How to become an Advanced Badminton Player(3) Be Positive

How to become an Advanced Badminton Player(3) Be Positive

Number 3 point you are repeating, you are practising now when you are practising new technique, new logic because you can see the point, you believe in it then, remember you must practice those skills those logics, 100% in positive way you got to believe in it even 100 people told you that it is not true but it does not matter if you can see the point and if you believe in it, it does not matter for example, in the long days if some body told lots of people, human can go to the moon then every body think he is crazy, he is mad but there are some body who believed it and made it come true its same, it does not matter what other people think its you have the choice, watch this you have been practising net kill like that ya big swing like this without changing grip so you have been practising like that for 2 years and some how hit the shuttle cock quite often and some time you hit the shuttle cock out and then you see there is other way to do it you got to be change the grip and then tap it so, you like it, you think this is right now you are practising it, then at the beginning because you have not done it before there will be some mistakes ya, you hit the net you hit there and then there are many players, oh it doesn’t work to me ya and then when they practice they practice with doubt it does not matter if that logic, that technique is 100% true, if the person does not believe it if the person does not do it positively then it will not work what I want you to do you try new way, 10 times at the beginning you make 10 mistakes, I want you to be hungry and be more positive for 11th time that positiveness is crucial so ready, there made mistake, ok I will try again there yes it worked there so, if you do 1 right out of 10 tries you are becoming more successfull if you are practising like that in positive way when you play against better player, you will play positively, because you are trained in that way you know eventually you can beat the opponent because you are the person who have attitude pride and the mindset, after 10 mistakes you are ready for 11th but there are so many player after 5 mistakes the attitude changes and become very negative and then instead of asking questions I got to work harder this player questions coach why it does not work he is blaming something else that is not real sportsman please remember, hitting playing badminton is not only train how to hit the shuttle cocks it also trains, what kind of attitude you must have so, if you are not prepared if you are not ready to be able to challenge 11th shot after 10 mistakes do not even try to be advanced player because without such kind of positive attitude no player will move on to advanced level

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  1. Uhm, i would like to ask something Lee, i am a left handed and my partners is a right handed person, does it affects the performance while playing doubles ?? And does it matter if you are a left or right handed ? some say that right handed are better. Thanks !! Keep up the good work !

  2. Right hand and left handed player is the best possible pair in doubles. So you must be happy to be left handed player. Left player normally have more advantages as they practice with right hand players all the time but not many right hand players are practicing with left handed player. It is individual ability rather then left or right hand who plays better. Lee

  3. Mr.lee, i am confuse right now. because i just realized that it much comfortable when i use my left hand. but the problem is seems more accurate but it lack of power. my other hand (right one of course ) i already used for along time ago and it strong but less accurate. ( i m still amateur in this kind of game) . please advice . warm regard

  4. Then use left hand then improve your power. It is easier to improve power then control. Lee

  5. thank, I made up my mind there. well how to improve power then?. is there any of your method that can make it efficient? thank again

  6. You can use a heavy racket, racket cover, weight training for your fore arm. Doing a lot of swing. Lee

  7. Mr Lee, I am a 15 year old girl. My country doesn't have alot of money for the sports section (Portugal is my country) so I don't have alot os possibilities to be a bamington player. But I play badmington as long as i can remember and I already won school games with my teachers, coaches, friends, etc. I'm going to a tournement between schools but I don't believe in myself. I don't believe in my moves and I am afraid that I will have a breakdown before the tournement. Any advice ? Thank you.

  8. you must believe in your self. Your opponent have two legs and two arms and she is playing same size court. It is all down to self believe. Be a fighter rather then running away dog. If you run now, you will run all your life. Go and fight. Lee

  9. Coach Lee, Thanks for your videos. It improves my badminton skills. Now, the higher levels in our club likes to play with me.

  10. You are very welcome and I am very pleased to know. Lee

  11. Thank you very much 🙂

  12. You are very welcome. Lee

  13. mr. Lee, you are a Great

  14. Thank you very much. Lee

  15. sir lee,you are my first teacher in badminton,i loved this game from childhood,wanted to be trained under some one who could really show me the real technique to play,i keep on downloading your every video like my syllabus lectures and every morning i watch your video of few skills and go for helps me a lot,thank you sir,thank you very much sir.

  16. I am pleased to know this clip is giving you something beneficial to you. Thank you for posting your comment. Lee

  17. This was very helpful. When I play games and my smashes fail, I get angry with myself and my smashes get more worse. But now I will use this mentality to mistakes to persuade myself to work harder. Thank you.

  18. I am very pleasedf to know that this clip has helped you in that way. I hope it works for you. Lee

  19. I played today and it really helped me 😀 Even though I made mistakes I kept positive and made miraculous comebacks. Thank You coach.

  20. That is very pleased to hear. Well done and thank you for letting me know. Lee

  21. Usually, The more I miss a shot, the more frustrated I get. But I have been trying to get a better attitude and I really think this video is going to help me through it! Thanks Lee

  22. I very much hope so. Please treat your self as the best person in the world. You have to respect your self first. Lee

  23. today i got so frustrated bcoz i was not getting simple forehand drop shots right and i lost all 7 games i played today, i threw my racket a Li Ning 1350 to the ground, which i purchased with lot of difficulty, now its got lot of scratches .pls help 🙁 🙁

  24. If you accept the fact and try to improve from that point then nothing to be angry. It is very normal to be angry the question is that can you and will you be able to change it. I am sure you can. Please view the clip again and try again. Lee

  25. Mr Lee, do you have an advice for how to practice badminton when you're not on a court? It would really help!

  26. This was very helpful thank you

  27. This was very helpful thank you i can tra this

  28. Speaking words of Buddha .. 🙂 nice video by the way

  29. Dear Sir, I have been practicing for 5 months now but whenever I go to play any tournament,if the other player is hitting good shots during warm up ,I start to think I have to practice more and I lose my confidence there itself and because of that am not able to even play my natural game

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