How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (8) Believe in your self

How to become an Advanced Badminton Player (8) Believe in your self

To be an advanced player from beginner you must believe in yourself, you are going to be top player you are going to be number 1 in your club you are going to be number 1 in your county you are going to be number 1 in your country you are going to be number 1 in the world you have to have total belief in it there are some players who ask me some times Lee do you think I have potential quality to be number 1 in country when I hear that, I know he will not be why? because he has doubt that’s why he is asking me what I want, what I am looking for from the players is I am going to be number 1 I will take what ever necessary to be number 1 some players tell me Lee some other coaches told me you will never be number 1 do you think I can be number 1 not good enough if you really believe in yourself does not matter 10 thousand people say to you you will not be number 1 in the world, you will not be number 1 in the country does not matter, if you believe it the reason you are asking me the reason you influenced by other coaches told you you will be not if you are influenced they are right, because you are weak if you are so sure, you can see going to be number 1 will be happening then it does not matter do not ask any body that is your choice if they say to you, you will not be number 1 would you give up and stop playing casually because they said so is that you is your belief that small then they are right if you believe in yourself do not ask any body just do it and make it happen if you have will to do it, you can see the way remember, life is too short just to try and be influenced by what other people saying to you if you don’t believe in yourself nothing will happen you have nothing, but if you believe in yourself everything will happen, I guarantee that

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  1. Excellent! Wise words.

  2. Lee, I am grateful for your words. I used to be a player who liked to show off against less skilled players and make excuses when I lost. I have completely changed my attitude.I won't let my attitude change because i missed a ball or two. . I respect everyone, give my best all the time and do extra work now and it has completely changed my game.
    Thank you alot. You've shown me the way to be a better player.

  3. I am delighted to know that you have changed the way to better. Thank you very much for posting your comment. Keep going especially when things are not going your way as that will be time to show who really you are. Lee

  4. Thank you for your kind comment on this clip. I am pleased to know you also do agree with it. Lee

  5. Thanks Lee.. Because of your videos I improve a lot and I got the first won group match today in my life although I didn't get into semi final but it's a memorable match for me.. I appreciate that very much.. Thanks 😀

  6. I am so pleased to know that my coaching clips did help you in such way. Thank you very much for taking time and effort posting your comment. Well done and keep it going. Lee

  7. Thanks Lee !! This motivates me to work hard to be a great player. Keep up the good work !

  8. You are very welcome and I am pleased to know it has motivated you. I hope you make a big improvement. Lee

  9. Coach Lee, you are the best philosopher i have seen in a long time. Thank you so much for teaching me this knowledge!

  10. Thank you for your kindest comment. You are most welcome. Lee

  11. Thank you for your comment and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  12. no wonder this 5min changed my mind.."
    Thank You LEE I'l meet u with my Olympic medal 🙂 🙂

  13. Sure, I look forward to meeting you then. Lee

  14. Sir lee,
    When playing should i tell the scores or just be calm??????????when there are no umpires????????

  15. You should call the score each time you serve and he serves. Otherwise there will be arguement about scores.

  16. Dear coach Lee
    I want to share an experience of mine. I joined the varsity team in our school when i was 12. I was the last in our rankings though. But that did not stop me. I kept on training just to become number 1. So, after a few months, i was able to defeat our top ranker and became the ace player of our school. The feeling was incredible. I never thought before that i could do it. And now, i did it!

  17. Now that i am in highschool, one of my teamates was offered by a school to be a badminton scholar. Ive never tried to beat him before. Now his gotten stronger. I am hoping that we would play in a tournament someday.

  18. Hi Lee, I'm 17 years old and have been playing badminton for 4 years now. I really love the sport and would like to progress a lot more. The problem is that now when I already have 3 trainings a week I've been away a lot becouse of twice hurt ankle, once the knee and also just some ordinary but still effective flues. I would like to know how i could still train or at least not always loose so much muscle and technique while absent from trainings?
    Sincerely Tim

  19. Yes that is possible to the people who have the desire, believe and be able to put effort and you are the one of them. Please stay in same way and continue to reach even hogher level. Lee

  20. Hello Tim
    That is a very good question. You will be always find ways to training your body even when you are injured. Do find your body part where you are not injured then just training that part. You can training fingers, wrist, sit ups, even you can watch video clips to study tactics. When there is will you will find way to do it. Lee

  21. Thank you Lee I really appreciate your answer

  22. You are welcome. Lee

  23. Coach Lee, when I play in important matches and especially against my rival, I tend to be very nervous and don't play well. I think about how hard I've trained but it doesn't help. How can I stay composed in important games?

  24. What you feel is very normal. many people have same problem as you have. When I was young I was the worest player in competition for number of years even when I was the best player in practice. there is no magical cure. Only way and the real way is to have more and more experience then you have real experiences that will give you more self believe andf to know how to manage the tention.

  25. Of course other people's experience and advices would be a help but the real way is you to findout by painful experiebnces. Lee

  26. I will become an advanced player in no time. I will come back stronger as I love badminton so much!

  27. Thank God you are a badminton trainer and not martial art, because I believe you will produce lots of assassins. ..I love your attitude, your mindset, the one that impressed me most, was wanting to smash so hard that your opponent gets unconscious. .when I was a kick boxer, I wanted to kick any Form of defence so hard no opponent can stand with me in the ring, because I don't wanna care about the defence, just wanted to be able to hit pretty badly!. At this juncture , I believe you are the kind of coach I had always wanted, I live in germany and i still have lots of passion for badminton. .This reflex actions get me really high.make me feel real good and I just wanna play badminton all day. I believe a winner is hiding somewhere in the inside of me. Help me to bring it out…would you be my couch or recommend one for me? In 2 month's time, I'll have all the time in the world to train. My email Sir [email protected] let's work something out pls. Looking forward to read from you coach.. I believe in myself and I believe in you! Just say the word

  28. I need full coaching videos for me

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