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Hey guys welcome to another video, Gaston I want to show you something really important that I know that not a
lot of people gives so much time or so much attention and we’re gonna talk
about a couple of ways to clean your shots okay today we’re gonna focus on
the forehead, I’m gonna give you six ways or exercises that you can
do to clean your technique to clean your stroke.. I always have a lot of
people here on YouTube, Instagram, on Facebook telling me that they love so
much how clean my shots are I have to thank for that to my coaches
you know all the way since I was a junior player always having me on the
side doing all these kind of drills even when I was playing you know with junior
with good ranking or when I was playing ITF when I was starting to try to play
pro I used to get to the academy every two weeks every or after six weeks of tournaments and cleaning my shots, it’s something that you don’t realize but the more you start to play and to get into competition the more you start to loose smoothness and how clean you hit either the forehand serve or backhand.. and you actually we call these on
tennis you’ve probably heard it before you start to get dirty and messy on your
strokes so you have to kind of like go back again to the ABC of tennis and
start to learn again okay all the I’m gonna show you six ways
okay of doing this why I’m here if I have tennis court right in front of me
because I want to stress here that anywhere anywhere you can go to a park
you can go for a run you can be on your garden you can be or your backyard..
whatever you are you just need a couple of
of materials if you don’t have them I mean it’s it’s totally fine you can
improvise with something but actually I’m gonna use a tennis ball, racket and I
have a couple of elastic bands there and I’m gonna show you the ones I prefer to
do there are probably many many more but the ones that I always been doing so
yeah let’s see what exercises are those.. So we’re gonna go from less to
more the first one very simple very simple you’re gonna split your forehand
in three ways so you’re gonna get I always like to do it the more real the
better so I always like to get a little here bending my knees just like
as if I was hitting so you’re gonna from the start you’re gonna do one two three now
you’re gonna stop on the point of impact okay so from here one two three
those are the remember every player that you see there are hundreds and thousands of
videos of people sharing videos doing all the Djokovic forehand with all the
loops and everything if you pay attention this is what they’re doing
one two okay taking it back so we go first exercise from the beginning one
two three stop at the point of impact you do that for at least twenty fifteen
times twenty five thirty as many as you want but say okay whenever
you saying it one two three you’re gonna start to feel
how your forehand starts to get more compact and cleaner okay so that’s
that’s the first one.. the second one and to see if you’re doing this one right
you can add a tennis ball under your arm..under your bicep here you’re gonna press your ribs..
same thing the ball can’t fall one two and the ball has to fall the moment you take
after the point of impact so you’re not gonna do here only you’re gonna keep
going so the ball falls okay so from here one
three the ball comes okay again do the same thing one here one two three
the ball comes okay you’re gonna feel the ball starts to fall when you get to point of impact and once you keep going the ball that was the second one.. for the third one you’re gonna
need an elastic band or anything that you can put, probably elastic bands are
gonna be the easier you gonna set it up on a post close by just make sure you put it on a place that it’s not gonna come off..with
the racket put it don’t make it so heavy okay you don’t wanna work
the wrist here.. there are a couple of drills here that you can do to you know to get some
strength and power here but you’re not looking for now so the closer to you hand you put it the better it is so you are not actually working out, here don’t let the band loose, from there and with a little stretch what you are gonna do is getting the grip you can do it all extended, depending what forehand you hit (arm extended or a little more bend).. and from this point from what would be the point of impact you are just gonna let it go a little, don’t let it loose because it can come of..and from here you just do the hitting.. if you feel the racket is moving too much then you adjust the band more to the center, and the you can put your arm here.. Are you doing this with your arm? the idea is that you only use your wrist.. the lighter you use the band the
easier it’s gonna be okay use the blue one because I actually
want to put more a little more strength here on my forearm
so from here only this part of the hitting..control the racket don’t make it all the way around just you can see here
all the part and if I do it slow motion all the part the racket only comes from
there goes comes goes comes goes.. if you feel that you getting tired with this
one just take the elastic band off okay until you get used
to and then just do it with your hand okay actually after doing it with the band you’re gonna feel that the racket is really light okay so let’s see the fourth
one..number four now we’re gonna, we started like I said we go from less to more
always always I always like to work with everything first understanding first
getting conscious about what you’re doing and then you start to go more and
more okay always doing it gradually so you can get used to what you’re doing
you start to learn and you do it correctly so with the number four we’re
gonna do here setup like if you were hitting the ball okay set up here and
instead of counting you’re just gonna do everything together
so you’re gonna go here slow-motion you stop here for a little and
then you keep going okay here little keep going
okay here little stop keep going okay now you see that
you’re gonna start to to get more of the forehand.. the best thing that you can do
here in this one that I love it that I actually do it every time is when you
get to the ball you imagine that you’re actually hitting the ball okay you point
you can visualize in your head that you actually hitting the ball that you can
see the ball go into the other side all right let’s go into number five..for the
number five what you’re gonna do is instead of starting from here I’m coming
and then going forward you’re just gonna start from the backswing okay but now
you’re gonna add more power into it okay just all the turning just like if
you were hitting here go forward here go forward here explode it looks like the
other one looks similar but believe believe me, it makes a difference
okay it’s gonna take you five minutes more if you do the other one okay the
number four and then on the fifth one you do it here because on the next one
you’re gonna hit with the ball so what you’re trying here is to try to put your
mind into the mindset into the work of the movement that you have to be doing to do it right okay so in the fourth one you came all the way here you stopped and
then you kept going so now what you’re doing is starting to put a lot more a
lot more speed into the shot so in the next one okay the last one number six
you’re actually gonna hit the ball and I’m gonna show you right after three
balls here okay three balls and you’re gonna do it just from the
from the back swim okay so it would be number two here you’re gonna let the
ball drop the height of your hips okay don’t do it too high if not the balls is
going to bounce so much from here keep okay from here hit, from here if you have 20 15 30 50 balls the first one maybe until the number 10
number 15 just don’t even worry where the balls going that’s what I’m saying I
mean you don’t even need a court for this if you are in the court the first ones
just drop and play more with your hand okay start to get the feeling and then
the more you going okay you get into a number 20 number 25 there you can
start to add more more power into it and move more follow-through and more speed
into the ball so those are the six exercises that I did probably I’m 27 now
so probably since I was 10 years old these ones and many more because I had
also my coach you know doing a lot of different things with me I can make
another video if you want another video with more exercises like this also for
the backhand or for another stroke just leave your comment below and tell me but
those are six that I wanted to show you today
it’s a routine that is probably going to take you 10 to 15 minutes 20 the most if
you do a lot of repetition and a lot of balls I hope you really enjoy it..if you like it, if you want more videos like this, let me know in the comments like the video if you liked it share with your friends if you like it
and that was it for today thank you guys and see you in the next one!

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