How to cheek-kiss

How to cheek-kiss

How to cheek-kiss Be prepared Should I kiss or shake hands? Lean in Place your hand lightly
on the other person’s upper arm Turn your cheek towards the other person Kiss the air
– not the cheek Start with your right cheek
In Italy start with your left Do 2 kisses
in Spain, Italy and most of France But in some places people do
1, 2, 3, 4 Cheek-kiss again to say goodbye Good luck

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  1. In Italy we do it a lot. Is normal

  2. In England, people say "hello".

  3. Here in Brazil are two kissess in face at first social meeting. ;D

  4. Hug is always better and safe ?

  5. In Chile (and most latin countries) is just one kiss

  6. You miss in the video Latin America that are many countries include the mine Dominican Republic ?? even though is only one kiss

  7. my company is european and im american. the cfo wanted to do this cheek kissing tradition and i think i might have kissed her cheek not the air. idk it happened all so fast. hopefully i dont get fired

  8. I come from a lower-class protestant upbringing and this makes me really uncomfortable. I embarrassingly kissed the actual cheek rather than the air.

  9. We donit as well in ph but normaly between boy-girl and girl-girl but rarely in boy to boy. Most boys just do handshakes or bump or
    Bro hug. Its like holding hands its easy to do b/w boysxgirl and girlxgirl but awkward to do b/w boyxboy(except gays of course)

  10. In Serbia we do 3 kisses and if you are really close to someone you will actually kiss the cheek. It is so heartworm greeting.

  11. Though my extended family are British, they tend to greet me with the cheek-kiss, which is mostly awkward for me, especially with my uncles. I let them cheek-kiss me but I don't return it, but with my grandma I give her a full kiss on the cheek. I would rather give someone a bear hug.

  12. In Australia people shake hands, so don’t bringing any of that kiss-cheek stuff here ?

  13. This is not what I ment at all

  14. 2 kisses is the ideal

  15. Ахуеть. Пацаны, вас за дебилов держат

  16. Is there really tutorial for doing that ?

  17. We Arabs always do that

  18. I know this is cultural, but come on do we really need a tutorial video for this!? ? btw is 2 kisses in Portugal (1 if you’re from high society ?)

  19. je me suis perdue encore et vous ?????

  20. Epig name:PLM49
    Habe aboniert und die klocke aktiviert.
    Bist ein erenman und bester jutuber

  21. Oh wowww .. i did not know how To cheeks kiss '-' wowww thanks, it changed my life…

  22. We do 2 kisses in Bosnia

  23. That "good luck" at the end is giving me the wrong idea

  24. What the hell did I watch?

  25. I was like tf who need a tutorial to do that and then i realized i was french

  26. In Iranian culture u always have to kiss 3 times

  27. I like French kiss

  28. I thought this was silly but wait I didn't know you have to kiss the air and not the cheek.

  29. I am Italian and when I was a kid and started to do this I didn't know you don't actually kiss the people on the cheeks… Just thinking back now makes me feel so embarrassed lol?

  30. рекомендации вы што творите

  31. Imagine you go for a hug and the other person kisses your cheek, that’s why this is important

  32. Lmao? Why would I need tutorial to this?

  33. Chi è il consulente italiano mancino che vi ha detto di iniziare con la sinistra?

  34. In Finland people usually hug or simply say hello

  35. In Poland you do 4 kisses and you actually kiss the cheek, not the air.

  36. зачем я это смотрю…………

  37. I russian, and i nihuya ne ponyal.

  38. Why am I watching this I'm Italian lmao

  39. I don't like when people kiss on my ear. This is not my type… it is so awkward, when the sound of kiss is loud.

  40. As a Norwegian I find this so cool, because we only shake hands if you are very formal, or to old people, or hug very known people. We often just say hey or start an conversation, meh.. (same old amarican way right)

  41. here in sicily usually we do one kiss beggining with the right cheek

  42. We do 1 kiss in Belgium ??

  43. 3 in Poland, I hate it tbh

  44. i'm part Italian and i remember refusing to do this when i was little because i thought it was too awkward ??

  45. How to cheeky-breeky

  46. I was watching pewdiepie then something happens then I came here wtf

  47. Why do you need a tutorial for this? Here in Belgium we do 3 kisses everytime we see someone.

  48. I am from a handshake culture and have cheek kissed maybe 10 times in my life, and I ALWAYS mess it up in some really embarrassing way. I’ve panicked and kissed people on the lips, pushed them away like a disgruntled cat, forgotten to make kissing noises and just kind of smushed my cheek/lips into their cheek….This video is much appreciated ???

