How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (4) Do Extra Training

How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (4) Do Extra Training

Number 4 point you are in a club every body practice 2 hours altogether with a coach same training, footwork, match practice, stroke practice every body did it equally after finish every body go home they do their own things come back and do it again another 2 sessions with a coach equal way now, you would like to beat them, you would like to be better than them you would like to be advanced player then you must do something else by yourself you know after 2 hours no body practice any more what I am asking you to do, you must spend 30 minutes even 20 minutes, even 1 hour even better training by yourself secretly in undercover way no body see you doing extra training for example you go home after 2 hour session with every body and then you want to make this tap technique, which you learnt today make it better yup, you bring racket or you don’t have racket at home you bring a spoon, ya this is spoon, under arm chair ready change grip tap, ready change grip tap you spend 20 minutes and no body saw you did it next day when you practice backhand net kill your net kill will be 10% or 20% better than any body else with 2 reasons, why? you have practised mentally you have practised with your hands actually so, when you actually practice next day you will totally believe you can do it better and you will be doing it completely positive way just imagine, every day you spend 20 minutes, 30 minutes by yourself when every body is watching TV after 1 month, after 1 year, if you save them the gap between you and the other player who just did 2 hours, is huge when you play against them, before you play them you already beat them, because you know you prepared more more important thing in that situation because you have idea what to practice, you chosen those practice with spoon by yourself not by coach so you developed it, you created it that means so much, rather than the players over there just did, what coach ask them to do without there own knowledge, without there input that is completely different player if you want to be speed up to be advanced player remember, find time and do secret training by yourself and that will bring you to be the advanced player much quicker, much solider

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  1. This makes so much sense that i feel stupid it hasnt even crossed my mind before. Great work coach. Love your coaching methods. Wish you were in england so i could get some coaching 😀

  2. I am very preased to know that my clips openned new doors for you to think it differently. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  3. we where hungry , for the nutrition of your knowledge. feel blessed to find you.
    thank you sir,
    pl's remain as you are

  4. Thank you for your kind comment. I am happy to remain as i am now and continue to what I do. I am pleased to know that you like my coaching. Thank you. Lee

  5. Thank you for your comment and I am very pleased to know you like it. Kind regards. Lee

  6. I love this clip. I study behavioral sciences and this clip demonstrates two important keys to success, perseverance and intrinsic motivation. Humans love feedback, and badminton players love seeing results, but results does not come quickly, so one must be willing to stick with the training for a long time. Make no mistake, results will come the long run, but a lot of people give up too soon. Second, people place more value in things they decide to do, rather than being told to do them.

  7. Yes you are so right. It is very valuable because of the person choose what to do to improve his skills rather then he only does the things which have been told by his coach. Lee

  8. thanxx a lot sir……from today i will practice more……….

  9. Sure that will give you a lot more confident. Lee

  10. good evening sir! i am a state level player i have a cartilage injury so i'll be having a sugery i want to come on court wihin to six weeks .. my friend said that you have to be under under physiotherapy continuesly in that 4 week can i do it from some other place rather than that place where i had my surgery ? thankyou

  11. I am sorry to know that you have to have sugery. I hope it goes well for you. It is better not too rush to come back to training. You can do some other area training such as arm, wrist sit ups while you are recovering. Yes I think that is possible if you explain where it is done and why it has to be done then they will be able to do that I think. Lee

  12. thank you sir for being a really good coach. even though i dont have a coach in school. yet i have a really good coach teaching me online. thank you coach for your very good video trainings. i had really improved my skills. ^_^

  13. I am very pleased to know that you are improving your skills with my clips. Lee

  14. It will help your fingers and fore arm strength to develop also it will help your confidence. It is definatly beneficial. Lee

  15. That is very normal. But after a little while the feeling will be back. Of course you have to use normal racket to practice. The way you are doing is to make your fore arm, wrist and fingers strong, not to improve your skills. Lee

  16. Dear Coach Lee.
    I learned alot from your videos, and it gave me hope that it is still not to late for me to become a better player than the others. Now i understand what my coach keeps on telling me that ill have to be the one who should adjust my self's style of playing. I'm joining a tournament this May. But i still have doubts that i wouldnt be able to beat them. But after watching your videos, it motivated me to become a greater player. Thank you coach lee.

  17. I am very pleased to know. Please remember that you can meet your dream if you have strong desire for it. Do more then others, Do better quality then others and believe your self more then others then you do not have any reason why you can not beat them. Lee

  18. What kind of training can we take ?

  19. There are many different kind of extra training and it has to be chosen by the player. That means he knows what he need to improve. Lee

  20. coach Lee, you are really a great coach, everything you say is very logic and straight to the point. you are the only coach i believe.

  21. you are amazing …. great coach ….. i have learned so many things from u ……. and improved ……… thanks a lot

  22. Sir,I want to be a national badminton player. I m 21, and if i start practicing now ,what are my chances…

  23. ye sirf chutiya banata hai kuch sikhata nhi

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