How to Buy Badminton Gear | Badminton Lessons

How to Buy Badminton Gear | Badminton Lessons

In terms of purchasing badminton equipment,
the racquet of course is the most expensive equipment you’re gonna buy and racquets range
in price from I guess as low as 20 U.S. dollars to as high as over 200 U.S. Dollars. And what makes a badminton racquet expensive
really is the material that it’s made of. Top badminton racquets, the most expensive
ones, made by Yonex and Leaning, are composed of graphite and similar type materials which
is known for both strength and lightness. Shoes also can range from very cheap to maybe
$50 to also very expensive to over $100. In shoes what you look for is a shoe that
is very light and durable and also with very good arch support and heel support. And that’s all you need to know about buying
badminton gear.

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  1. One word. Yonex.

  2. Oh gee thanks, now I know how to play badminton…

  3. no you dont know how do you even do a wave

  4. damn this, i dont need a court i have my room

  5. Nonono, I don't know how to to swing a racket either… if the title says How to play badminton, I expect it to show how to play it, dammit! >:(

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