How to Build a Table Tennis / Ping Pong Racket

How to Build a Table Tennis / Ping Pong Racket

we’re assembling a racket today with Yola exclu generally two layers on the rubber sheet and one layer on the blade should be thick enough to adhere properly when applying the glue it’s important to keep it as smooth as possible spreading the glue around and then brushing upward is a common way to keep the layers of glue even and smooth for assembly keep in mind that you should include both rubber sheets but only one side of the blade to law for easier application you should allow approximately twenty minutes of air drying before application but to speed up the process you can use an electric fan or even the blade to fan the rubber sheets align the bottom center of the rubber sheet with the handle and press down then using your forearm or a cylinder apply even pressure to adhere the rubber sheets of the blade we’ll be using scissors but you can also use an exacto blade to score the rubber sheet a few times for an even cut apply another layer of glue on the other side of the blade and then repeat the process [Applause] after you’ve finished playing you’ll want to remove sweat oil and dirt from your rubber surface with a clipper foam 7 sponge this along with brackets sheet protectors can help to improve the lifespan of your rubber sheets [Music]

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