  49. The good luck in the end lmao

  50. So I'm Italian and I've just discovered that I should start with the left cheek… Well, know I finally understand why things got awkward sometimes…

  51. What 're you thinking?you made fun of the people everybody knows do to greet

  52. Is this friendzone?

  53. Us Europians are gods at this

  54. The fact that I’m french and sometimes embarrassing things happen…..
    And I even feel like I don’t do it right lmao
    (Such as the sound)

  55. Why is this necessary

  56. Am I tthe only one who read cheeki-breeki at first?

  57. Just remember when i first met an Italian girl, it was so embarrassing when i cheek kissed her back then because as a french i start with giving my right cheek but in italy you start with your left one. No kidding we were really about to kiss then we kept away from each other. Looking one another for almost 10 seconds because we didnt know where to start. It makes me feel so gringe, just to think about it ?

  58. where is the video how to wipe your ass?

  59. In Turkey you start with the left cheek like in Italy and some men when they greet other men they bump their heads left and right ?

  60. i’m italian and some people kiss the actual cheek

  61. Im italian and im from Turin (north italy) and have some Sicilian origins, when I am in sicily we always do it, but in the north never.

  62. I usualy give a third one on the lips, usualy the next thing I see is a slap, cultural things I guess.

  63. I'm Spanish, why is this on my recommendations?

  64. I just watched it and boy;
    1° Kissing cheeks is only for girls to girls and boys to girls, between boys is handshake.
    2° Why it seems like it difficult? You don't need to put your right arm in wherever, just kiss cheeks.
    3° This is how the people out of Europe see it? I've did it since I have memory so woah

  65. I just moved to Hamburg 3 months ago and it's so weird to hand shake everyone specially when I am used to 2 kisses on the cheek. Btw I'm from Spain!

  66. You rather explain me WHY CHEEK KISS! Why imitate when you can directly articulate your affection to a person by suckin in his or her cheek?

  67. In the Netherlands we give three kisses on the cheek. Been doing it my whole life and it is still akward.

  68. I actually thought you had to touch the other person's cheek with your lips. Good thing I almost never felt like doing it.

  69. Starting with the right cheek is mostly a Parisian bise but in other part of France you start with the left as well, for example in the French Alps. You have maps to know that such as .
    Also you can get up to 5 bises!

  70. I always slap the shit out of peoples face with my face.

  71. merci ça m’aidera si j’habite en france ( pk y’a ce genre de pub en france alors que ma géolocalisation est en france xD)

  72. Why is this a Tutorial in France we always do that lol

  73. che…cheeki breeki!

  74. It's not right. You should learn by Brezhnev's videos.

  75. BRUH….I grew up always doing 2 because that’s how my family taught it to me. some people do only one kiss and it’s SOOO CRINGY BECAUSE OUTTA REFLEX I’M ATTEMPTING TO KISS THEIR OTHER CHEEK AS WELL BUT INSTEAD I’M JUST LOOKING LIKE A DUMBASS KISSING THE AIR AFTER THEY’VE STOPPED AFTER ONE SMH…

  76. everyone in my class was saying goodbye to our teacher with a double air cheek kiss except me who went straight into her cheek ?

  77. Don't touch me when we kiss.
    Btw I'm from Belgium so this was really weird.

  78. Damn it french you colonized Senegal and learned to the country this

  79. In Belgium it's 1 kiss if you're just meeting each other, 3 kisses when it's a birthday or a holiday and you just arrived and 1 kiss when you go home after a birthday or holiday party

  80. As a persian I thought to myself „who tf needs a tutorial for this?“ ?
    Then I realised

  81. Guys that is not kiss

  82. The best kiss from Russian people – Brezhnev's kiss!

  83. We call this la bise, 2bises, not 3, not 1, not 4, 2.

  84. Yup ~ it’s normal in France. Actually if you don’t do it people will think it’s rude.

  85. Next video :

    How to breathe?

  86. I don't do that kind of thing… soooo

    Oh, and why cheek kiss… WITHOUT EVEN KISSING THE CHEEK !? ? I don't get it.

  87. Wait people don't do 2 kisses in some countries?? Hahahahaha, I'm portuguese btw

  88. A Marseille c'est 2 bisous

  89. I thought the title to this video was "How to cheeki-breeki"… ?

  90. Lmao I'm pretty happy that Finns don't have this habit. :Dd It would get pretty awkward pretty quick

  91. In holland you do three kisses

  92. In Portugal we kiss with 2 kisses as well, and even though we kinda kiss the air, we at least touch cheek to cheek, which I'm not sure happened in this video :/

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