How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (5) Why you are going to be the winner?

How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (5) Why you are going to be the winner?

Number 5 point when you are training, when you play you, must have reason why you can beat the opponent what reason you can beat your opponent for example if I play, I am let’s say I have 10 years experience I play against player who have 3 years experience then every body or even me expects to beat him because I have more experience that’s the reason, he play to win, that person play to loose now, you want to be advanced player, you want to be champion you want to be number 1 in that club you have to have a reason why? for me I had reason when I was younger when I was 13, 14, 15 years old I told myself, I cannot pronounce the words whats the word hypnotezing it, the word is hypnotize myself I say to myself, my parents are the worlds best parents, there are no other parents better than my parents, I am the son of my parents there fore I should be better than any other sons I told my self, why I can’t be number 1 when I trained in personal volume, I told myself Lee you are a robot, robots never get tired as long as there is fuel I am the robot Lee, so you will never get tired when I practised smash, I tell myself I will be the person who has the strongest smash in the world I imagine, I smash in a match excellently my smash hit my opponent, because my smash is too strong my opponent fell off and become unconcious never that will happen but I imagine I want to make that happen, not liberately hit my opponent if my smash hit opponent he will fall off because my smash is impossibly strong so, when I smash I imagine that picture and then I smash so my smash practice is completely different to my friends next door, who just practice smash so, if you don’t have a reason why you are better why you are going to be better then our opponents, you cannot drive yourself to the impossible level you cannot take the training, the training not many humans can take you cannot take those kind of training if you don’t have a reason why? do not just do training, you must have a reason why? I don’t know what that is, but ask yourself why can I be number 1 in my club why can I be number 1 in my county because, you have to have answer to because if you don’t have answer, don’t play badminton competitively play badminton in the recreational leisure centre for leisure for hobby if you don’t have that answer, you will never be the competitor, you will never be called competitor in badminton

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  1. Coach lee, i am in my schools school team as a doubles player. In competition i think its very annoying that the opposition has to yell at every point won and scream when do do a good shot. How can me and my teammate (whos way better than me, he thinks its funny) tackle this annoying problem?

  2. Yell twice as loud 😉

  3. Only the best possible way to make their not to noise is beat them. If you get angry
    then thier yelling is working on you. You should not be influenced by it. Lee

  4. That also could be a good idea. Lee

  5. awesome new training jacket, mr. lee! also, wise as always.

  6. Thank you for your comment on my jacket. Lee

  7. When you react to your opponents' antics, you no longer have the initiative. If you feel this is a weakness, talk to your hs team coach and have someone do things that'll annoy you in practice scrimmages, and learn how to overcome it. Everyone's mental bubble is different, but keeping that bubble intact is key in matches. You're not only trying to outplay your opponent, but you're trying to get inside their head as well.

  8. Very good point and well explained. Thank you for your input. Lee

  9. Coach Lee, I'm a better son than you! 😀
    Love your coaching methods which can be applied not only in badminton but in life as well.
    Keep up the good work and thank you for taking time to make these awesome informative videos!

  10. I am sure you are. Everyone should think that way as they are the sons of unique fathers and mothers. Thank you very much for your kind words on my clips. Lee

  11. I am very pleased to know. Thank you for your comment. Lee

  12. coach lee thank you for this clip! you gave me courage and confidence to compete in ranking in our university

  13. I am very pleased to know and thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  14. 2 persons does not know why they are going to be a winner.

  15. Another great and inspirational clip Coach Lee. I am learning a lot of stuffs from you one clip after another. Thanks

  16. Thank you for your kind comment. I am very pleased to know. Thank you too. Lee

  17. coach lee thank you for your training. You are like "GODFATHER" to me..And i m going to be your student from my heart all my life..And if i get a chance i will beat you some day and be your best student ever…. I love You sir

  18. Dear Bidyut
    Thank you very much for your words. I am very pleased to have you as my student. I hope to meet you on a court in the future. I love you too.

  19. Dear Lee.  Can you give me tips of how to deal with opponents who do a lot of time-wasting between points. I feel like I lose concentration and start mistakes. Most opponents don't do this, but the occasional opponent that starts walking around the court, retie their shoelaces, decides to change the shuttle at the exact moment you're both ready to start a rally….these time-wasting tactics annoy me so much, and get inside my head. I know I should keep my cool, but I start to make mistakes of irritation. I also think it's very bad sportmanship, but that aside. Can you help me?  Thank you.

  20. Thanks, Coach Lee. I was getting tired and weak from endless repetitions of training, pain and rest by injuries, and doubting myself if I could make it.. But this clip, your words gave me strength to go further. Thanks for teaching not only physically but also mentally. You help me to be stronger as a man. Thanks.

  21. my reason is simple, because i can

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