready grip, forehand grip, backhand grip but the question is can you do that in the real match so now you understood by brain, its time for you to repeat, you to practice again, again and again to be able to use those logics in the real match but in my experience, many players they are happy to understand the logics by their brain when we play we are not only using our brain we have to use our fingers, racket, body. to be able to move to the shuttle cock and hit shuttle cock to the point where I want to hit so, even if you understand the logics you are very clever, intelligent if you don’t do the repeating practice of those skills you cannot beat your opponent, you cannot use those logics in efficient way in the real match so, you should be happy to practice those logics in your brain as well as with your body ok, instead of just doing 1, ya I can hit it ya I can tap it now, ya I can do the technique and then that’s it, no. you have to do, start like real match ready and then look change the grip, tap it and then go back to ready grip again, you have to do it every day 1000 times, that is how a beginner player become advanced player some players they do it for 5 minutes with good attitude good concentration and then the concentration goes they just practice without any concentration but the better player, the advanced player from start to finish, let’s say do 20 x 10 sets this player will be doing 20 x 10 sets equal quality, equal speed so, number 2 point you to become an advanced player is be able to practice those logics, those right basics so many times again, again and again so, be able to do it, even if you don’t have to think about it when shuttle comes you will be doing it automatically that is the level you are aiming to, in order to be like that you have to repeat those practice, those techniques so, practice makes you perfect.

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  1. I'm entering a badminton tournament next month at my school and this really helped me. Thank you.

  2. I am very pleased to know and I hope you paly well. Lee

  3. tnx coach ill try to do it cz im correcting my foot work now and grips now bcoz of you thanks to you

  4. I am very pleased to know. If you believe your self and put effort then you can have what you desire. Lee

  5. I do it as I am enjoying it. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  6. I was wondering why there were errors until I saw a Chinese dude

  7. you are so motivating!
    some days espacially in that dark cold weather the legs are heavy and i dont feel so motivated..
    then i watch a video of you coach lee and you are so full of energy that i feel sparked and cant wait to get my ass to the gym and train hard to beat all the guys who are better than me at the moment >:-)

  8. I am very pleased to know that thank you very bmuch for taking time to post such motivating comment for me. Thank you. Lee

  9. Thank you for your kind comment on my clips. There are many kinds of warm ups. more important thing you would better to focus is your kids attitude during the warm up. Warm is first stage of training so it has to be focused. In my view many players take warm up too easy. Lee

  10. I am very pleasd to know and thank you too. Lee

  11. hmm miser lee i am very perfect player my weak points are that i cannot defend smash nat shots and back hand and recommend a good racket for me to play and if you are able to send than send me a good bedminton racket plz .ok and plz reply to this comment.

  12. Hello There. Would you please remember that it is your skill, effort, desire and self believe that make your shot good not your racket. For get about the racket and just training harder then anybody else then your skill will be better then the person who uses the best racket in the world. Lee

  13. dear coach lee..
    i have just started following ur training routine but im confused how to train as in which training on what day.. can u pl tell me an idela trainig schedule to improve my game as a whole

  14. Please tell me how much time you have in a week and what level you are and what level you desire to reach. Lee

  15. coach u look like psy.. =D

  16. thank u so much fr the reply sir.. means a lot!!
    sir i have 6 days in a week to practice two hours everyday…
    im have been playing from one year but don't have fineness in my shots.. i want to become an advanced player!!

  17. I iunderstand. The solution is practice more and more. As you do more good quality practice you will be able to hit shot much more in detail. Practice more is the answer. Lee

  18. Sir, i need someone to teach me step by step and i need to learn all basic skills! i know alot of skills in badminton, but my friend said that i don't know how to control my hitting power and my father say that i need to learn basic skills before i learn those “Advanced Skills”

  19. Hello Coach Lee. Could you give me tips on how to get better? I only get to play once a week becuse the badminton place is very far. What do I do?

  20. thank u so much sir..
    may god bless u with his choicest blessings!!

  21. You are very welcome. Thank you very much for your kindest wish. Lee

  22. Your father is perfactly right. Without basic skills nothing will happen.
    Do not worry if you practice more and better quality then others you will have perfact control. Lee

  23. wow its amazing i watched it all

  24. sir im badminton player who played statelevel but unfortunately i had to move rural area with less fasilities but still im playing 4 days per week, ( even here no good players ) what can i do for improving my game !! i love this game lot ! i dont want to loose my talents , waiting for ur faourable response ,thank you

  25. You can do many things. Do a lot of fitness training, study tactics by watching top players videos, do a lot of movement training, practice your skills. One day you will be able to use these against better players. If you look for it there are so many things you can do. Lee

  26. may i ask coach lee , which type of racket is more suitable for a beginner?

  27. It is depending on age, gender, weight, and power of each player. I do prefer a bit more weighed racket then light racket. Lee

  28. Thank you so much

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