How to Choose Fencing Equipment : Choosing Shoes for Fencing

How to Choose Fencing Equipment : Choosing Shoes for Fencing

Next, you’re going to look into shoes. At
first, I would–or even always–I would recommend tennis shoes or basketball shoes are fine.
Shoes that offer you support in the right places are always going to be helpful. It
is possible to buy actual fencing shoes, but they can be hard to find. If you went to a
regular shoe store or sporting goods store, I have never seen them. So you will have to
special order them. They do carry them in stores online. I’ve seen them on
I would, as far as price range, I’ve seen them for as little as sixty dollars, but you
can easily spent a hundred and fifty dollars on up on that as well. So, the advantage of
having fencing shoes, of course, is that they are designed for the sport of fencing, and
for the places where your feet have the most wear. So, if you do fence avidly, it’s not
a bad idea. You can fence–I haven’t had a problem fencing in tennis shoes, as long as
I have tennis shoes that support me in similar areas. So, if you take a look at your feet,
you want good arch support always, but you can see in the way that you move while you’re
fencing, that your heels take a lot of wear, both of them actually, often in lunging, because
while your foot should always stay up while lunging, you do occasionally slide a little
bit for extra ground. So, you’ll find that this part of your shoe might wear down and
then just through normal wear and tear, you want a shoe that is resilient, but also that
has good padding in the heels, where you take a lot of your wear. And just a good solid
shoe. So again, you can get a shoe that’s specifically designed for fencing. You’ll
probably pay a little bit more for it. You’ll definitely have to look for it specifically.
But you can also fence in any good, comfortable, supportive pair of tennis shoes.

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  1. volleyball shoes are good and affordable

  2. or running shoes

  3. no do not use running shoes for fencing.

  4. you should get the adidas or nike fencing shoes.

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